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Full Version: March Update | 2023
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March Updates

2023 rolls on, and we've hit March! Just a small update this month, with a few changes to look forward to on the Advancement ranks.

We've also finished the Feb flash event on the arctic blast, so no more special encounters can be requested. Don't worry if you missed out; there'll be another event come mid-March, so keep an eye out for the announcement!

The planned server migration in February has been pushed back to March as well, so keep an eye on any announcements in the Discord for planned downtime soon.

  • The Cursed, Possessed, Undying, and Spirits have gained an additional Cantrip at Apprentice rank.
  • Shifters have gained another Aspect at Apprentice rank.
  • The Half-blood ability “Embody” has been further defined as an additional Cantrip and Maker’s Mark.
  • Host Migration - We plan to move hosts during March, so expect a bit of downtime. We will keep you updated as we get closer to that time.
  • The Master-Legendary Keywords are changing. The main categories of Space, Time, and Reality will be broken into three keywords each. More to come.
  • Advancement Prompts for Apprentice and up.

Site Mini-Event

The Ritual Murders
The Exchange and the EPD have been pursuing a string of murders for the past few months where the culprits have disappeared before anyone, or anything could catch a glimpse. Very few clues have been found.

So far, only Exchange Agents have investigated the ritual murders. They know the rituals are necromantic, one victim was a half-blood, and a strange seal broken into fragments has been found at two locations. All threads are taken and underway. Once these are complete, the following stage triggers.

The Train Station of the Dead
Check out the Therefore Sheol enlarges its throat City Mystery Event. Read all about it at the link!

March Hotspots

Wicked Shipping Co. & Forum Industrial Park

City Mysteries

Our City Mysteries meters are in our footer, under the board statistics. No Fly Zone is close to triggering!