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Magic in the Modern World

The Human World

The general consensus on the magic and the supernatural is ironclad skepticism. Humans have long since driven the darkness out of their cities with their own ingenuity and prowess. Now, superstition and magic have no place in the modern human's daily life. Everyone's come across something strange at some point in their life, but the drive to appear normal is natural. There are plenty of explanations that aren't otherworldly. Just keep it to yourself... Who will believe you anyway?

It doesn't help that with the rise of digital photo and video manipulation and special effects technology, convincing people of the supernatural has become near impossible. Not even confirmed footage of UFOs seems to shake this, but perhaps this is a blessing on both sides of the fence. Some daring supernaturals are able to live in plain sight, their eccentricities written off by people's tendency to see what they expect to see. Whether it is a heuristic shortcut or the mind protecting itself, there are a variety of reasons for this. Meanwhile, humans can live out their lives on an island of ignorance, never venturing too far.

Of course, it's hardly a binary. It's not those who are wholly ignorant and everyone else. There will always be shades of belief, a vast spectrum. There are those who are in the know, those who are just coming into their knowledge, those who are ignorant, and those who staunchly turn a blind eye.

Paradoxically, magic is present in many ways, from good luck charms to blessings, but knowledge is sparse. It is no longer passed down family lines and written down, but contained in old grimoires and ancient scrolls that are hidden away or presumed lost. Humans have moved on from trying to harness the arcane and strive forward on their own power and technology, as inventive as ever.

Technology and Magic

With the increased attention on technological development, it was in the 20th century tech boom that they found out that magic and new techology does not work well together. This is one reason magic has become rarer and rarer. While not destructive, attaching magic to technology can prevent it from working, and the runes of an enchantment must be removed for it to begin functioning again.

There are differences between how technology responds to magic. Technology of a more mechanical nature, such as combustion engines, are the least impacted by magic, but delicate electronics fare the worst. Repeated exposure to magical surges has proven to render some electrical devices nonfunctional and in need of replacement.

The Supernatural World

The supernatural community is not monolithic, but it is infinitely vast, and many may be entirely unaware of the world beyond what they know or have been taught. There is always more to learn.

Interactions Between Supernaturals

Supernaturals are not innately aware of one another. While shifters and others with preternatural senses could possibly smell each other in close proximity and an arcanist may be able to sense the twist of magic in another being's aura, two supernaturals could exist for years together and be unaware of the other unless they paid attention to each other's habits. Rivalries between supernatural creatures are largely personal affairs. If one group dislikes another group, it is isolated to those groups or whosoever else they might influence with their ideas.

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