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Full Version: Spinning the Web
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Markus is trying to play detective, or at least discover more information about the Murder of his sister Victoria Eldridge, while also find connections of his own within the city. If you are interested in helping spin the web, I am more than happy to work something out.

Feel free to post below, or ping me on Discord if interested, or you want to know more!
*It is important to note that Markus is Mundane, as of right now does not know anything about the supernatural world

Connections to Markus
Markus is a smart, and charismatic individual with ties in the world of STEM as well as a past history with the Department of Defense. He graduated with honors and a degree in Engineering Physics, where he immediately started working with the DoD as a deployable agent who specialized in the deployment of specialized military technologies. Pretty much meaning, he was never one to see the front lines, but was a POI in combat zones tasked with getting in, setting something up, and getting out as fast as possible. When stateside he focused on DARPA and other STEM related contracting both as his cover, and to pass the time until he was needed again.

Now however, he has stepped away from the DoD, and moved to Easthaven where he enrolled at Baxendale College, as a student a random STEM related masters degree program who lives at the dorms.

This means there are a lot of possible connections with Markus that I am happy to flesh out:
  • Individuals who are Special Forces, or DoD whom were deployed or working with him.
  • Individuals(Guy or Girls) who were deployed, and had a passionate night with him.
  • Individuals with a background in STEM, or government contracting who knew him professionally, but not as DoD
  • Current students or professors at Baxendale who might cross paths with him
  • Other connections I might have missed I am happy to talk about!

Connections with Victoria
Another major way to connect and thread with Markus is to be connected with his twin sister Victoria. The two of them were very close, even if their paths took them in very different directions.
Victoria unlike Markus was very connected to the supernatural world, having lived in Easthaven for the past 8 years. She is a known arcanist, who worked with a number of supernatural shops. I have not yet determined how powerful she was, nor what her specialties(keywords) were. I plan to flesh that out in characters with the connections that know her.

Important notes are that she was always one to bite off more than she could chew, and looked at life much like a big adventure. Especially as she started to learn magic. She was not above skirting the law, and was very well know to tiptoe against the line. She had a thirst for knowledge, and would take every opportunity to advance her understanding or skill.

This however is what lead to her death, she was discovered murdered no long after the Circle Murders kicked off. It is important to note OOC that she was NOT a circle murder, but does have some ties with the ritualists, and got killed because she tried to step away when she realized she was in too deep. Beyond that, nothing else is known or decided about her story as not to influence the players or plot being created around that event. The goal is to keep it vague, and go with the flow.

It is finally important to know that anyone who knew Victoria well would also know about Markus. She was not shy when talking about her brother, and what she knows about what he does(which isn't much), in the same vein she would have talked about close friends, coworkers, and dates in letters she sent back to him, with one carveout being that she keeps anything that has to do with the supernatural cut out. This means, expect Markus to look for you, and try to make contact as his search for information grows.

Quick Notes:
  • Victoria is smart, attractive, and charismatic. She makes friends easily, and is happy to spend time with anyone who wants to. She comes from 'new money', and has never seemed to have a monetary issue in her life.
  • Victoria is pretty naive to the struggles of the world, like Markus she grew up in a very easy household, and until she moved to Easthaven would not have known hardship.
  • Victoria has been in Easthaven for almost 8 years, and would have made a web of connections, mundane and supernatural alike.
  • Victoria is an Arcanist, I have not decided nor have any real inkling into her power, or keywords.
  • Victoria was killed when the Circle Murder's kicked off. She was not a victim of them, and the details of the death are as of yet undecided. But, she was connected to the ritualist side of things, in a situation where she didn't know who she was involved with. Meaning, she is not a direct circle murder, but is a murder related to them.
  • Victoria and Markus were very close, anyone considered her friend would have heard about Markus, and know they share letters often, most of which are filled with details about their lives that they can share. Victoria would share names, and basic information with Markus in these letters, but would keep anything having to do with the supernatural to herself, as she knows that is not a world Markus is a part of.

There are loads of possible connections with Victoria, here are some I think of:
  • Past lovers, or individuals she has been on dates with. She was not a shy girl, and though she had no long term partner, over the years there were probably fluttering's.
  • Fellow Arcanists, she was always wanting to learn more about magic, and push her craft. She would have tried to find likeminded people, especially if they have connections to curses, or other mysteries.

For those interested in doing, or having done Magic with, or by Victoria. Or those who wish to include the magic she uses in their threads or stories. She uses the Cthonic Portfolio, with the following keywords :
  • Earth, Her first keyword, she started with tending to gardens, and using earth to control certain aspects.
  • Divination, She started to develop insights and gain the ability to divine events, this lead her to search for more and more information and started her darker path.
  • Other exact keywords or Portfolios are unknown at this point, but she seemed to have been looking into Necromancy and Void before her death.

Currently I have no direct adoptables, though as threads come out and names are mentioned they can be found here.
Victoria's Connections: I am no longer looking for Close Friends for Victoria. At this point, anyone wanting a connection to her will be either professional(having met her on the job), or Fleeting(such as a one-night stand).

Victoria's Magic: Moving forward Victoria's Portfolio will be Cthonic, with the only confirmed keywords being Earth, and Divination. She however does have interests that point to other keywords.