Three On A Match

Full Version: Catch More with Honey
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Mim was... vexed.

She had been overeager and fucked up. Then met a group of modern witch hunters that she'd talked her way away from. But not without a brand. A small, and not unattractive in her eye, tattoo on her ankle. Any big magic she tried would set the thing off and warn them, so she was stuck with her minor charms and anything she'd already made. She was stuck acting normal and nice. It was suffocating. Mim was a creature of indulgence and this... this was just waiting. She'd started just keeping to the house and puttering around. Well apartment, her house was mostly wrecked from that botched spell. She'd invited a few people over to blow off steam with but even that got old after a while. Never thought she'd say that.

So instead she started to scheme and plan. Oh she did like doing that to be sure, but at a certain point all the plans in the world don't do anything if you don't start them. So those got old too. She was using her hand mirror a lot to watch different things around town, and Gretchen was some help. Little bird's feathers were finally almost all black again which she supposed as good for it. Though it just reminded Mim that she was stuck as some mundane nothing.

She needed to start DOING things again.

Not magic. Not real or important magic, though she had laid down a touch of ground work to imply that little Sarah had memories of spells and might want to learn more about them. Whatever, more than anything else she needed a night out.

Something low key though, if she hit the clubs she might get a bit.... well best to hit up somewhere else. Somewhere she wouldn't be tempted to curse half the place for a laugh. Honey and Ivy, that is a good place right? Well it better be because that was where Mim was going. She wrapped herself up from the cold and hit up the streets. Stepping into the place she was pleasantly surprised with it.

Mim sat herself down and glanced at a menu trying to decide what she wanted and glance for someone to talk to. She was a social creature... she needed interaction!

It was a busyish night at the H&I. The warm air inside the restaurant was aromatic with dumplings, rice, and brazed meat. It was homely but still managed a chic ambiance. The lights dim, cast from paper lanterns which threw layered shadows across the lounge and ample seating. The doors to the port deck were closed against the chill and everyone was inside.

Mina worked the bar, and the constant stream of orders from the floor kept her busy. Busy kept her fatigue at bay, that, and the cans of Red Bull. She sidled up across from the brunette perched at the bar. Memories stirred to watch the woman peruse the menu, and maybe they met before. However, her recollection was jumbled with the memories of another, and wasn’t what it once was. This union robbed her of many things, and sleep was just the tip of the iceberg.

Pushing aside the vague recollection, Mina smiled. “What can I start you off with?” She asked, upbeat and wearing her customer service smile.
Mim looked over the menu, biting her lower lip a bit in thought as she tried to decide what she wanted to do. As she waited a woman walked up asking what she could start her off with. Mim glanced up fully planning to ask for a minute more to look when she saw a face. Her mind raced to place the person and her memory fell on halloween night not to long back. A wide smile lit up Mim's face as she spoke in that girly tone that college girls seemed to naturally find when they were eager and excited. “Oh-My-Gawd! Mina! I didn't know you worked here! How have you been?” she said enthusiastically.

Mim didn't remember much about the girl but that had been a night of wonders. Creatures prowling shed of what they normally disguised. Mim didn't know if Mina fit that crowd or wandered in but the witch suspected that Mina had some latent magic of her own. In fact Mina was one of the prime targets Mim had on and off considered as a host for her third sister. And it never hurt to make a friend.

Also Mim was bored, and teasing this girl could be fun.
Mina, initially stunned at being recognized and regarded so enthusiastically, smiled dimly at the onslaught. Her eyes widened with recognition and her smile became more authentic. Never had she imagined seeing—oh what was her name again?—from the Halloween bazaar, especially at the H&I. There was the tingle of apprehension that followed someone remembering your name when you had only a vague sense of them. It made her feel guilty.

The name came at her sidelong, abutting and waiting to be recognized. Mina pointed at the woman. “Sssssaraa… Sarah, right?” That jived with what she remembered that night of a woman stabbing a butcher knife into a pumpkin and the oddly sensitive boy. Now she recalled being wary of her. “Been good!” She admitted, glossing past her usual hardships. “You?”
Mim gave a wide toothy smile at being remembered. She was worth remembering. Worth knowing. Worth fearing too but that seemed so far away these last few months. “YAS!” she said in her enthusiastic co-ed voice that she'd learned to use as Sarah. It captured everything someone expected from a young naive college girl majoring in photography and still coasting on daddy's money. Mina said she'd been good, which annoyed Mim a little bit... why should others be doing good when the witch herself was struggling. She brushed the petty thought aside, for now, and focused instead on just answering the question.

“Oh you know, school and stuff. Just stressing a bit about everything.” Mim said, waving her hand as if it was too much to deal with right now. Instead she leaned toward Mina, the motion almost predatory in the witch's aggressive friendly eagerness. “I didn't know you worked here! Have you been here long? I keep seeing this place but its the first time I've come in.” she said, eyes watching Mina's face intently.
Mina braced her palms against the bar’s edge and nodded as Sarah spoke. She grinned knowingly at the mention of stressing about everything. Granted she had cosmically more things to stress about than your average sorority girl, but to each their own. This wasn’t a contest, because she’d win hands down if it was. Though, if she had any inkling of Sarah’s particulars, the finish would be closer than she expected.

Mina shook her head to Sarah’s next question. “Since the summer.” She confirmed with an easy grace born of customer service. “So what will it be?”