Three On A Match

Full Version: gollum
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“Why are you like this?”
Like what?
“You keep pushing me and pushing me... You said you want to help.”
Am I not helping?
“No, Red. You're not.”
Tell me how you feel, Ian.

The demon knew, but needed the man to open up.
There was a sigh. And groan.

“I'm so fucking tired. Of you. Of... Of constant problems. I'm too old for this, Red.”
You're experienced. There are so many great things you can still do.
“Then why are you...”
Because you're not doing anything.

A moment of silence.

It's not like you, Ian.
“You don't know me.”
You were Secret Service. And you got docile. If it weren't for my intervetion, you'd just drink yourself to death and rot.
“Shut up.”
You knew how to elevate people as much as you knew how to destroy them.
“Shut up!”
And now you're wasting your energy arguing with your own reflection.

A shakey sigh.

Take your life back.
We won't let anyone hurt us again.”

The serpent gently wrapped itself around his wrist, like a protective talisman.

Samiel understood now.