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Full Name
Markus William Eldridge
28 years old
Relative Unknown
Played By
Arcanist Human
Eldritch Circlebreaker

Player Information
About Me
Just about all you can or need to know about me can be found on my OOC account.
Mature Content & Comfort Levels
I am comfortable with just about anything, just ask me. If it doesn't fit Markus' character I will let you know.
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The Basics
Preferred Name
Date of Birth:
May 8th
Work Location
Old Town
Street, Borough
Baxendale, Old Town
28 years old
Eye Color
Dark Brown
Hair Color
Face Claim
KJ Apa

A young man of muscular build, with pale-pearlescent skin, dark eyes, and a conflagration of messy red hair. Many would describe him as towering, despite his average height. This, more than anything has to do with his force of personality, and generally put together demeaner. Always one to dress up, Markus is rarely seen without layers, generally dark, he can usually be found is some form of business, or business casual. His style, even when casual is made up of long sleeve, button up shirts, vests, sweaters, or something similar. His choice of clothes fill two roles, both of which help to shield him from truths he doesn't want others to see.

Attentive. Boundless. Confident. "S"

Markus had always been told, follow the ABCs, and he would succeed in life. That all he had to do, was try his hardest, and 'Fake it till you make it', if only the young boy who made those words his personality could see him now. If you ask three different people about Markus, you will get three different answers. While, for some that might make him seem flippant, the truth is Markus just wishes to succeed, and is willing to do what needs to be done to make that happen. In a professional setting, Markus is a shark, confident even in the face of failure, and attentive to the needs of those around him, always willing to cut losses, before the entire ship sinks. While, those who know him will know the same qualities that make him cutthroat in the STEM world, make him steadfast as a friend. His nature causes him to pay careful attention to those he cares about, and act as a rock to their needs, all while shirking his own. Often times, Markus is seen as a charismatic, and confident individual, towering over when talking about that which he knows, and not sliding when faced with opposition. This leads to a bit of an issue when overconfidence gets the better of him, an he finds himself pushed against a torrented river, in the past he would have his own rock to cling to. Now however she is gone, and this has lead Markus down a darker, more self destructive path.

The "S"

"The 'S' can be whatever you want it to be, little one... You can be Savage, or Selfless; Sophisticated, Stunning, Stimulating, or Steadfast. What is important, is that your S fits your needs at the time, and you remember the other three." ~Mrs. Eldridge Markus, was taught that all people wear masks, for some the mask is completely different for every occasion, for others it never changes. He learned, the best mask for him, was one which kept to his core personality, the A, B, and C, while adapting the S as needed.

The Rock

Most people who knew Markus before his move to Easthaven would remember a different person, while Markus was always confident, and even cutthroat, he was genuinely a caring person, and would make sure those who had to fall, would at least have a pillow to help them. Now, anyone with any real understanding of him would see a different nature, an almost savage, or scornful version of the man he once was. This is due to him loosing the one person who always pushed him to be better, and has lead Markus down a path where his self destructive tendencies not only put him at risk, but those around him.

Maker's Mark

Animal Appearance

Collogues met in Europe through NATO, Introduced Markus to the Supernatural and The Exchange
Friends, knew Victoria well, introduced Markus to Magic and helped him with his first Ritual
Other Information

More about Markus

Can read and write Latin, is conversational in Russian and Gaelic, and has a basic understanding of Mandarin though has trouble reading it. While Markus is still connected to the Eldridge name, and its bank account, he strives to make one for himself He has connections both in the STEM world and DoD, and while they are not always legal, they are typically altruistic. He has a background in basic combat, and even got good marks in firearms training with the DoD, but he has never seen a real fight outside of a bar-room brawl, or training exercise.

The Investigation

Markus moved to Easthaven, in order to learn more about his sister. They were very close, and often would share letters about the details in their life, while both keeping their own secrets. The following leads are bits of information he has about the city - Victoria has a 'friend' name Asphodel, whom she wrote about - Victoria was employed by 'Arcana Shop', the owner of which is known a Sunako. Sunako is from Japan, makes excellent tea, and the shop is a place Victoria feels safe - Markus has an old collogue/mentor who works for NATO in the city named Algy. He was once told that Algy is someone to call if things get weird.


Early Life

Markus was born a whapping 12 minutes before his twin sister Victoria, a fact he never let her live down, in The Emerald City Seattle. In their early life, up until they separated for college and other pursuits the two were inseparable, relying on one another and using one's strengths to cover the other weaknesses. It was always said that Markus was the brain, while Victoria was the Brawn. Both were naturally attractive, and charismatic, while being raised in a wealthy household which led to a rather nice, and fortunate upbringing. Their mother was a cunning business woman, what would be called 'New Money' she grew up in the worst streets of Seattle, and promised herself that her children would never know that life. As such, Markus was raised under the best care money could afford. Private Tutors, nice schools, and a desire to learn pushed his brain, while his need to keep up with his overactive sister pushed his body. His mother taught them that they needed to be many things to succeed in the world, and so long as you stayed true to your beliefs, you would go far. He was taught to be attentive, to the needs of others, and the world around him; boundless, in his goals and path when moving forward; and confident, in himself his support structure, and the path he created. All while being flexible in how he achieved his goals, and relying on his sister both to give her support, and take as he needed. Markus' Father on the other hand was an entirely different story. The twins never knew the man, and did not even know if he was still alive. This was a fact that did not bother Markus as much as it did Victoria. All he knew was the man was wealthy or at least had been, that their family received stipends from somewhere, and that if he was alive he wanted nothing to do with them. Markus' mother kept any information she had to herself, and would seemingly close off when prodded to hard, a fact Markus' sister learned more often than himself. However, his mother never said anything bad about the man, and the one time she did open up she shared that he was beautiful and powerful, before sending the kids off to entertain themselves. Markus' mother was a bit of an enigma when Markus later thought back to his early years. While she made sure they were never left wanting, she was adamant to not spoil them either so much of their lives were spent with jobs they didn't need, Markus as an assistant in various locations and Victoria as a barista. Though, no matter what their job was, or the requirements asked of them from their extra-curricular activities one rule remained above all in their household. Their mother was adamant they were returned home, and in sight at sundown, and as teenagers this rule only relaxed slightly, so much so that Markus and his sister were often in trouble for missing curfew even by a few minutes due to a missed bus, or accident.

The Real World

One would be wrong if they thought the real world would be tough for Markus, as a confident professional, with excellent grades and a thirst to learn more the young man graduated early from high-school with his sister, and they had their pick of the litter for any college they wished to attend, a fact that money helped more than he knew. The two decided to go to the same Ivy League university, where Markus was a STEM Major learning about Physics and Engineering, while Victoria studied Humanities, with a passion for the human psyche. It wasn't till their second year of schooling that they had their first true 'break' and argument. Markus was interning with a DARPA contractor, and Victoria was adamant that she was going to drop out, and explore a 'new horizon' in a city known as Easthaven. The two would reconnect quickly however, never being ones to remain mad at one another. Over the remaining years of his schooling Markus would learn that Victoria was doing well in Easthaven, and seemed to be finding real connections. All while Markus' own path took him to farther shores. He would graduate Summa Cum Laude, with employment prospects with the DoD, something which surprisingly Victoria did not agree with. The next few years would pass quickly for Markus, he had become disconnected from his old life, disappearing into his profession. Being an agent with the Department of Defense of course made this easy, as much of his time was spent overseas, where we specialized in active duty deployment of military assets. A job which lead him to meet many interesting characters, but inevitably lead to a wider gap between himself and his family. As a professional, he became well known in the STEM world for his mind, confidence, and attention to detail. Despite, and even in some cases because of, his young age. He grew into a strong young man, and while he often promised to visit or call family, this was something he failed to do more often than he succeeded. The one exception to this rule being Victoria, someone who would become like a lighthouse, and beacon of honor as he learned more and more about the darkness of the military world.

The Weird World

The real truth about Markus, is that his past has been excellent, and devoid of tragedy. A fact that Markus is aware of now more than ever, but something he never fully understood. As the first true world shattering event of his life unfolds. While busy on his professional career, he had missed a rather vexing series of contacts from his family. Only to learn, well after she was put into the ground. That his twin, the rock that held him together, and the lighthouse that pointed him home was no more. Markus now finds himself stepping away from his professional career, the lie he told was that he is 'pursuing higher learning', having enrolled in a STEM Masters degree course at Boxendale College, the truth his he is taking the bare minimum classes needed to be counted as a student, while trying to learn more about what happened to his sister.

Magic & The Metaphysical
Strike & Cinder
Iron Will, Ballistics I

Spells & Powers


Through the use of runes, theory, and contradictions Markus is able to nullify magic, and mundane energies, feelings, and effects. Most often this is done through an elaborate ritual with elements that are intentionally counter to what he is trying to Nullify, but he is working to make quicker 'nope' charms, and 'GTFO' Spells.

Minor Magic Abilities

Charm: Nullification(Null)

At will, Markus is able to neutralize temporary minor magical effects, such as other charms, or the lingering magic of rituals and spell-work by setting them to a 'neutral' mundane state. Much like a base to an acid, he can interject nullification magic in a small area that he can see, allowing him to end the effects of another charm, or clean a target of minor magic and its residue, much like wiping a gun or knife. This cannot effect the power or ability of keywords, more powerful magic, or enchanted items and potions.

Other Magic Notes
Ballistics I. +1D6 Strike when using firearms and ranged weapons Iron Will. +1D6 dice pool to resist mind-affecting magic.

Item Name
1 [luck]
The belt has [luck] 1 versus [cinder] and can take a hit in place of the wearer's [luck] once per thread. It does not activate if the wearer is hit by [strike].
Artisanal Chocolates
Four chocolates pieces, when eaten restore a single luck
Coin of Jupiter
Grants one use of the Abidance keyword. Can be used as Supurb Component.
A Hint of Excitement
A Taste of Lust
A Pleasant Conversation of the Breeze
Whispers on the Winds

Player Information
Mature Content & Comfort Levels
I am comfortable with just about anything, just ask me. If it doesn't fit Markus' character I will let you know.


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