Three On A Match

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Took him a couple years to find his mother. It seemed like she disappeared off the planet at first, but since he started earning quite a lot of money, it became a very good lock pick for every closed door he ran into.

Vass smiled on his way to a meeting. He was an adult now, not a burden anymore, right? He was accomplished, he earned his place in the family.

He didn't know what to bring, so he brought flowers. He dressed fashionably, but swore off make-up this time. Wouldn't know how Clara--- scratch that, mum would react. He was nervous. He was elated. He waited on the bench in the park.

Unfortunately, he looked just like his father.

And the youthful looks of someone who was supposed to be 45 didn't escaped poor Clara. She, herself over 60, but she still recognized Raphael Vass in the child she once named 'Simon'.

She was a stern woman now, not easily swayed by the pretty eyes and melodic voice. Retired lawyer, now dressed in elegant suit, her grey hair combed back.

"I'm surprised you've found me." she said.

Simon got up with a big smile on his face. She was just like he imagined.


"Please, don't call me that."

It felt like a cold shower. And his knees felt weak. But maybe it was just because they haven't seen each other for so long, right?

“I... sorry.”

Vass learned charisma over the years. He almost was natural, but he felt it falter now

Clara crossed her arms and sighed.
"I'm sorry, Simon. I've only agreed to meet you to tell you one thing." she said, there was a hint of compassion in her voice. But she had to be firm. "Please. Leave me alone."

Another cold shower. The sense of excitement gone from him, his eyes wide, shoulders dropped.

He looked so much like a sad little kitten, she thought. But she had to be firm...

"I'm not a part of your world, Simon. Even if I brought you into it." It was sad, but it was true. "And I can't bring my family into it either. So, please..."

It felt cruel to deny him that. But how would she even explain it to her husband and the son she had with him? Simon was different. A mistake perhaps, but he seemed to do well on his own.

And even if his heart was broken, he knew he had no right to intrude either. From the depth of his soul, he brought forth some understanding.

Vass was an actor. He could pretend he was okay. He straightened his back, he took a deep breath and he put on a show.

“Of course.” he said calmly, with a weak smile, even though he was screaming on the inside. At himself. For being so stupid. “I know, if... If that was a possibility, you'd have called me yourself...”

That's it, rationalise.

“I won't contact you again, I'm sorry.”

With that, he gathered strength to leave.

"Simon... I'm sorry, too."

With that, she gathered strength to leave.

And once Vass was home, he closed the door behind him and slowly sat down, sliding against them.

He was a man well-off. He had recognition.

But his apartment felt so cold and empty, it didn't felt like home...

“Nobody loves me...” he cried into his knees, hands wrapped around his legs.

There would be no extra petal on this flower.

“Nobody... loves me...”

Maybe if he tried harder...