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Full Version: Hanna Chao - Undying
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Path: Undying
Rank: Duskborn
Reputation: 10 infamy
Mundane Skill(s): N/A
Magic Keywords: Daywalker, Fear Aura, Telekinesis
Magic Abilities: Minor Telekinesis
Nick- Hanna is looking great. Her history has a good delivery and her power set is solid. There are just two things we’re looking for:

- more details on the elixir and how it ties in with grounding. We can see the essentials are there but we’d like to know more, see the tangible parts of her grounding. What kind of components does she need to collect? Blood? Electricity? Some other resource? What’s the procedure for the elixir? Things like that but otherwise, it looks good.

- we can logically follow the line between telekinesis and minor telekinesis but could you add the description to the magic section?

Otherwise, looking good. We’re looking forward to seeing her in play!
Updated! Adding below for your convenience.

The Elixir of Immortality: Hanna eats part of a fruit used to create the Elixir of Immortality; peaches. It’s no coincidence the peach came to symbolize immortality in literature and art. She boils the pit, the heart of the fruit, in her lifeblood. Consuming the infused pit renews and sustains her unlife. Hanna learned to render this in many forms: tonic, powder, pill, lozenge, etc.

While ingesting this sustains her, and she could live off the pits alone, it is not a balanced diet of vitamins and minerals. She eats, drinks, and sleeps, albeit far less than a human would. Hanna does not get sick and diseases are something that happen to other people. If she overdoses on peach pits, it puts her into a dormant, trance-like state.

Infused peach pits do not grant immortality. And for another to try her concoction, it would only seem a bitter herbal supplement. For immortality she would need to make the true elixir of life. Hanna knows the secret formula and could instruct another in the ritual, as Anqi Shen instructed her. The formula is complex and some of the components rare, and she has yet to bring another into the fold.

Cantrip: Minor Telekinesis: Countless days of honing her mind and focusing her will allow Hanna to perform trivial acts of telekinesis effortlessly.

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