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Full Version: Hadley Hopper - Half Blood
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Path: Half-Blood
Rank: Sanguine
Reputation: 1
Mundane Skill(s): Brawler 1
Magic Keywords: Sound/Song, Flight
Magic Abilities:
Quote:⁜ Boon: Feather Tread
While not quite built like their siren ancestors, Hadley is still capable of a walk that is light to the point of almost weightless, like they are floating or gliding over the ground. Generally it means that they can run while leaving little in the way of footsteps and making almost no sound, even in snow and mud. Seems to cause an ache in his shoulder blades used over lengthy periods.

⁜ Cantrip: Charismatic Voice
The Siren's strongest ability lies in its natural vocal charisma, melodic and pleasing to the ear. In Hadley's case, this manifests in a pleasant and intriguing voice carrying the distinct ability to soothe or entertain willing listeners within range of his voice. It is strongest when Hadley sings, but when in use even his speaking voice can be unnaturally pleasant to listen to and may give him the ability to draw the attention of or otherwise distract his targets.
Hello! Hadley looks really fun! We've got some comments for this first go. As you're taking Sound/Song, which can be used for affecting minds, make sure you've read up on mind affecting magic and the contested roll mechanic.

We'd like you to rephrase or edit your boon. The boon isn't intended to influence individuals, but more the PC itself or the environment around them. The one you've chosen is also mind affecting magic, which does require a roll when used versus PCs. If you rephrase it into something more like a haunting melodic voice, with no compulsion but is objectively pleasant, that could work well. You could also use a part of your Featherfall ability–being able to jump higher and handle higher falls than humans–as a boon instead.

Once you've done the edits, just tag us in #mod-request and we'll have a second look!
Hey again! The new boon looks good, but we noticed you changed the cantrip in the profile, and we have a little quibble with it. For future reference, always make sure the character thread matches the profile.

You mention "managing" emotions in the new cantrip, which tips it into the Empathy keyword, and not the hypnotic nature that can be applied to Sound/Song, which can work to compel, lure, distract, or similar. This needs to be rephrased to clarify your meaning and bring it in concordance with the Sound/Song keyword.

As an additional note, the original Lullaby cantrip was something we thought was perfectly acceptable, with the caveat that a player character would not be guaranteed to fall asleep unless you rolled for it. It could however make them sleepy or put NPCs to sleep. It would also not work on Encounters, unless paired with a relevant Magic Keyword Cinder roll (Sound/Song, in this case) that exceeds its DC, so you could combine it with an attack roll to good effect.

Just tag us when you've edited!

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