Three On A Match - Roll Credits


Skin & Icon Credits

Lighthouse Argentum is an original skin created for Three On A Match.

Icons from Font Awesome.


Tabs and Modal by W3Schools Online.


Enhanced Account Switcher by doylecc

Last Poster Avatar by Whiteneo

Threadlog by amwelles

XThreads by Zingaburga

Art & Photographs

Photographs from Unsplash

Path icons and forum designs are original designs and artwork created for Three on a Match.

Worldbuilding & Mechanics

Lore, Paths, and Setting are all original to Three On A Match. Easthaven, MA and American Exchange by Indy. Strike & Cinder Storytelling Dice by Sluggy.

Special thanks to neck, Chris, and Berylbon, for all their help with brainstorming and playtesting.