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Full Version: Ella Stern - Possessed Human
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Path: Possessed
Rank: Dabbler
Reputation: 5 - Fame.
Mundane Skill(s): Ballistics 1.
Magic Keywords: Shadow, True Sight.
Magic Abilities:
Cantrip (Dissonant): Can determine if someone is telling the truth, a half-truth or a lie. She might be handy at an interrogation.
Hey Blois!

So at first glance, the thing we need to fix is the number of keywords she has. At the rank you've chosen (Untrained), she has two keyword slots and you are allowed to pick one of the mundane keywords to gain a rank in.

Currently, you have three keywords, and two ranks in one of the mundane keywords, so you need to drop a magic keyword, and a rank in Ballistics.

Possessed do not have a boon, they have a cantrip that is based on one of their chosen keywords. We would like for you to define her cantrip more clearly based on these guidelines. They also do not have a maker's mark as they are not half-bloods, but humans.

Finally, please remove mentions of communing with the gods. As we mentioned in Discord and as noted in the Possessed documentation, we don't allow deities. She would be communing with her Passenger, the Pharaoh, who may claim to speak for the gods, but she will not be communing with them directly.

In terms of paring things down and getting focused, we recommend theming her powers and abilities around her possessor and perhaps a single god, rather than all of them.

Let us know when you've worked out the mechanical changes and make sure you review the Possessed documentation. Hit is up if you have any other questions! Thanks!

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