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Full Version: The Lighthouse - December 2021, Volume 1 Issue 1
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Weather Forecast: Snow and Hot Chocolate
The Lighthouse

Easthaven, MA - December 2021 Digital Edition - Volume 1 Issue 1
Wintertime Surf & Turf

December 2021 Sightings

This month we've received a pair of anonymous tips concerning real and TRUE supernatural sightings around our fair city!!

Although the police reports will tell a different story, the grisly remains of a pair of hikers found up in the Northrop Park are not the work of some human madman. Our paranormal investigators say that this is without a doubt the work of something inhuman. Be careful out there, faithful readers! Remember to carry silver and iron to so you can tell any wayward monsters to take a hike.

Our second tip comes from the sea, where a four-legged creature was spotted running into the surf and disappearing into the waves. Unfortunately, we're unable to publish the photos we were sent--please make sure you have your flash on, dear readers!-- but this anonymous tipper swears up and down that it was too large to be a dog and it never surfaced! What a mystery!

To the more adventurous readers of the Lighthouse! Head out to Northrop National Park, the Easthaven's Lighthouse, and Fort Aston and report back!


A Costume or a Con??

Winter Mischief!


As Easthaven prepares for its annual winter festival, the LIGHTHOUSE cautions its readers to keep an eye out for the mischievous Mari Lwyd! These creatures may look like lost Halloweeners, but they're anything but! Remember that creatures such as these need an invitation to enter, so be careful who you let into your home, dear readers!

mari lwyd
Art by TheFlyingViper on Deviant Art


We're sure to see a few of these among the carolers this year. Stay alert and stay safe this holiday season! And remember your S.I.S!: "Silver. Iron. Sunlight."

Have a Tip?

Write-Ins Welcome!


The LIGHTHOUSE is always on the lookout for the supernatural and otherworldly. Have you seen anything around our fair city? Write in at our PO box so we can inform the world!

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The Lighthouse is Easthaven's local supernatural rag. Everything in here is in-character and as such, likely to be deeply misinformed. You can decide if your character believes them or not! The only thing that is objectively true are the listed locations in the sidebar. Those change each month, and if you visit them, there's a good chance you'll meet something spooky!

Since it's in character, you can respond in character in this thread, using the code below. You're able to change your avatar image in the avatar section. Just link to any image!

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The Lighthouse also takes reader submissions! In order to submit one, please fill out the form below and PM it to this account using your OOC account. Then tag the staff in the Discord so we don't miss it before the next Issue! Thank you!
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