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Three On A Match - Reputation: Fame and Infamy

Reputation: Fame and Infamy

In The Eyes of the City

With every lawful or chaotic move you make, there’s always a chance that someone is watching and will spread the word. If you are seen performing chaotic acts, you will receive Infamy points. If you build up a good rapport with the citizens of Easthaven, you will receive Fame points.

By default, all characters are at 0 reputation. At character creation, you may choose to go into the first rank of either Fame or Infamy. You may not go above 10 in this rank.

Reputation Effects

Reputation is only meant to determine how NPCs perceive you along with a few other mechanics, like advancement up the ranks of a Path. Reputation has no effect on PC perception unless the player would like to play it otherwise.

Also, reputation is only the outward perception of your character's character. For example, a character may be perceived as Hero of the People, but rotten to the core behind closed doors. And an Infamous individual may be doing things for the greater good and takes the fall for their actions. Keep this in mind as you create your character.

Earning Points in Fame and Infamy

Incidents are divided up into two categories: minor and major public incidents.

  • Minor: +1 Fame/Infamy: small lawful or chaotic magic act. You may not have been witnessed by everyone, but you definitely had an effect on the world around you.
  • Major: +2 fame/infamy: publicly seen lawful or chaotic magic act. The Police and the Exchange know what you've done and you've caused a commotion.

Whenever you accumulate enough points to gain a level in Fame or Infamy, you can submit your threads with the provided template for review.

Additional Notes

Reputation only pertains to magic and the supernatural in Easthaven. Mundane crimes are the domain of the police.

Reputation Levels

Rank Fame Infamy
Rank 1 1-10: Upstanding Citizen - You’ve proven that you have a moral compass. 1-10: Good for Nothing - You’ve proven that you have a moral compass. It's pointing in the wrong direction.
Rank 2 11-20: Honorable - People recognize your good deeds with a smile or a clap on the shoulder. 11-20: Ne'er-Do-Well - People recognize your deeds. They tend to avoid your eyes or walk a little faster.
Rank 3 21-30: Model of a Modern Major General - You are a standard that many citizens try to hold themselves to. Continue your good work! 21-30: Nefarious - You are the sort of person people point out to their children and warn them against.
Rank 4 31-40: Paragon - You are well known and respected throughout the city, and often, the person to turn to in emergencies. People listen to you and are more than willing to help you. 31-40: Villain - You are well known and feared throughout the city. People listen to you, out of both fear and respect. But it's usually more fear.
Rank 5 41-50: Hero of the People - You are the epitome of good. No one will believe that you could ever do anything evil. 41-50: Infamous - Considered scoundrels or renegades of the highest order. Perhaps you aren't a bad guy, but people remember you more for your less-than-orthodox or violent methods than your results. If you are a bad guy, then you can clear rooms. You're a household name.