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Spring is starting to warm up the chill of winter, with snowdrops and vernal crocuses making themselves known.

Full Name
Laura Jane Johnson
34 years old
Relative Unknown
Played By
Mundane Human

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Mature Content & Comfort Levels
۞ Please see player profile for information.
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The Basics
Preferred Name
Laur, Lauren, Bookworm, Lar, Janey, Lady J, J...
Date of Birth:
September 26th
۞ Personal Assistant ۞ Graduate of Ancient History & Art
Work Location
Lower Fens
Street, Borough
3222 East Market Street, Apt. # 307, Easthaven, MA., Lower Fens
34 years old
Eye Color
Hair Color
Face Claim
Rachel Weisz

۞ Laura was only ever in the back row of her class photos until grade four. By grade eight, she had reached her full height and was usually one of the shorter students directed to sit in front. She has, as they say, a 'petite frame', but is considered curvy and has difficulty finding clothing off-the-rack that fits her properly. Apparently, fashion thinks she should either be taller or wider with her measurements indicate. She is used to rolling up sleeves and having the bottom of her trousers and jeans professionally adjusted. Laura tends to interview in a suit set, either with a skirt or trousers depending on her mood and the season. Otherwise, she's a jean and button-down-shirt girl. She would live in her running shoes or sandals, if she could, but wears pumps when the occasion calls for it. If she needs to attend a more formal function, she has a few outfits that are suitable and even some higher heels, assuming she won't be chasing any children during the event. She does more with her hair on such occasions and has been known to experiment with a bit more make-up, too. Dressing up can make her anxious, as if she doesn't have the right to look like that and/or people will see her differently, treat her differently, think she's been hiding or some such nonsense all this time. Gah. She has long, dark brown hair, which she tends to wear in a side part, with bangs long enough to also pin back when she decides with wear her hair in a bun. When she pulls it back into a pony tail, she needs to pin the sides or they will fly loose. Her hair isn't curly but isn't straight, either, though it behaves when she makes the effort to style it. Her eyes are hazel beneath strong, dark brows and her complexion is fair. She usually wears little make-up during the everyday routine, likely applying nothing more than a few swipes of mascara, some eye liner and some lipstick or, at the very least, lip gloss or some form of balm to protect her from the sun and cold of the seasons in northern USA. Laura doesn't think she is ugly, but has no illusions of being beautiful, even though there are those who have thought, without make-up and unadorned by high fashion, she was quite lovely. She carries a purse or backpack, depending on need and/or appearance, but either whatever she carries, she usually has something she needs. There is no magic happening here, though a Mary Poppins bag would be delightful and extremely handy. Finally, Laura needs glasses to see distance and has a few different pairs to suit whatever she is doing. She also has prescription sunglasses, because it is easier than trying to attach those fragile clips to her regular glasses. Her 'general purpose' frames are plain and black.
Friendly | Organized | Intelligent | Efficient | Focused | Funny | Dedicated | Passionate | Anxious | OCD | Overwhelmed | Over-achiever | Self-depricating | Lonely ۞ Laura is very smart, efficient and organized. In fact, she could be defined in a number of different ways. If you were to place her in those little boxes humanity seems so fond of, Laura is, in no particular order: a devoted daughter, sister and auntie; a good friend; an excellent employee... Let's make this briefer. - eternal student, teacher, historian, restorer of art, linguist, organizer, artist, problem-solver, nanny, cook, writer... You get the idea. She has spent a lot of her life being different things to different people and not a lot of time just [i]being[/i]. She needs to find out who she is and what she wants to do with the time she has remaining. It is no wonder she bevome overwhelmed by taking on too much. Though she has been involved in a few romantic relationships over the years, none of them have ever developed into something truly meaningful and lasting. She loves children and always thought she'd have at least one, but at thirty-five, her ability to become pregnant and safely bring a baby to term is becoming less likely to occur. Finding someone who would want to spend the rest of their lives with her and want children feels like a distant dream. It could be said that in many ways, Laura is her CV (which will somehow be attached here as a PDF or some such if I can find a way to do that...) Laura has no awareness that Magic is Real and people and creatures from mythology populate the world. If she ever encounters anything supernatural, she will likely become twitchy, anxious, need a hit on her inhaler, breathe into a paper bag, sit with her head between her knees or any and all of the above. Then there is always the running and the screaming...

Maker's Mark

Animal Appearance

Laura met Max at the library: she tumbled from a ladder and he caught her. They hit it off. She thinks he is charming and incorrigible. They've gone on a date to a pub and went back to her place. She is very fond of him.
He is known to her as Arthur Blackbird, Easthaven's mayor. They met at an exhibit opening at the museum and connected through Latin. She found him charming, too. He has offered to look at her resume when she is ready to return to the workforce.
He backed into the side of her car at a coffee shop. He called the police to report it and bought her coffee. She found him quite reasonable and decent.
Other Information
۞ Galena, Illinois Laura was born in Galena, Illinois, a small town noted for being the residence for no less than nine Civil War generals, one President and a once booming mining economy until the demand for lead, their main resource, went into a very, very sharp decline. Tourism is a big part of Galena's economy now, with historical sites and homes, museums and an annual Halloween Parade which attracts thousands of visitors every year. Go figure. With a population of around 3,300, it isn't so small that you know everyone, but if you attended Galena High School - and most of the kids do - you tend to know everyone in that generation, or so it can seem. This is the environment in which Laura and her siblings were raised. The family couldn't trace their ancestry back to the original settlers of the area, nor were any of them miners during the boom or veterans of the Civil War. The Johnsons came to America via boat and were among the many who entered the country through Ellis Island around the beginning of the 20th Century. Their surname was 'Johansen' when they arrived, a family of five from Denmark with three sons. The clerk who interviewed them, using the ship's manifest log and the twenty-nine questions answered by each family or individual before departure, had an understanding of Italian, not Danish. Between the extremely busy day at Ellis and the lack of sufficient English on the part of the Johansens to clarify the messy spelling on the paperwork, they accepted the clerk's suggestion to go with 'Johnson' for their surname. Thus, this branch of the Johnson family was born. ۞ LAURA JOHNSON'S CV (NOTE: Her CV is currently written for application of employment that does not involve a position in an educational, conservational or other area related to her doctorate.) Laura Jane Johnson, Ph.D. River North Park Apartments, 320 W Illinois St. Chicago, IL 60654. (872) 915-7768 ~ (NOTE: Laura would have updated her contact information to include her new address: 3222 East Market Street, Apt. # 307, Easthaven, MA.) SUMMARY – Experienced Executive Assistant/Personal Assistant/Tutor successful in minimizing hassles and alleviating concerns by effectively coordinating schedules, planning events, running errands and handling office and/or household tasks. Efficient, accurate and detail-oriented, able to take initiative and problem-solve. Works well in a team or independently. Highly motivated to expand knowledge and skills. Track record helping with both professional and personal needs. Very well-organized and precise with sound judgment. EDUCATION – – The Conservation Center of the Institute of Fine Arts – New York, NY. – Pursued a three-year program in Art Conservation and the History of Art and Archaeology, including a four-month period at Villa La Pietra in Florence, Italy (NYU Florence) and a two-month participation at an archaeological excavation in Turkey. 2017 – 2020. – University of Virginia – Corcoran Department of History – Charlottesville, VA. – Pursued Doctorate in Ancient History. Graduate with Honours. 2012 – 2015. Dissertation: Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome: Ancient Civilizations and the Influence of What Came Before. – University of Chicago – Chicago, IL. – Pursued four-year Joint BA/MA in Studies of Language, Culture, and History. Graduated with Honours. 2008 – 2012. – Campbellsville University – Campbellsville, KY. – Pursued two-year Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education (IECE). Graduated with Honours. 2004 – 2006. – Galena High School – Galena, IL. – Graduated with Honours – 2004. SKILLS – • Scheduling • Basic Bookkeeping • Research and Written Comprehensive Summaries • Inventory Management • Office Management • File Maintenance • Ph.D. in Ancient History • Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education (IECE) • Cooking – General – Emphasis on healthy, nutritious cuisine • First Aid & CPR Accreditation • Operates both automatic and manual vehicles • Translation Services • Fluent in English, French and German with an understanding of Italian • Understanding of Greek and Latin (for translation purposes) • Experience tutoring in History and Languages • Experience with Archaeological Sites in the roles of excavator, top plan draftsperson, artifact recorder, artifact bagger, sieve specialist, overseer, stability and preservation • Fine Art Restoration - Predominantly experienced with paintings roughly from the 17th to 20th Centuries in Museums and Private Collections • Competent on piano and appropriate instruction for beginner to intermediate students WORK HISTORY – • Executive Personal Assistant – Private Residence – Chicago, IL – 07/2021 – 06/2023. – Heavy calendar management, schedule appointments, meetings reservations etc., coordinate domestic travel arrangements and create itineraries for trips, assist staff with maintaining household and accompanying property. Supervision of family pets (two dogs, one cat) and associated vet and grooming appointments. • Personal Assistant – Private Residence – 07/2020 – 06/2021 – Displayed absolute discretion when handling confidential information; oversaw day-to-day operations of a 12,000 sq. ft home and 11 luxury vehicles, responded to emails and other correspondence to facilitate smooth communication in home and business processes, researched and provided opinions to principal based on current project or scenario to aid in decision-making, managed phone screening, shopping and bill-paying to provide principal with optimal family time, oversaw personal calendars and coordinated apps and future events, worked with team to maintain household, performed well with time-sensitive projects and under pressure, sourced best local vendors for various projects and necessities for the household and retrieved multiple quotes to ensure quality within budget, worked with recruiters to expand staff. • Personal Assistant – Private Collection – Bridgehampton, NY. – 2016. – Assigned to catalogue and clean paintings with both sentimental and historical value. Handled confidential and sensitive situations in a professional manner. Maintained appropriate filing of personal and professional documentation. Assisted with organizing and maintaining a private library. Some translation services of various volumes was also provided. • Family Assistant/Nanny – Private Residence – Asheville, NC. – 2006 – 2008. – Displayed absolute discretion at handling confidential information. Assisted with daily care for three children, two school-age and one toddler. Assisted with homework and created fun and engaging activities. Scheduled appointments for children and prepared meals for them. Assisted with sourcing and ordering household supplies and developed professional relationships with vendors for the household, including dry cleaning, tailors, florists and maintenance. Assisted with filing personal and professional documents, mail, bills, etc. Assisted with multifaceted services for family (pet care, shopping, car maintenance, scheduling appointments, managing mail, arranging transportation, running errands). • Administrative Assistant – Department of Convention & Visitors Bureau – Galena, IL. – June to August 2003 & 2004. – Performed various administrative functions including filing, delivering and sorting mail, and telephone and email communications. Summer Position. VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE – I have volunteered at various libraries and museums while continuing my education to assist with cataloging, organizing and storing documentation properly so they can be used as resources for research and education. Participated in cleaning and minor restoration of paintings at a museum. List available upon request. References available upon request.

۞ Laura is the middle child of three born to Debora and Robert Johnson, a middle-school history teacher and a retired Army veteran with a talent for painting landscapes, respectively. Debbie and Bob, as they are known, weren't financially well-to-do, but they weren't below the poverty line, either. Their home, an older brick and siding split-level built in the 1960s, wasn't the biggest house on the block, but it did have a big, pie-shaped lot backing onto a treed ravine. The forts were epic. Like any family, they had their conflicts and struggles, but they were known for being friendly people who helped thy neighbour, attended church on Sundays, always contributed home-style cooking to the community pot luck on the Fourth of July and genuinely loved one another. As the only girl, Laura had her own room which was small but full of wonderful books and drenched for many years in the colour purple. She stored her books alphabetically by author, then by subject. Her CDs and videos received a similar treatment and woe betide anyone who borrowed them and didn't return them to their proper place. She was a very responsible girl, active and organized and good in school. She enjoyed learning and thus, she always studied for a test and homework and assignments were completed on time. She assisted with the household chores, tried to be peacemaker with her brothers and babysat her younger brother, small cousins and neighbourhood children when the need arose. Organizing various collections of books, CDs, videos and so on, with the owner's permission, of course, were some of the ways she passed the time once her charges were asleep. By the age of ten, Laura was very independent. She always had her backpack ready in the mornings and made no fuss getting herself dressed for school. While her brothers couldn't find their socks, she was downstairs eating her breakfast and helping make sandwiches for lunch. She belonged to the church choir, performed in the school plays and took up the piano late at thirteen. Laura didn't excel at everything she tried, but that didn't stop her from participating. She enjoyed writing stories, dabbled in painting - inspired by her father - and always cleaned up after herself when she was done. When she wasn't involved with school or family or other hobbies, Laura read. She always seemed to have a book at hand, be it a Carolyn Keene, Robert A. Heinlein, Laura Ingalls Wilder or the latest volume from the library on a variety of topics, including history, the older the better. She loved history, like her mother. Her interests expanded as she grew older, from helping with food preparation and cooking to learning the basics of repairing the family car from her father once she had her driver's license, in case she was ever stranded in a rural area, a genuine possibility given their rural surroundings. Laura discovered her love of and aptitude for languages around the time she started taking piano lessons. She dove head-first into whatever extra courses were available. Her teachers in high school were quietly, cautiously optimistic that she could handle all this extra work and wouldn't have some sort of nervous breakdown before she graduated. It seemed that she could. What they might have suspected once or twice but could never confirm is that the pressure Laura put on herself to succeed at most of her pursuits started to give her anxiety attacks. These moments of panic when she couldn't breathe led to a diagnosis of asthma, and though her family was relieved it wasn't something more serious, Laura couldn't shake her awareness that it was something more than that. Maybe she did have asthma and it was a coincidence that she would be diagnosed around the same time she started feeling that crushing pressure in her chest, the difficulty breathing, the rise of a scream bubbling up her throat, but never completely surfacing. At least, not in public. At this time, it was also determined she needed glasses. She was farsighted and would need glasses for driving and general daily functions, just not for up-close activities, like reading or painting. Disappointed with a perceived barrier to being considered attractive, Laura kept it together through high school, even though she wasn't much of a social butterfly like some of her friends. Though well-liked and an excellent student, no one asked her to the prom in her final year, so her older brother took her, calling himself her 'chauffer and chaperone', and she had fun dancing with her friends and snacking on the munchies provided at the folding tables that were dotted around the edge of the gymnasium. Her brother, then in university, knew everyone and was handsome and popular, funny and genuine, so she wasn't really embarrassed to not have a proper date. She said she was happy, and she was, to a point. When she got home and said her thank-yous and good-nights, she changed into her pajamas and sat in the bottom of her closet, door closed, and cried while hugging her favourite teddy bear. Laura kept herself busy, which was some of the cause of her anxiety but also her saving grace. Who had time to panic when she had a thriving babysitting schedule and was one of two students selected to work with the Galena CVB two summers in a row? She graduated high school with Honours and, deciding she wanted to be a teacher someday, attended a school in Kentucky for her IECE the following September. She had saved her money for the training. She graduated from there also with Honours, which led, unexpectedly, to a job right out of the gate with a family who needed a personal assistant and a nanny for their three young children. She was twenty, which did have the couple hesitate, briefly, but her resume and references were stellar, so she was hired. There was a learning curve, but Laura was up to the task. Her employers didn't regret choosing her and were sad to see her leave when she decided to pursue a degree in history. It had taken her a while, but between her savings and a scholarship, she was able to give it a shot. So she did, at the University of Chicago, doing a combined BA/MA program in History which has a very strict application process. Fortunately, she met all the requirements and she interviewed well - and the five notable panic attacks she suffered during her time there occurred off-campus, with no roommates around to witness. She graduated with Honours, naturally. Her focus was on the earliest civilizations, including but not exclusive to: Mesopotamia, Babylon, Sumeria, Ur. Then art restoration called her and she was off to New York to study at The Conservation Centre at the Institute of Fine Arts through NYU. After three years of yet another intense and wonderful period of study - including at least one breakdown - she graduated with Honours and confidently went a a job hunt. Unfortunately, employment at museums was scarce and teachers in ancient history and languages were not in high demand. In many cases, she was informed that they either didn't have enough funds to hire her on as a curator or she was over-qualified for the positions they had available. Her resume sums up the results of the next few years, briefly finding employment cleaning a private art collection and surviving high-pressure positions as personal assistants and household managers. Laura has moved to Easthaven for the summer, at least, with the intention of finding either volunteer or paying work at a museum or art gallery for a change of pace and to keep her hand in. If other opportunities become available, she would certainly consider them, but her most recent employers paid her very well. She doesn't have to work for a while and will try to take it easy. First, she needs to clean her rental apartment, a one bedroom unit in a converted building in Lower Fens. She she has to unpack all her boxes, rearrange the furniture until it is exactly where she wants it and alphabetize her books, CDs and DVDs...

Magic & The Metaphysical
Strike & Cinder
Iron Will

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Iron Will - 5d6 to resist mind-affecting magic.


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۞ Please see player profile for information.


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