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Full Version: Dallas Montana - Human
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Path: Human
Rank: Mundane
Reputation: 0
Mundane Skill(s): Iron Will
Hello! Dallas looks great, you've got everything ticked off properly, but we'd like an elaboration on his brushes with magic, even if you don't consider them significant to his history. What does he consider "basic information", for example? Is it only folk-magic or does he have some insight into creatures, half-bloods, and shifters as well? Did he find out through family and it was always around, and that's why he doesn't care much about it?

If you could write this extra bit of context into his history, we'd appreciate it. It helps establish his baseline at game start, and you don't have to update this as he learns more in play.

When you've added a little bit extra context, just tag us again in #mod-request and we'll make sure to get you squared away.

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