Three On A Match

Full Version: But you don't know what he means to me, Jolene (Complete)
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They spent so much time together, so of course they got sick together. When the rest of the kids were having fun at the trip to the museum, Vass and Ian were stuck in their dorm, sniffly and feverish. Just two teenagers sitting bored together.

Until Vass disappeared somewhere. Ian sat in his bed, reading a book. 'Live and Let Die' it read on the cover. He wondered quietly where his friend was. Knowing that oddball, likely getting in trouble… But Ian didn’t needed to think for long as the dark-haired boy barged in with a wide grin on his face.

“I raided girls’ room!” he said with an odd sense of pride in his voice.

Ian just raised his gaze from the book, pretending to be disapproving of his exploits.

“What did you got? Panties? You perv?” he murmured a question, clapping the covers together, waiting for the incoming bomb.

With a glint in his cat-like eyes, Vass dropped a bag of make-up into Ian’s lap. He got an eyeshadow palette, an eyeliner, mascara and some other stuff that the blond couldn’t identify.

“Oh, you are getting so murdered…” Ian chuckled.

“Come on, I always wanted to try it.” The dark haired boy grumbled and sifted through his trophies, he knew it was absolutely worth it. “I can do your make-up, too, if you want.”

The blond boy let out a quiet hum, pondering it. That was girly stuff, but it was rather harmless, right? Like getting faces painted for Halloween. Drag tended to be quite funny, too… And they were both bored.
“Sure.” He said after a longer pause. “Why not? If you’re getting murdered, I won’t let you go where I can’t follow.”

Vass laughed happily and shook his head. He already opened the powder foundation.
“That’s gay.”

“Says the guy who always wanted to do make-up.”

And so they’ve applied their war paint. Vass became 'Simone Vassovia' for the night, while Ian became 'Samuela Noirfeather', a play on the name he came up with few years ago, when both of them fantasized about being superheroes. They would spin and dance, singing along to Dolly Parton’s 'Jolene'. And like always, the two friends started making fun of each other. Ian gave Vass a small smirk, staring him down. Fluttered his long, painted eyelashes now.

“You know what, if you were a girl, I’d date you. And you make a very pretty girl right now.” It was a joke. But was it really? Sometimes it was hard to tell with young Blair’s dry delivery.

“Shuuut it!” Vass blurted out and ended up tackling his friend, with both of them tumbling onto bed. Vass on top of Ian, hand pressed hard against his chest, pinning him to the mattress.

Vass could feel his friend’s heart racing like a freight train. Their eyes met and locked as they froze for a solid minute.

Ian was breathing fast, not sure if he was scared of what was happening or because he was excited. He could still remember when they first met, the scared and bullied kid with no one in the world. But as they grew up together, young Blair started to get more fascinated by him. Vass looked like those actors in silent movies, had certain beauty to him. Like that guy in Cabinet of Doctor Caligari, a movie Ian caught once late at night, when his parents were both doing a graveyard shift at work. Messy hair, dark eyes, skinny as a twig. When he opened up, he was energetic and expressive, had always a slight mischievous, fairly-like twinge to him. He was attractive, but he was a guy and… wasn’t that wrong? To be attracted to another man? To wonder what it would be like to do things with him normally reserved for doing with girls? Kissing, touching…

Vass splayed his fingers on Ian’s chest, feeling it rise and fall so quickly, feeling that sledgehammer underneath his ribs. He closed his eyes for a moment and lost himself in the rhythm. He always found comfort in it, especially when they were younger, when Ian was the only one willing to hold him when things were bad. There was always a certain strength in his friend, in the way his arms coiled around him protectively. He was always strong enough to lift Vass with ease, he could always run fast, without a break. Last summer, when they were taken to a country side to help with gathering grain, Vass caught Ian wiping sweat off his face with a rim of his shirt. He quietly admired Ian’s body then and quickly got yelled at by his friend for being a slacker and making him do all the work. His voice was strong and fearless. Now he couldn’t help but think that even his heart was so strong…

Suddenly he felt a hand on his cheek, a gentle caress. Vass opened his eyes.

“No one’s watching us.” Ian said quietly, his face flushed pink. “Can I…”

He didn’t needed to finish. Vass locked his lips with him in a kiss, shivering slightly.