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Isabella Maria Stern
29 years old
Relative Unknown
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Possessed Human

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The Basics
Preferred Name
Ella, El, Ellie
Date of Birth:
October 10
ꙮ Ex-Army ꙮ Translator ꙮ Freelance Purveyor of Rare and Unusual Artifacts.
Work Location
Old Town
Street, Borough
59 State Stree, Upper, Easthaven, MA., Old Town
29 years old
Eye Color
Hair Color
Face Claim
Gal Gadot

ꙮ Ella is taller than the average height for a human female at 5'10" and weighs approximately 130 lbs. of fitness and health. She is of a slender build, with legs up to here, like those runway models designers prefer because they don't mess up the line of their garments - 'human hangers', as they have been called. Perhaps because of her height, she makes an effort to maintain good posture without looking like she's on military parade. She wears her shiny, thick black hair long, frequently back in a high ponytail or braid or in a bun to keep it out of her face. Her heart-shaped face, with Cupid's-bow lips and almond-shaped eyes of a rich brown, is usually make-up free. Her smile is the kind that represents the phrase 'can light up a room', with white, even teeth. She looks younger than twenty-nine. She is considered by some to be classically beautiful, whatever that means. And yet, while participating in a friendly baseball game with an American unit during leave in Germany, she was described by the pitcher of the other team as 'this bouncy gal with a mean swing in jeans and a baseball cap'. Ella tends to keep her wardrobe fairly simple. An example would be a black, button-down shirt, snug black Capri pants, and black loafers. Or a simple, sleeveless summer dress, perhaps in a floral print, and sandals. She has several piercings in her ears, including a cartilage piercing in each ear on her 21st birthday to commemorate the occasion. She keeps diamond studs in those holes. She has five earrings on each ear moving up from the lobe, usually adorned with studs or small hoops. When dressing up, she will reduce the number of studs and add a pair of dangling earrings to her bottom-most holes. She usually wears the symbol of a small Ankh in some form, somewhere on her body, be it jewelry or a something like a small tattoo about an inch high by half an inch wide if no appropriate bauble is currently in place. The tattoo isn't always there and when it is, it doesn't always appear in the same place. The Ankh symbol - sometimes referred to as the key of life or the key of the Nile - is representative of eternal life in Ancient Egypt. She takes care of her skin, which tends to be a bit dry these days, by moisturizing regularly and keeping her oddly rapidly growing fingernails trimmed. When there is an event to attend, Ella will have fun with her appearance, dressing to the Nines and playing with cosmetics like a kid playing dress-up.
Friendly | Determined | Funny | Persistent | Loyal | Charismatic | Someone with Chutzpah | Confused | Struggling with Her Choice | A Deep Sadness ꙮ Ella would be described as an extrovert. Though she has no difficulty working alone or keeping her own company during downtime, she enjoys being with people and generally gets along well with others, even if she's only just met them. She enjoys a good party and loves to dance. To those who know her, she is an attentive friend, a loyal soldier and will aid anyone in need as she is able, be it taking some sort of action or just taking the time to listen. Her voice is deep and exotic, her English accented by her first language, French. It can make whatever she happens to say sillier, or more serious, and overall extra-charming. Even more so when she transposes words or drops one from a sentence, or frowns while struggling with a definition: “What does this mean, 'deliquescent'?" Her smile and her laugh has been described as 'radiant and infectious'. She considers herself an optimist and can be enthusiastic about the simplest of things, such as sharing a meal with old friends, enjoying a good book, watching a sunset. However, Ella is still wrestling with her choice to act as a Conduit for some so-called ancient, Egyptian 'deity'. She has periods of depression and doubt, which were uncharacteristic for her before she died. Even though she knows she would have remained dead if she had not accepted the opportunity to serve as a soldier of Anubis, her decision has left her conflicted. Ella and Pharaoh don't always agree on the best method to complete the assignments given by Anubis. On these occasions, Ella will try to convince her possessor, her Passenger, to take a different approach. When he does not listen, she becomes frustrated. Pharaoh calls this her 'difficult mortal' mood. If she ever refuses to complete a task, would she be replaced by someone who will offer no objections? After all, there are apparently other soldiers of Anubis and more potential Vessels dying every day, only to be resurrected and offered the same opportunity. Sometimes, though rarely so far, Pharaoh has decided to take charge in order to... expedite things. During these times, Ella takes a back seat in her own body. The shift in personality may or may not be noticed by those nearby, depending on how well the observer knows Ella's pre-death self, how long the boy, the Passenger, needs to be in control of the Vessel, her body, and what level of interaction is necessary during the possession. Ella misses her family and friends and cannot let them know she is alive. She feels there would be no way to explain what has happened, not so that anyone would understand or believe her. The thought of being committed to a psychiatric hospital haunts her or perhaps the French Armed Forces would charge her with desertion, with faking her own death and who knows what else. She would be locked away for crimes she didn't commit. Though she isn't the most devout of Christians, she also wonders what will happen to her soul if and/or when she 'resigns' - or is it 'retired'? Will she be conveyed to the Field of Reeds, an option she apparently had to her in the beginning if she had chosen not to join the cause? Will she be allowed to live out the rest of her life without the influence of the gods? Will she ascend to Heaven? Or will she simply turn to dust and cease to exist? When it comes to accepting the hard truth, she really does not know what, or with whom, she is dealing with every moment of her day.

Maker's Mark
Shadow, True Sight

Animal Appearance

Ella knows her as 'Delilah'. She met her at an auction and geeked-out about antiquities and so on.
Other Information
ꙮ Her most recent fighting skills include the proper use of a longsword and a shield, like an Egyptian warrior. She isn't sure if she has learned these skills, if they have been imbued with them by her benefactor or if her Passenger, Pharaoh, has these skills. ꙮ HER LANDLORD: John L Bachman Gender: male Race: Hispanic Birthday: 6/9/1983 (40 years old) Street: 4358 Pearlman Avenue City, State, Zip: Bedford, Massachusetts(MA), 01730 Telephone: 978-254-4114 Mobile: 413-977-7604

ꙮ Ella was born in the city of Bayonne in the Bordeaux Region of France on October 10, 1993 to Sofia and Avram Stern, a family doctor and a lawyer, respectively. She has a younger brother named Daniel. Avram is an Ashkenazi Jew whose grandfather, Benny Stern, made his way to France after World War II. Benny was 13 when his father was killed fighting during the Nazi incursion of Warsaw. His mother and two sisters were captured and shipped along with him to Auschwitz. He was the only member of his family to survive. Avram was a devout Jew who attended synagogue and spoke Hebrew around the children as well as French. Sofia was born in Valencia, Spain, and raised Catholic. She spoke Spanish and French with their daughter and son. The family observed the Jewish and Christian holidays, which was educational if a bit confusing when the children were young. Ella's parents wanted them to experience both faiths and decide when they were older if they wished to follow either or neither religion. Though they appreciated and respected both faiths, neither one really stuck with either youngster. Her parents encouraged Ella and Daniel to become involved in sports like soccer and baseball, and hobbies, like collecting old coins, building model cars and so on. Anything to avoid experiencing the most dangerous enemy of youth - boredom. Ella also took dance classes, primarily Jazz and Modern, and in her teens she discovered Ballroom. She also exercised an early talent for the clandestine, becoming the last hidden for hide and seek, skipping school when she wanted to see a matinee, saying she had basketball practice when she was really with her boyfriend... She didn't always get away with such antics, however, especially when skipping her classes. Still, her grades were good, especially in languages. She is a polyglot, fluent in French, English, German and Italian. Her Hebrew and Spanish are oral only with a smattering of reading and recognizing certain phrases etc. After graduating from high school at the age of eighteen, she took some time to backpack around Europe with a group of three friends: Suzy, her best girl friend and two of her boy friends, Philip and Neil. They travelled north through Belgium and the Netherlands before crossing into Central Europe: Germany, Luxembourg, Czechia, Poland, Slovakia, Austria. They had all been skiing in Switzerland before the trip, so they skipped it this time around. It was liberating, every day without a fixed schedule and going wherever they wanted - within reason, of course. After four months, they went home for Christmas and to rest before continuing. Suzy decided to stay in France, having had her fill of travelling for a while. This left Ella with Philip and Neil, a circumstance that didn't bother her at all. Their friendship was strictly platonic, though the boys did act like chaperones when they were in crowded places, looking out for all of them, but especially her. Especially when they were in remote locations in Greece or urban areas in Italy that looked a bit sketchy. Then it was Israel, which she'd promised her father she would visit, and finally, Egypt. Ella fell in love with Egypt. She visited all the usual tourist sites, like the pyramids at Giza, the Valley of the Kings, Cairo Museum and the temple at Karnak. She cruised the Nile on a vintage barge from the 1920s, swam in the Red Sea and hiked the Old Kingdom pyramids and tombs at Saqqara. She promised herself to return some day with her brother, who loved exploring as much as she did. The trio tried to travel to other countries in North Africa, but they were warned not to even approach the Egyptian borders that led to them. It wasn't safe. Trying to find out from local officials near the border to the relatively new state of Sudan why they couldn't enter was a terrifying experience in itself and they were fortunate that a French patrol noticed the trio, and quickly removed them from the situation. Almost fifteen months of on-again, off-again travel, it was time to go home. ꙮ Not long after, at the age of 20, Ella resolved to join the French Armed Forces, deciding her journey of exploration had shown her many joyous and terrifying realities for citizens of other countries. To an extent, she felt guilty and embarrassed, having not lived a sheltered life but certainly one of peace and privilege. She wanted to make a difference and this seemed to be her path to that goal. After her initial training, she began her military career in the role of a translator based primarily on her language skills. Wanting to do more and push herself further, she was trained in, and had an aptitude for, various fighting techniques, including kickboxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. She achieved a black belt in karate and was an avid martial artist. Ella enjoyed the challenges and the good work she could accomplish as part of something bigger. ꙮ Operation Barkhane, an anti-insurgent program, was launched in 2014 with the aim to fight against armed terrorist groups in North Africa. The area covered Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Chad, all former French colonies. It was a huge undertaking, led by the French military against Islamist groups in Africa's Sahel region. The French were permanently headquartered in N'Djamena, the capital of Chad. They were to assist the governments of these countries to maintain control of their territory and prevent the region from becoming a safe haven for Islamist terrorist groups. Ella was stationed in Chad but served on missions throughout the area as a translator and a door-to-door liberator of suspect occupied villages. The insurgency intensified. Report: "On 4 October 2017, French forces operating as part of Barkhane were the first to respond to the ambush of American soldiers searching for an Islamic State commander on the Niger-Mali border. French air support was requested by the Americans and two hours later Mirage fighter jets arrived from Niamey. Despite the French pilots being unable to engage ground targets due to the proximity of friendly forces, the jets deterrence was enough to end the ambush. A French special forces team were the first ground forces to reach the scene of the ambush, 3–4 hours after the firefight which resulted in the death of 4 American Green Berets." Report: "On 4 October 2019, Lieutenant Gerrard Martinique and Sub-lieutenant Isabella Stern were killed in action near Gao in Mali during a firefight with an insurgent force while on combat patrol to liberate an area of known encampment of insurgents, who were holding a village hostage. Their bodies have yet to be recovered. Both soldiers will be posthumously awarded the Honour Medal for Courage and Devotion." ꙮ Six days before her twenty-sixth birthday, Ella was dead. When she opened her eyes again - an action she thought was impossible - she was in shock and completely confused. She remembered the gunfire, remembered feeling the bullets slam into her body. She remembered falling to the ground and then... nothing. Until 'waking up' in this... tomb. There was no other way to describe the space. Though dimly lit with a few torches and mostly empty, the air was stale and dusty. After a while, she tried to sit up and the furniture beneath her groaned. She was lying on a bed made of wood, upon which was a small headrest and a mattress stuffed with reeds, if she wasn't mistaken. Though not an expert on Egypt and its history, she had paid attention in class during the section on influential civilizations and she had thoroughly enjoyed her exploration of the country as a teen. Her movement caused some sharp pain, which wasn't a surprise considering she'd just been shot multiple times. As quickly as she dared, she checked her body for the injuries she knew should be there, but found none. Then she noticed the statue, standing near the foot of the bed, and she held very, very still. She would swear it had not been there a moment ago, but then, she was pretty sure she was dead and that must scramble your brain, right? Why would she imagine a space which vaguely resembled the ante-chamber of a pyramid, though? Something that felt and smelled very real. Ella squinted at the statue in the flickering light. It was of a man wearing what appeared to be a leather loincloth and the mask of... a dog? In this light, it was difficult to be certain. Ella blinked and the statue was in slightly different location. Her breathing became shallow and that lizard-brain terror reaction she had experienced only a few times in her life kicked into high gear. Too scared and confused to care that she was shaking like a rabbit in a room full of cleavers, she managed to utter, "Qu'... qu'est-ce que... qui... comment..."* "You should probably settle on one question at a time," a voice said. Her head turned sharply to see what appeared to be a boy wearing an unbleached linen tunic, which was decorated with some beading along the hem, and a simple pair of sandals. He took a step closer and the nearest torch illuminated a handsome face. Ella figured in about two years, he would be doted on by the girls at his high school. "Let me start," the boy continued quietly. "Understand that you have nothing to fear. No one will harm you here." He paused, watching her to make certain she was paying attention. She tried to move again and the pain sent her falling back onto the bed in a cold sweat. She swallowed, her throat parched. When the boy appeared kneeling beside her, a small bowl in one hand, she didn't have the strength to jump, so she groaned instead, trying to tamp down her fear. The boy smiled. "Drink. You will feel better." It was water. She lifted her head slightly and took a few sips while he held the bowl to her lips. Letting her head drop back, the room swam a little and when she could focus again, she noticed the statue was gone. The boy placed a hand on her shoulder and encouraged her to be still with the lift of his eyebrows. "Please, we will explain. Understand that you are dead and that you have some choices before you." "I'm... dead..." It was more a statement than a question. Her voice sounded flat. In fact, all sound in this room seemed muted. "Yes. Rest. We will speak again soon." At that moment, she couldn't have remained conscious if her life had depended upon it. Of course, her 'life' didn't really have anything to do with it, since she was quite, quite dead. Later, though keeping track of the passage of time seemed impossible, the boy said it was quite simple. A few of the Egyptian gods were offering dead soldiers a choice: become a agent for them in the world of the living, with abilities to add to their own to assist with 'tasks'. Anubis had chosen her from the available dead to be one of the soldiers in his army. Should she choose to decline the offer, they would weigh her heart and if she is found worthy, she would be taken to the Field of Reeds and live a wonderful After-life. "It is rare to find a soldier of justice wanting," the boy assured her, as if anticipating her concern about the definition of 'worthy'. Apparently, she would not have reached this point if the god hadn't already seen her potential. There were tense moments, some worse than others. You don't die and not have questions and if you don't like the answers - These moments of revelation or lack thereof did not happen all at once. Ella's time in the tomb, as she called it, and the reliability of her memories are disjointed, with no perceived order and no awareness of the duration. Some of the fragments she does remember follow... "What language are we speaking?" "It does not matter. We will understand you." "How?" "That is not important." "Why me?" "You are a soldier." "So?" "You do what is right and you follow orders." "So?" "You have value." "What if I disagree with something?" "You can always place an objection." "Will you listen?" "Perhaps." "And if you don't?" She doesn't recall if there was a response to that one or not. "We should discuss the elephant in the room." "An... elephant?" "An obvious issue." "Which is?" "I'm Christian." "We know." "You don't see a problem with that?" "No." "Why not?" "It is irrelevant to the present situation." "Being manipulated be something calling itself an ancient god is not irrelevant to me!" "We do not care." "Well, fuck you, then." The boy had looked between them, tilted his handsome face to one side and calmly replied, "That is not permitted." "You will receive gifts to assist you." "What if I don't want them?" "You do not have a choice." "If I refuse?" "If you decline, this conversation is done." "What happens to me?" "It is not all about you." "What happens. To me. If I. Say. No?" "You will be judged." "What right do you have to judge me?" "We are in control here." "And?" "You will pass to the Field of Reeds, or..." "Or?" The boy had smiled. "You will rot." And the boy? He was referred to as a 'pharaoh', who, like the beliefs of Ancient Egypt, acted as the go-between, the interpreter of the gods to the people or, in this instance, to the Conduits, the soldiers of Anubis. There were other pharaohs and conduits, though not all of them were able to maintain their new position or their sanity. Not everyone was cut out to be a soldier in this army. Time passed and Ella learned all the boy, her 'pharaoh', would tell her. She never saw the statue again and wondered if it had ever really existed. It was that or it hadn't been a statue but Anubis himself, appraising her. *Trans. "Wha...what"

Magic & The Metaphysical
Strike & Cinder
Shadow, True Sight
Ballistics I

Spells & Powers
ꙮ Shadow (Hidden) ꙮ True Sight (Intent/Worth) ꙮ Shadow ꙮ Ella can appear as a being of the darkest black, like the Musou Black Acrylic Paint that absorbs up to 99.4% of light. At these times, if she can be properly seen at all aside from just a moving darkness, some may perceive the faint aspect of a black dog at her side, with sleek fur and the build of a greyhound. Is this an astral overlay of Anubis? Or is this associated with whatever the boy, her Pharaoh, brings to their relationship at the apparent order of the court of Anubis? She doesn't know, but she's always liked animals and the dog, if noticed, assumes a protective stance. ꙮ The term 'Pharaoh' seems to have been chosen because historically, the ruler of Egypt - the Pharaoh or king - was the person who relayed the will of the gods to the people. In this form, she can hide and potentially conceal others. Pharaoh has taken control of her body a few times to during this transformation to... expedite matters. ꙮ True Sight She can get to the heart of the matter, as it were, and see the true intent, good or bad, and inherent worthiness of anyone she chooses to read. Unlike her patron, Anubis, she doesn't have to wait for those she is judging to be dead. She is able to duplicate a heart-form of the person to weigh them on the scales against Ma'at's feather. She doesn't usually bother to manifest these items so others can see the process or the results, but if she wants to or if requested, Pharaoh would have to take charge to accomplish this task. These abilities and subtle aspects are extensions of the role played by the aforementioned Egyptian god, Anubis, though a very limited reflection of his power. He is one of the oldest of the gods and is noted for taking care of funerary rites, for protecting the dead, and as a guide for souls to Duat, the Egyptian Underworld. ꙮ Using her abilities leaves her tired, with that escalating into exhaustion the longer and/or more intensely she has to use them. At the worst, she ends up sleeping for several days and needs to eat and drink as soon as she awakens. By contrast, sometimes she suffers from insomnia. If she is physically injured, such as being shot or stabbed, Pharaoh can only heal her so much before she will require medical intervention by human medicine. Other than the recent skill with a longsword and shield, her fighting abilities are her own.

Minor Magic Abilities
ꙮ Cantrip (Dissonant) - Perception: Ella can read people and determine if someone is telling the truth, a half-truth or a lie. She might be handy at an interrogation. ꙮ That Which Follows: When Pharaoh, Ella's passenger, is in charge, he can be seen in reflective surfaces. He can manifest outside her body, visible to just her or to any looking in their direction. He can also be heard by others, if he so chooses. Pharaoh can manipulate anything the size of a letter knife or smaller, usually to use as a weapon. For those who witness his reflection or a direct manifestation of his form, Pharaoh is a boy of Middle Eastern heritage, possibly aged fifteen or sixteen, and in any time would be considered attractive. He is usually wearing an unbleached linen tunic with small, coloured beads around the hem and a pair of simple, flat sandals made of leather with a linen lining.

Other Magic Notes
ꙮ If Pharaoh is in control for a certain period of time, Ella can have some difficulty remembering what was happening when she returns. Her 'pharaoh' is usually only seen and heard by her when they speak. Individuals with certain perception (TBD) might be able to see and/or hear him under certain circumstances. He sometimes manifests outside of Ella's body and can be seen and heard quite plainly if he wishes. ꙮ The gods do not speak through her directly, but Pharaoh does when required. When Ella is possessed by her Pharaoh, her voice is still her own, just lower, a bit raspy and if there is a scent to the presence of the boy, it is dry, desert air with a hint of heat, cinnamon bark and coriander. Not having control of your actions, even though it is theoretically benevolent 'borrowing', is terrifying. ꙮ Ella isn't the only soldier who has been resurrected and partially possessed for these basic tasks: - Judging the truth and intent of an opponent to their 'acquisition' of relics from private collectors or anyone interrupting their orders or threatening their lives. - Taking the 'repatriated' items to an appropriate museum - Egyptian, ideally, but whatever is possible within the time constraints of travel or urgency to ensure an item is secure from the thief. Um, previous owner. ꙮ Apparently, this vaguely symbiotic relationship is considered an honour, not a curse, as the humans who agree to it would remain dead if they didn't, though they would, apparently, be escorted to the Field of Reeds, a positive after-life for someone fighting for a better world. Then there are, apparently, the forces of Set and his ilk with which to potentially contend, but she knows very little about him. ꙮ Also, random note: The Egyptian gods are very fond of beer, as were the humans of the period. Ella is occasionally called upon to sample microbrews for Anubis to judge. Bizarre, but really, isn't the whole situation a bit odd? [subheader] ꙮ Research Notes[/subheader] ꙮ Regarding the Black Dog ꙮ There are many black dogs in legends and myths, with several coming from England like the Black Shuck of East Anglia lore. Sometimes these dogs are companionable, but more often they strike fear in those who witness them and can be omens of illness or death. There are guardian hounds in shamanic lore, Celtic legends, Welsh legends, Finnish mythology, Northern European myths, North American legends, Asian legends, Greek mythology, such as the Cerberus, the three-headed dog guarding of the entrance to Hades, the Greek Underworld. There are stories in almost every region of the United Kingdom, myths involving the constellation Canis and the star Sirius, and lastly, the legendary creature’s presence in pop-culture - such as the Harry Potter character ‘Sirius Black’. This is not Harry Potter. "Anubis is described as a black canine that is a guardian of tombs, and was the god of death that oversaw the mummification of the deceased and judged the soul of the person in the afterlife. Anubis also protected the corpse and assisted them to the afterworld. You will find depictions of Anubis from the Early Dynastic period and the old kingdom as the ancient Egyptian god of death where he is either featured as a black canine or a man with a black canine head. This has led many to wonder whether the appearance of Anubis is about a specific dog breed. Although not everyone agrees that Anubis is depicted as a dog, it does appear that the classic black head or animal body is of a canine, whether it is a jackal or dog breed that looks similar in appearance." ꙮ Regarding the God of Death ꙮ Anubis is also the god who partakes in the 'weighing of the heart' of the deceased against Ma'at's feather of truth. This determines if the person is worthy of entering the underworld, known as Duat. He dictated the Fate of souls. If a deceased human's heart was heavier than the feather, the soul, represented by the heart, would be eaten by Ammit. If it was lighter than the feather, the soul would proceed to a 'heavenly' existence, traditionally in the Field of Reeds." -


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