Three On A Match

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In daylight. Strike pool reduced to 4d6

[Tw: Panic attack, referenced abuse]

Caleb knew it was kind of silly for a vampire who could only consume blood to go to a farmer's market. His brother would have scolded him for the idea. But his brother wasn't here, so Caleb had gone to the farmer's market outside of town. He packed a metal water bottle filled with blood, just in case, then wandered among the tables and stalls. He stopped by the occasional merchant, complementing their wares even if he couldn't remember what food actually tasted like. One stall had soap, which he actually could use, so the vampire bought a bar.

Caleb kept his ears open to the surrounding conversations, listening in to little snippets of people's lives. He was considering heading back into town when he overheard a mother scolding her child. "-told you you need to clean your room! You're going to do that as soon as we get home."

Caleb only barely registered the second sentence as his whole body tensed and his vision greyed out. Fear crashed over him like ice water. He stood frozen for several long seconds as he fought down his fight-or-flight instinct, which was definitely primed towards "fight" right now. His hands clenched and unclenched. He felt certain he was in danger, and he dimly registered that it had something to do with what that woman said, but the panic gripped him too hard.

All of a sudden, he burst into movement. He dodged between bodies, trying to get out and away from all these humans. He was weaker from the sunlight, he couldn't fight like this, and if a fight broke out he didn't want to get any normal people hurt. He was worried if he didn't get out soon he might end up attacking some random person. So he wove his way through the crowd, heading blindly for the edge of the lot. He didn't know what direction he was going, but if he kept moving, he'd get out eventually.
Faye laughed at something one of her regulars said from behind her mask, genuinely finding it amusing. What she found particularly amusing was that this particular patron wasn't someone you'd usually find in a Farmer's Market like this, but then, considering that they'd started patronizing her wares during the Scream Week she'd attended a few months ago and they were some of the Gothest people she'd ever met, it wasn't really surprising that their humour may be a little different.

Just for them, she kept some of her skull drinks available, in case they came out to see her. Now, she handed them the paper bag with their purchases in, smiling. Something else she could be glad of was that with such unusual patrons, her stall was garnering a lot more attention than it might have done otherwise. She was about to step back behind her stall when she noticed a young man come racing around the corner, running headlong at speed straight towards her customers!

She was going to pay for this later, but...! Sir! Watch out! Jumping between her customer and the man, she held her arms out, unheeding of if he'd see her in time or not!

Faye's mask: here
Caleb crashed into the young women, nearly sending them both tumbling to the ground before grabbing her and righting them both. He was weaker right now, but at least he was still strong and fast enough to do that. He looked over his shoulder, then turned back and blinked. His panic stuttered as he saw the beautiful but odd mask the other was wearing. He tilted his head, then took a breath and said “Sorry.” The panic was draining out now, leaving confusion at why he had been so scared in the first place.

He took a step back from the woman, running a hand through his curly hair. “Sorry,” he repeated, giving an apologetic smile. He opened his mouth to explain, then closed it again. He wasn't sure what had scared him so much. Maybe a magic spell? Everything had been normal. Maybe it was just because he was a fuck-up.

Caleb let that line of thought go for them moment, and let himself admire both the mask and the eccentric stall nearby. “Are you alright? I almost knocked you over...”
Oh, ow. The taste of copper in the back of her throat told Faye that whatever Aria had done to her had made her throat bleed, and she began to cough, quickly pushing her mask up and out of the way as she fumbled for a handkerchief. The last thing she wanted was anyone noticing her bleeding from her mouth!

The tumble itself hadn't been too bad, though she'd likely feel the bruises later. She gave the man a quick smile as best she could, doing her best to not hack her lungs up. When she could finally breathe again, she sighed, doing her best to hide the handkerchief from sight. When she spoke now, though, her voice was little more than a whisper and hoarse from the pain she'd felt. “I'm fine. Are you all right? You were really racing through there, I'm surprised you didn't knock into anyone else.

A pause, as she examined him. Pale-faced, confusion, and a hint of fading fear. Had he had a panic attack? “Would you like to sit down? You look a little spooked.

She gestured at her stall and the folding chair behind it, a good quality one that she'd invested in a while ago and was glad she had. It certainly beat standing all day long, for sure!
Caleb smelled blood immediately and became very concerned. He ignored the instincts telling him this was prey with long practice, although he would definitely have to drink some of the emergency blood he'd brought. Still, that was besides the point. Had she gotten hurt? She said she was fine but her voice sounded pained.

His concern for her overrode his desire to not be a bother. And he was feeling shaky still. This would give him a chance to have a bit of safety while he figured out if she was hurt and maybe figured out why he had gotten so scared. So, he took a deep breath and said, “That would be very nice, actually, thank you.” He waited for her to move before he would follow her.
Faye smiled and stood, offering him a hand up if he needed it. “After a race like that, you probably need a drink, too. This one's on me.

Once he was settled, she'd let him choose from her selection of lemonades, if he was able to drink them. One thing she always made sure of was that her buyers didn't have any allergies that might be activated by her products-the last thing she wanted was to risk getting shut down because of something that wasn't even her fault!

Speaking of, she could use a swig of something herself, just to clear her mouth and throat of the taste of blood. The coppery taste was not something she liked, not one bit!

That was a thought. Maybe Sarah would know some way of negating her sister's ability, or whatever it was she'd done. Faye made a note to text her friend when she got the chance and see what she had to say on the matter.
Caleb took a seat but politely declined the drinks. “I'm on a very specific diet for some medical issues,” he explained, holding up his "water" bottle. “I have my own stuff.” He took quick sips of the blood, carefully not to get any on his lips, but he was well practiced at this.

When he was feeling a little less shaky, he put his bottle away and smiled at the young woman. He felt a little shaky still, but the blood helped settle him. Reaching for a distraction, he said “That's such a beautiful mask. Where did you get it?”