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Full Version: Elira Gjoka - Half Blood
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Path: Half Blood
Rank: Touched
Reputation: 0
Mundane Skill(s): n/a
Magic Keywords: Air, Heightened Speed, Animal Handling
Magic Abilities: Boon(Chatterbird), Cantrip(Snatcher)

Can communicate with, but not directly control, birds freely using bird noises.

Quote:Elira can communicate with her feathered friends almost as naturally as human speech with nothing more than some chirps, cheeps, a singing tweet and perhaps an occasional squawk. Not only do the birds make for good casual conversation but also useful (if limited) source of local information. While some avian secrets are shared freely with her, other times they are only given in exchange for birdseed, shiny objects, or quality nesting material depending on the bird and its demeanor. Tends to get weird looks by strangers whenever she makes bird noises in public though so she tends to avoid doing so when people are out and about nearby.

Unattached objects weighing less than 2 pounds (roughly 1 kilogram) can instantly teleport to her hands so long Elira has line of sight of object and there is no physical obstruction between her hand and the object.

Quote:Things just… have a way of ending up in her hands? So long as she can directly see it and there is no physical obstruction between her, any small object under 2 pounds (roughly 1 kilogram) that is not firmly attached to a larger object can be magically teleport her hands in an instant. Useful trick for a common thief, yet Elira cannot take what she cannot see as she is unable to snatch an item covered by towel, placed inside a bag, or made hidden by darkness even if she is made aware of the object’s presence just out of her sight. Nor can she snatch an object if a physical, solid barrier such as a glass window or a chain-link fence obstructs a direct path between her hand and the object she intends to snatch. Barriers that, conveniently, seem to include wearing gloves or mittens which she discovered helps prevent her from snatching far off objects by accident or on purpose… so long as handwear stays on that is.
Hello! Elira looks great, an interesting history, and a fun powerset to boot. We've only got some small comments.

Firstly, it's implied in your history that Mr. Gjoka knows Easthaven's weird community, but in the lore Easthaven is actually closer to how people think about Salem, and even then Salem is more popular as a weird tourist destination. All cities have a supernatural community to a degree, but the size and history define the size of the community. New York, Paris, London, etc., these would all have larger communities than Easthaven, and if Gjoka knows about supernatural communities, Easthaven wouldn't be first on his list of cities where she could get lost. Altin having connections there makes perfect sense, but we want to make sure Easthaven is presented correctly in your history.

Secondly, this is more a "which flavour fits best" thing, but we think your boon reads as a cantrip and your cantrip reads like a boon. The difference being something more inherent biological/genetic skill (Chatterbird) is flavoured like a boon, while something more magical (Snatcher) is flavoured more like a cantrip. The minor magic powers themselves work perfectly, they just need to be switched around.

Once you've done these minor edits, we'll have a second look! Just tag @admin in #mod-request and we'll get right on it.
Awesome, thanks for the look over! I went ahead and made made the changes as requested.

Change 1:
Ah understood! I meant Mr. Gjoka's knowledge to be more along the line of "heard from a tourist maybe mentioning weird stuff in this one American city is so maybe there is something there for you kiddo" than a solid understanding of Easthaven's supernatural community. Regardless, removed mentioned of Mr. Gjoka's implied knowledge of the supernatural residing in Easthaven within the history section.

Change 2:
I went ahead and swapped the boon and cantrip around as recommend for the minor magic powers. Chatterbird listed as "Boon" and Snatcher now listed as "Cantrip" under the "Air" keyword in both the character application and character review form. I also swapped the position of the minor magic powers in both character application and character review form.

With that, let me know if these changes are sufficient for Elira's character sheet.

Welcome to Easthaven!

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