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Full Version: Kumo Lawson- Cursed Human
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Path: Cursed Human
Rank: Woe
Reputation: 3
Mundane Skill(s): N/A
Magic Keywords: Mutation, Animal Handling, Hypnosis
Magic Abilities:

Cantrip :
Arachnophilia: Despite the curse of constant spiders, arachnids seem naturally drawn and friendly toward Kumo. Without good reason, spiders are always well disposed toward her and never bite, they just chill with her.

Kumo is able to harness her curse to manifest thick spiderwebs around herself and her environment. The webs are very sticky and flexible, able to be manipulated to a mild degree but fade over time and are not permanate

Animal handling:
Able to call/summon hoards of spiders from the nearby vicinity (1 block radius) to mostly do what she wants until dismissed/ all squished/ or they leave

Placing some of her webbings on the body of her target, she can hypnotize them into following her orders so long as the webbing stays on their person; if the webbing is removed early then the effects fade right off.
Hey Kat!

So far so good, but we'd like to see some elaboration on the Mutation keyword for producing spider's silk. With the framing of the powers you've written, it doesn't wash for us with just that keyword. We think that taking Mimicry in addition to Mutation would be a good way to do it, but as it is right now, creating spider's silk using mutation seems like a Half-Blood power. Remember that the Cursed are humans tainted with magic that they can barely control rather than mutated humans.

In that vein, most of your Sorrows are solid, but the last one is not a Sorrow, it's a boon. Sorrows can only be neutral or negative.

Quote:Placing some of her webbing on the body of her target, she can hypnotize them into following her orders for 1d10 rounds (nothing self-harming)

Please elaborate further on this power. Does the string need to stay attached between her and the target? Further, 1d10 rounds is far too long in terms of gameplay. We suggest limiting it to 1d5 or taking it out altogether and talking it through with your writing partner. When it comes to Mind-Affecting Magic, remember that it is a contested roll and Hypnosis starts to fade at sunrise or when exposed to True Sunlight anyway.

Finally, the justification of being fired because of spiders is a little thin on the ground. Could you write more around that? Was it because they were able to pinpoint an infestation on her presence? This doesn't quite make sense when the police aren't collectively in the know.

Further, the Exchange would not pair her with someone who would be shocked at her powers to such an extent. The Exchange would be aware of her powers and take that into consideration, so this should be adjusted.

Adjust these things and then tag us in #mod-request, so we can take a look! Thanks!
Hey Kat! The changes to history look good and we think the shift to Mimicry instead of Mutation works as well.

One adjustment we’d like to see is to the Mimicry power itself. Overall, with the way it’s framed, Kumo seems like a Half-Blood concept rather than a Cursed concept. It’s the strong biological aspects you’ve written in: we believe those would be more fitting as a sorrow rather than an addition to her power. We see that you say it’s primarily supported by magic but we’d like you to refine that to reflect the Cursed concept more completely. Is the spider silk real or a temporary manifestation of magic?

Remember that Kumo is not a spider or becoming a spider monster. Rather, she is a human with a horrible curse and the spider infestations and features are the manifestations of that. The write ups for her powers should reflect that, but you are more than welcome to switch her over to a Half-Blood path if that’s what you’d like to do! Let us know when you’ve made these adjustments!

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