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Forum Announcement: Development: Advancement and Tracking
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Your Dev board or "Curriculum Vitae" if you're feeling spicy, is where you'll be tracking character progress. This is primarily for advancement requirements, ranking up in your path, and reputation, but please use it for fun things for your character too!

For advancement, we'd like a clearly labeled list of the threads you've completed that fulfil the criteria as the first post. This should be a single spot staff can look at once you're ready to rank up. Information on advancement can be found in the Guidebook here.

Advancement Tracking: Template.
Reputation Tracking: Template

As for the rest, you can also use this forum for anything else you can think of; personal playlists, information gained, oaths, dating/social/craigslist ads, etc. If you need some ideas, have a look at other CVs to see some examples of the myriad of ways you can use it, but you have the freedom to set it up as you'd prefer, so long as we can find your leveling requirements in the top post.

Once you've filled out all the requirements for the rank you're working towards or gained enough reputation to earn a new title, copy the link to the relevant post and tag @admin in the Three on a Match Discord #mod-request channel. Include the link and the keywords you have chosen.