Three On A Match
-- : Third on a match. Meaning: bad luck.

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Go wild.
Player Information
Mature Content & Comfort Levels
Go wild.
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December 8
Cargo Transporter
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', Upper Fens
28 years old
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Coffee colored with a gold rim
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Jet Black
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Lee Byung-Han

Strike & Cinder


Quiet, often unsettling so. When speaking, Yuto often tries to use fewer words. He wants to get his point across as quickly as possible. As if valuing his silence more than another's understanding.

This disposition often leaves others with a feeling that Yuto is rather... intense. And while he certainly can be the truth of the matter is he is just an introvert and has trouble communicating.

He hates crowds, busy areas, loud people or conversations, and difficult situations that need to be talked out. He is more comfortable on his own and will often resort to leaving or making someone else leave (sometimes permanently) to avoid these situations.

He is not irresponsible though and willing, if not enthusiastic, to endure some socializing to make sure his job and loved ones are taken care of. That said his difficulties communicating do extend toward his loved ones, making it difficult to express what he wants or to react to their own feelings.

It is easiest for him to get along with his Twin sister Sunako and his young son Hayate. But even these come with their own difficulties.

Due to his unique abilities, Yuto has always treated laws as something of suggestions to be ignored as needed. He does not take illegal actions as any serious affair, be they smuggling or murder.


Standing 5'10 with a lean athletic build.

Dignified look, seems to naturally stand apart from others.

He seems to prefer simple business attire to most casual clothing.

When pushing his abilities light cyan scales spread across his body and two spiraling horns spread from his temples.

Almost never wears any kind of jewlery.

Maker's Mark

Two faint marks on his temples, these darken when he uses his abilities and when pushed to the limit sprout into twin spiraling horns.

Animal Appearance

Other Information

Is surprisingly thoughtful toward others.

Speaks English and Japanese.

Has a bad habit of watching others without telling them or running from difficult situations.

Owns a cargo ship that transports goods for his family.

Is an excellent pianist


Yuto was always a shy child but has known about his heritage from a very young age, his abilities tied to guardian creatures that once protected divine locations.

Born as a twin he shared much with his sister Sunako, both growing up on Hanshu Island until they were in their early twenties. The sacred mountain that served as home and haven for the two. Yuto was especially fond of its misty peaks.

When his sister left to travel the world Yuto intended to stay behind, but was drawn by his family toward trade deals. His abilities made smuggling easy and he naturally brought great gains to the family. He found he liked sailing on ships... it was peaceful and often quiet. So he grew into the roll of a transporter for his family.

Despite his personality, or maybe because of it, a young woman fell in love with him. She had a kind of solitude of her own that Yuto grew to love in return. Her name was Marie, a English woman from a family dealing in a similar trade to Yuto's own.

They were married and had a son soon afterwards, whom they named Hayate. But the marriage wasn't meant to last. Marie hoped that in meeting Yuto she had found an end to her solitude. But Yuto saw someone who understood it, expecting she wouldn't mind the feeling of being alone. He wasn't around as often as he should have been and often left when things were difficult. He doesn't blame her for getting tired of it.

She left Yuto, taking their five year old son with her. He wanted to stop her, but he didn't know what to say... he didn't want to talk it out... so he watched them leave their home from the safety of his Lonely World.

Not sure what to do now he has moved to America, seeking support from his sister and maybe a new start. If he can bare what it will take to actually build a new life.

Magic & The Metaphysical

Magic Keywords

Void, Mimicry, Illusion, Heightened Strength

Mundane Keywords

Spells & Powers

Lonely World (Void/Mimicry/Illusion): A pocket dimension holding a copy of the world around Yuto with two key differences. The world is devoid of life and filled with fog. This fog makes it impossible to see, hear, touch, or interact in any significant way with the outside world. In this space you are alone. The Lonely World can hold a number of living creatures up to Yuto's Cinder pool, including himself. Even if multiple people occupy this space they remain unaware of each other, and alone. While Yuto can travel to this space at will he can only take objects or others in with physical contact and an effort of power. People he attempts to drag in can resist his magical manipulation, but it takes a lot of effort and energy from them to pull free from the magic. The Lonely World expands outwards a kilometer from Yuto before fading into fog, trying to move through this fog will always lead back into the space as if turned around. Yuto creates this space when using his power and maintains it when populating this world with items or people from the real world. Non-living objects are easier to store than living ones, and the longer Yuto maintains this space the more tired and stressed he will feel- often resulting in the spreading of his scales and growth of his twin horns. Pushing past his natural limits leads to the collapse of the Lonely World and release of everything stored inside.

Minor Magic Abilities

Kirin's Fog (Boon): Yuto can naturally breath out a thick fog from his mouth. The amount isn't particularly great and would take some time even to fill a small room, but he is able to do so at will and seemingly without risk to himself.

Break the Seal (Void/Illusion): With this cantrip, Yuto weakens the seal around his Lonely world and takes a half-step in or out allowing him to see and hear what occurs on the other side. Doing this ruins the solitude of his pocket dimension, allowing it to be seen through with abilities such as the third eye or true sight.

Reaching Out (Void/Illusion): With this cantrip, Yuto weakens the seal inside his Lonely world or outside his pocket dimension. This allows him to receive signals from the real world such as texts or calls or perceive and/or interact with someone trapped inside his space. When done, anyone inside the Lonely World is able to make contact in a similar fashion. (i.e. If Yuto uses it to make a call anyone inside can make calls.)

Other Magic Notes



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