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Full Version: Running From My Past
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Running From My Past

Duskborn (Dabbler) > Charnel (Novice)


Participate in 2 Player-Run or Site Events
Magic Ability Instances

Roll Cinder or Strike 30x
Use a cantrip, boon, charm, or level ability x10
  • Thread | Participants | Summary or # of Instances

Utilize Each Keyword 3x
Hypnosis 1/3
Venom 0/3
Daywalker 0/3

Participate in Encounter Thread 2x
One (1) thread involving tests of skill relevant to your Path with another PC
  • Thread | Participants | Summary

Fundamental Thread Prompts

        Perform a Grounding Action
  • Thread | Participants | Summary

          Die and Come Back
  • Thread | Participants | Summary

Weakness Thread Prompts

  Experience the effect of sunlight in an Encounter
  • Thread | Participants | Summary

   Experience the effects of pushing past your limit (need to Ground) and use a Magic/Path Keyword to trigger Luck drain
  • Thread | Participants | Summary

In the Eyes of the City

Fame (2)
Starting at 0 (Everyman) Infamy
What the Exchange Knows
  • Don't be Suspicious! - Caleb behaves vaguely suspiciously, but also gains a job at the Lethe Hostel doing paperwork
  • File That Away - Caleb helps out Dune with paperwork at Lethe. He's awkward but nice. He can stand sunlight. He can read old-timey handwriting
  • Etc
What the Police Know
  • Thread 1 - Description
  • Thread 2 - Description
  • Etc

Other Things