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Full Version: Thorin Sævilson
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Path: Human mundane
Rank: 0?
Reputation: umm 2 fame?(A number from 0 to 10, specifying fame or infamy.)
Mundane Skill(s): (E.g 'Brawler 1', 'Ballistic 2', 'Melee 1') not sure what would work if any
Hello! Thorin seems ready for approval, but based on your writing, you seem uncertain about some of the sections here. We don't want you to miss out on keyword slots or reputation unless you're completely sure you'd like to move on without them, so here's some of the relevant documentation.

If you're sure you'd like to move on to the game without these things, just let us know by tagging @Admin in the Discord under #mod-request. Thanks!

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