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Three On A Match - Character Creation Guide Character Creation

01. Getting Started

01. Account Creation

  • Make sure you've created your OOC account first.
  • Create your IC character account in the format of First Name Last Name, or (Last Name First Name, depending on culture). Having no surname is acceptable.
  • No characters may be below of the age of 18.
  • Chosen face claims/play-bys must be celebrities and public figures, not private persons or illustrated pictures. However, face claims/play-bys are not required.
  • The "application" is the user profile, so all information should be put into the profile fields. Short explanations explain each field.

Roleplayers are not limited in how many characters they may have but must decide for themselves how many characters they can handle. The OOC account and character accounts can be linked through the account switcher, which can be done through the User CP under the "Account Switcher" tab.

We do not reserve Face Claims. You can input your choice directly into the provided field when editing your IC account and, when accepted, the Face Claim will show up on the the Face Claim list automatically.

02. Select a Path

Human, Half-Blood, Shifter, Undying, or Spirit. You can read the relevant info on the Paths here.

Half-Bloods and Undying: When creating an undying or half-blood, they must begin as or be descended from a recognizable entity in folklore, myth, or cultural works. Development after that is up to the player!

Shifters: Shifters are generally apex predators. A list of suggestions can be found on their Path page.

03. Select your Keywords

When creating your power set, come up with one or two powers related to your chosen keywords. You don't need to advance up the ranks in order to gain new powers, but we'd like to see you develop them in threads. See the list of available Keywords here.

Magic Keywords: The magical abilities of the world, flexible and able to be interpreted based on the nature of the keyword. Some Paths have dedicated Path Keywords, but they work in much the same way from Magic Keywords. Keep in mind that the concept of Keywords is all in the meta. The characters have no idea that they have Keywords, just that they have magical powers.

Mundane Keywords: Skill and mental abilities. If you do not have one, this does not mean you cannot perform a skill. The keyword indicates expertise or grants a mechanical bonus.

Ranks: A rank is a level in our Advancement system, an OOC way of enabling IC growth for a character. It denotes how many Keywords and abilities your character has. Gaining a new rank means getting all the Keywords and abilities associated with the new rank in addition to those from your previous rank. Each Path lists their ranks on their pages.

  • All characters begin at the base rank of each Path–Untrained–and gain the associated Keywords and Abilities automatically.
  • At creation, you can choose to add one (1) rank to your chosen Path or one (1) Mundane Keyword.
  • If you choose a human without a Path (a mundane human) at creation, you can pick two (2) Mundane Keywords instead of Path Keywords and Abilities.
  • After three months, you can create up to two (2) characters who can add two (2) ranks in their chosen Path or two (2) Mundane Keywords. For mundane humans, they can choose four (4) Mundane Keywords instead.

04. Fill Out Your Profile

Fill out your application through the User CP, under the "Edit Profile" tab. You can reach this spot by clicking on the "User CP" button in the sidebar. Bullet points and full paragraphs are both acceptable formats so long as all the necessary information is there.

You should have access to all in-character profile fields from the start, so you can jump straight into working on your application. All characters fill out the miscellaneous basic information fields, Appearance, Personality, and History. Some fields are only applicable to certain Paths, so keep an eye on the information provided underneath each section. To find out what to put in some fields, such as Magic Abilities, there is more information in the different Paths dedicated pages.

And that's it! Your chosen Path and Rank will define your stats without any math. The Path rank overview will give you your dice pools.

When you've finished your profile, you should have:

  • Used your chosen Path to fill out the Strike and Cinder fields with the base dice pool appropriate to your rank. The DC is set by admins on acceptance.
  • Filled out the Basics, Personality, Appearance, and History.
  • Described the powers connected to the characters Magic or Path Keywords in the Spells & Powers field, usually one per keyword. This is not necessary for Mundane and Universal Keywords. The keywords themselves are set by admins on acceptance.
  • Described the boon, cantrip, charm, or aspect of the character based on which Path chosen. Remember these are minor abilities.
  • Noted down any Path specific abilities in the Spells & Powers field.
  • Included any relevant Other Magic Notes, such as Sorrows for Cursed or similar.

05. Post for Review

When you have all the above in place and consider your character finished, post a new thread in the Character Activation Forum using the template provided and tag @admin in the #mod-request Discord channel for review and approval.

02. Summary Setting Information

The World of Three On A Match

Three on a Match is set in Easthaven in Massachusetts, a fictional city north of Salem. Characters should be appropriate to this setting in application and once roleplaying in the game, participate in good roleplay realism.

The world the city exists in is a blend of a real-world slice of life and myths and magic. This means that the mundane setting can be thought of as identical to ours, but supplemented with the fact that magic, folklore, myths, and some aspects of the Lovecraft Mythos are real as well.

In terms of the Lovecraft Mythos, there are currently no Lovecraft locations, but the creatures of the mythos exist.


The technology present in Easthaven and the world mirrors modern technology in our world.

03. Wealth and Inventory

Wealth and inventory are not strictly monitored. Your character can be as rich or as poor as their concept dictates and can own houses, cars, businesses, etc.

We are not keeping track of mundane things, including weaponry. Your character may even discover magic items in their stories. What we will keep track of are things with mechanical value in the dice system, such as enchanted items.

Owning Businesses

Players can own and operate many business locations in Easthaven and potentially place their own on the map. After two months on-site and four threads in a business location, a player can have a character purchase it by submitting a request to the staff. Alternatively, if you want an established character, they can "own" it, but it will not become an official location before the requirements are fulfilled. If it is a pre-existing business location, staff will add a note on the location of who the owner is, and the player can advertise to hire employees. If it's a brand new location, the player must submit a write-up of the location, ensuring it matches the neighbourhood it is established in.