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Full Version: Adam Marszałek - Cursed Human
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Path: Cursed Human
Rank: Woe
Reputation: 0
Mundane Skill(s): n/a
Magic Keywords: Song/Sound, Illusion, Animate
Magic Abilities: Animate: 'C'mere...': If he whistles a certain tune, Adam can make a small object come to him. Roll, shuffle or hop.
Adam's looking good! The only issue is that we're seeing six negative sorrows, one short of the seven required. For clarity, the negatives we identified were: Eepy, Wash your hands, Restless leg, Too loud, and Contrarian. One of the neutral sorrows should be changed to take on a more negative impact.

Keep in mind the negative sorrow must connect to the thread it is happening in, not a potential future negative. Inconvenient sorrows fall into neutral territory, while negatives have a more immediate impact on a thread in troublesome or destructive ways.

Once you've edited, tag @admin in #mod-request and clarify which sorrow you edited and we'll get you sorted.

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