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Full Version: Samuel Wordsworth - Spirit
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Path: Spirit
Rank: Shadow
Reputation: 0
Mundane Skill(s): N/A
Magic Keywords: Telekinesis, Empathy, Sound
Magic Abilities:

A spirit doesn't follow the rules of the physical world anymore. You can hear your true name being spoken from anywhere in the world and travel to that location to manifest.

Once Upon A Time:
If Sam tells a story or recalls a memory, parts of the scene may begin to appear audibly or emotionally, eg. a snippet of an old song, excitement when he describes something thrilling.
Hey there! Samuel looks really fun, interesting history, and some solid Keyword powers. We do have to remind you that any use of Empathy to affect someone else's mind (like imposing an emotion on them) falls under our mind affecting magic rules, so check that out!

Otherwise, we only see an issue with his cantrip "Once Upon a Time." It draws more from a keyword like Illusion than your chosen Keywords of Telepathy, Empathy, and Sound. Remember, cantrips need to be linked to the Keywords the character has.

We think the base concept of the cantrip works, but you need to adjust it to lean more on the keywrods he has. Consider a combination of emotional echoes and an aural experience, rather than the visual element you're emphasising in the current description. Again, the emotional echoes could get resisted with a Contested roll as well, as per the mind affecting magic rules.

Once you've edited, just tag @admin in #mod-request and we'll have another look!

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