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Full Version: Sunjata Bratena - Shifter
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Path: Natural Shifter
Rank: Hyrd (Dabbler)
Reputation: 0
Mundane Skill(s): None
Magic Keywords: Stealth, Empathy, Speak; Combination: Fortify
Magic Abilities: Aspect of the Beast:
Go for the Throat - Sunjata has a stronger bite than most, even outside of his shift. At times he's thought nothing of it when crunching on things that have the potential to break teeth – often getting away with it without cracking a single tooth.
Hey there! Sunjata looks solid. We have no comments on his powers and abilities. However, a note on his history.

You have him turning someone into an afflicted shifter, but you gloss over this quickly. Why did he lose his mind in that moment? A born shifter is far more stable than an afflicted one, so lingering on the why is valuable here.

Additionally, considering the near-death experience passing on the shifter affliction is, what sort of shock or realisations come in the aftermath? She would have to survive until the full moon. As stated in the Guidebook:
Quote:If they inflict a truly grievous wound on another person, there is a chance of passing on the affliction, although the victim would not know until the next full moon. That said, in most cases, these kinds of attacks result in death.

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