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Full Version: Samiel Blackfeather - Possessed Human
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Path: Possessed Human
Reputation: 0
Mundane Skill(s): n/a
Magic Keywords: Disorder, True Sight
Magic Abilities: Cantrip: 'Come again?' - ability based on disorder to block out/interrupt the speaker's important information with a random background noise.
Hi Void! Samiel is looking good. The feedback we have is in regards to the Passenger unequivocally being the entity known as Samael. As this is a major figure in many cosmologies, we believe it runs up against our 'no deities' clause. We will endeavor to make that less vague in our documentation.

That said, this does not preclude the demon from lying about its position or name and titles, so Samiel can believe he is possessed by the demon Samael. Likewise, we can see that there is room for uncertainty written in your profile. We simply want to make it clear that it cannot undoubtedly be Samael. Please look over how this might change your description and tag us once desired edits are done. Thanks!

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