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Full Version: Dalton Cessair | Arcanist
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Path: Arcanist
Rank: Conjurer
Reputation: 10
Mundane Skill(s): N/A
Magic Portfolio: Empyrean
Magic Keywords: Light, Abidance, Astral Manipulation
Magic Abilities:
Quote:Light Painting: Dalton can copy or draw simple designs in glowing light trails. It can float in the air or stick to any surface, but it is only active while Dalton is actively working with it. Once he stops manipulating it or focusing, it disappears. He most often uses it to copy the design of his amulet and manipulate it to create a quick ritual circle.

Helping Hand: Using astral manipulation, Dalton can invisibly project an extra pair of hands. In reality his astral form, although very stripped down. These hands can reach for small objects, carry them, or manipulate things. They're limited to relatively simple tasks, but Dalton most commonly uses them to make handsfree notes while he works.

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