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Full Version: Hunter Hopper - Half Blood
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Path: Half Blood
Rank: touched
Reputation: 1
Magic Keywords: Song/Sound, Charm, and Hypnosis
Magic Abilities: Prodigy (Boon): Since Hunter was very small he's held a love and fascination for music. His love for sound felt mutual as anything Hunter picks up tends to make the most beautiful music. A straw sliding through a plastic cup in Hunter's hands sounds like a gently chromatic scale, a squeaky door may sound strangely harmonious, and crinkling paper might sound like soft thunder on a timpani set.

Beckoning (Cantrip): His words, like his middle name, can be full of honey, and the softest peep from Hunter may cause people to feel drawn to him.
Hey Ghoul! So far so good on Hunter-his magic powers are solid and his boon is really interesting! It looks like it will be quite fun to play.

The main concern are his features during Bloodrush. In essence, Bloodrush is a temporary state. While emotional and mental effects, along with more minor physical features, can understandably linger, a large set of wings sticking around for a week and rotting away is out of bounds for the concept. We have attempted to clarify this in the Guidebook, apologies if it was unclear.

He can certainly grow the wings but we suggest further limiting how long they stay. For example, they could fall off altogether when Bloodrush ends or the feathers could fall away and he’s left with wing nubs for a week.

When you’ve gotten that squared away, let us know in #mod-request. Thank you!
The edit looks good! But we've taken a closer look at both his history and his cantrip. We need to ask for an adjustment and give a few reminders.

The core of your Cantrip does work, but it is phrased as more than just a minor power. The way you’ve written it out makes it a Keyword power, where you would have to roll for it as it seems to introduce a powerful compulsion. You need to change the phrasing up a little, something like ‘people feel drawn to him and may approach if he catches their attention’ but it cannot be hypnotic or unable to be ignored. Keep in mind that if the Cantrip includes a compulsion element, it will always fall under the mind affecting magic rules. Mechanically, any roll against it would succeed, as they simply need to match the amount of passes.

While the history setting up his personality is perfectly acceptable with the use of his powers, we need to remind you this will not have the same effect in play with the mechanics in effect. We also have a minor note of correction for your last line in the history. Easthaven has no more supernaturals than anywhere else of comparable size, and bigger cities have more. The community also passes itself off as mundane out in public and only walks around openly in private, for varying reasons, from considering it socially unacceptable to wanting to live a mundane life without being bothered. Hunter would need something like true sight, preternatural senses (if the supernatural has a particular scent, which isn’t always the case), or similar to even suspect what they might be.

Once you’ve adjusted the phrasing, just tag us back in #mod-request and we’ll get right on sorting you out.

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