Three On A Match
-- : Third on a match. Meaning: bad luck.

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44 years old
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Jimmy Jean-Louis

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Don is for lack of a better term, a psychopath. Not the term the media throws around to shame lunatic killers. No, Don fits into the comfortable category used by most professionals. He has a lack of shame and typical remorse, high intelligence and tendency toward friendly charm, violent tendencies, lack of love while holding a heightened sense of ego. He leans toward manipulation and lies but fits it nicely into his day to day dealings for business.

None of this to say that Don is a particularly bad person, oddly enough. He is more than willing to do terrible things but on the whole he is a prince. He follows a code that he developed for himself. The rules are simple, he doesn't do things he thinks his sister would be ashamed of. That is it. Easy to remember and even easier to change based on the situation.

He is also a man of his word to those he knows. If he sees you often and has a relationship with you past casual he will keep his promises. That is important to him, being a man of his word. Though if he has a passing relationship with someone he has no qualms lying to them at the drop of a hat. In the end Don is a man with a skewed view of the world that works well in a world skewed from the mundane that most people see.


A tall African American man standing a little over six feet tall. He stands like a tower, straight and tall, a feeling of absolute discipline hanging around him. He normally keeps his head shaved and his face clean, save for an occasional soul patch just under his lip. His features have been described as sharp by more than one. He doesn't hate that description. Normally dressing in fine clothes or business casual, Don keeps things classy as often as possible. Besides, Black is both classy and easy to wash blood out of.

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Don has several ties to Coroners both in Easthaven and all around the US. He has both observed and participated in autopsies and has an unofficial doctorate at this point in what the human body looks like when taken apart.


Don was born in Boston. It was a hard life growing up with gang life being an expected outcome. He committed his first crime at 7. Fired his first gun at 9. Killed someone for the first time at 10. And killed his first monster at 17. That last one stood out in his mind. Some homeless bum he and some friends were trying to hold up, turned out to be some kind of boogeyman. It was hurt, hard to say why, but after the group of kids banded together to kill it the fight ended with only two people alive. One got sent to the shrinks for saying there was a monster. The other, Don, said it was just some bum on PCP. He was lying and he knew it.

Don had a sister that he took care of since his dad was barely around and his mother was a burnout. She really looked up to him and he lied to her a lot to make sure she kept looking up to him. He wasn't a good kid but he liked that she didn't know it. She found out he was lying about it when she got shot in a drive by. It... bothered him. So he made some changes to his life. He got his act straight, turned on a lot of the punks he had been rolling with and eventually joined the Police academy. He became something of a military fanatic, the weapons and tactics were pretty great. He spent a few years on the beat. Then he moved to Homicide and then to Vice. Oddly enough he saw more dead bodies in Vice than he ever did in Homicide. Way of the world. He moved around a few times but in the end his own rules conflicted with those of the police. Don was let go, he didn't mind it.

He was about to sign up with the military when the Exchange came into his sights. They did in monsters, he had been hunting them off and on for years. Plus they were a detective agency. The idea of going PI after leaving the cops amused him so he leaned hard into the cliché.

Don was effective. That was the nicest way to put down his work. He had a habit of finding the problem and solving it. The issue came when more details were added to any report. Monster located here, entire building burned down, problem solved. His ruthless approach to most problems sometimes created more trouble for the Exchange than not. It was eventually decided that while Don was keenly efficient in his work he was not management material. He needed a strong hand to keep him in line if he was to continue to work for the Exchange. Hard to say to made the call but he was sent to Easthaven on someone's orders. He knew the score and didn't mind, so long as he got to work it was all fine by him.

Follow the bodies, find the boogeyman.

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Ballistics I - +1d6 Strike when using firearms and ranged weapons

Exchange Equipment - +2d6 Strike when facing supernatural threats



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