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Full Version: Kai Mahuta (John Smith) - Half-Blood Merman
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Path: Half-Blood
Rank: 1
Reputation: 2 - Fame
Mundane Skill(s): Brawler 1
Magic Keywords: Water, Sound/Song
Magic Abilities:

Boon - Camoflage - Kai can blend in with the colour of the water for a certain amount of time, to avoid predators or lie in wait for enemies.

Cantrip - He can warm cold water up to a boil, within reason. It has to be contained is a mug, sink, tub, barrel or other similar items. A large swimming pool would be beyond him, though he could warm up a portion of it. He has to concentrate and distance is a factor. The closer, the better results.

As an example, if your coffee gets cold, pass it to him and you will be set in short order.
Kai looks fun! Here's just a few points:

Half-bloods are not able to do a full transformation into the shape of their supernatural ancestor until they advance to Legendary rank (Apotheosis). You'll need to remove this ability from Kai and edit his history referencing this. Half-bloods only have the maker's mark in the beginning and, if the player chooses it, a little more of a half-transformation during bloodrush specifically. Otherwise, they always appear fully human, but with the markings of their half-blood ancestor.

I'd shift the note on Kai's parents to the start of his history, as it is technically a part of his history. It'll allow for easier reference for other players if Other keeps only relevant bits of personal information for other players.

His Cantrip needs some rephrasing, as it stands "boiling water-based liquids" is very broad and very dangerous. Introduce some limitations, such as not being able to if the water-based liquid is contained by a membrane of some sort, along with distance and amount of liquid limitations.

Tag us in Discord when you've completed the edits!

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