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Full Name
Kai Mahuta
21 years old
Relative Unknown
Played By
Merfolk Half-Blood

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Ξ Please see player profile for information.
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The Basics
Preferred Name
Date of Birth:
February 3, 2002
Ξ Unknown
Work Location
Street, Borough
Lethe Hostel, Old Town
21 years old
Eye Color
Hair Color
Face Claim
Evan Evagora

Ξ 'John' - aka Kai - is about 6'1" and built like an Olympic swimmer. His eyes look dark enough to be black, which makes it look like he doesn't have any pupils. This strikes people as... odd. He has a beautiful smile though his canines might be a bit pointier than most humans. His hair is black, curly and tough on brushes and combs. Not because it is tangled, but because it is coarse. He usually wears it long, at least below his shoulders. His skin is brown, but if he spends enough time exposed to the sun, his skin will darken in areas not covered by clothing, the way it might give a human a burn. There don't seem to be any adverse effects for him, though. He has gills located behind his ears that could be mistaken for creases or scars if they were seen at all. They are usually covered by his hair. There is vestigial webbing between his fingers and toes and traces of what could be faint, blue scales across his hips. Does he look like the hero on the cover of a fantasy romance novel? Probably. When he is wearing clothing again, it will likely be casual: jeans, sweats, tees, shirts, all loose enough to be comfortable. He will try to go barefoot whenever he can and live in sandals when he can't, as he isn't used to shoes. He will be drawn to the colours of the sea and everything living in it. He used to wear a necklace made from a black, leather cord with a shell on it. That was taken by his captors. He will want another one.
| Protective | Alert | Bright | Thoughtful | Selfless | Intense | Confused | Naïve | Defensive | Angry | So. Friggin'. Young. | Ξ Kai has been 'in the wild' for a few years now and it has shaped him a little differently from how the land shaped him when he was growing up. For the most part, this just means he is used to the social and political norms and activities associated with living in a merfolk community. These include: hunting, harvesting, community defense, guarding of their territory, missions to rescue merfolk and other sea creatures trapped in nets and plastic, protecting the children, exploring, etc. As a result, he is a dedicated hunter, guard and soldier, efficient and smart. He is loyal to his superiors, devoted to his community's children and friend to most. Kai is an ardent lover, though reluctant to procreate because, as a half-blood, he doesn't know what aspects of his genetics a child of his will inherit. What if the baby doesn't have gills and drowns when born? He tends to take things literally and will not necessarily understand a joke, though he might finally get it hours later. On those occasions, most won't understand why he is laughing. Recent pop culture references will likely elude him. Upon arrival in the Easthaven area, he is injured, angry, and does not remember his name, where he is from, or what has happened to him. He just knows someone is in pursuit and he has to keep moving. When he feels threatened, he will attack on instinct, with no prior awareness as to what will happen when it comes to his abilities. He is also completely naked. Why would he need clothes? Since he has amnesia, he doesn't know the answer to that question, either.

Maker's Mark
Ξ Kai's irises are so dark as to seem black, though of course, that would be very unusual for a human, so they must be dark brown, right? Ξ He has gills located behind his ears, which could be mistaken for creases or perhaps scars when they are not being used. They are fully functional. Ξ There is vestigial webbing between his fingers and toes. There are what could be faint, blue scales across his hips.

Animal Appearance

Emily was the police officer who responded to the call of a naked young man running through Old Town. He thinks she is beautiful and a 'medicine woman'.
John met Markus at the docks in Old Town. Markus stopped him from stripping to go swimming and took him to a sushi lunch. John thinks he is a nice guy.
Other Information
Ξ Languages Kai is fluent in English and Te Reo, and has enough of a grasp to understand and communicate verbally in ahwō, the language of many merfolk communities in the Austral-Asia and South Pacific Islands territory. Ξ Te Reo Māori "The Māori language is known as te reo Māori or simply te reo (the language). It is the language of the Māori people of New Zealand. Te reo Māori is an official language in New Zealand, along with New Zealand Sign Language. It was made official in 1987." Ξ Fish Fins Fish that are active, continuous swimmers tend have forked tails. They can put on bursts of speed but don’t swim fast all the time. The more active the fish is, the deeper the fork is. Fish with this tail shape include herring (Clupea harengus) and mackerel (Scomber scombus). Forked tails have more surface area than lunate tails which gives them more manoeuvrability. Merfolk tails have this design.

Ξ On John's (Kai's) Parents Ξ Natalie Mahuta, a member of the Māori who are the native inhabitants of New Zealand, was an artist who lived on the North Island and was known for painting beautiful seascapes. During one excursion to a more remote location near the shore, Natalie met one of the most beautiful men she had ever seen. He kept his distance at first and didn't respond to any questions. By the third day, he was close enough to her that she could do some quick sketches. By the sixth day, he had ventured behind her to watch her draw and paint, fascinated. Natalie knew by then that he wasn't human. His eyes were completely black, his hands and feet had distinctive webbing between fingers and toes and traces of blue scales from his hips down to his feet. Aside from those features and the sounds he eventually made in an effort to communicate, she witnessed him return to the sea on that sixth day and he didn't hide his legs transforming into a tail when he dove and surfaced a few times to watch her watching him before departing. He was also consistently completely naked and not embarrassed in the slightest. Natalie stayed in that cottage by the shore longer than she had intended. The merman visited her every day. She was able to teach him some words in her native language as well as a few in English. He managed to teach her a few of his own, though the sounds were difficult to reproduce with a human throat. The first thing they had learned was each other's name. His was Ka'auri. One day he brought her some fish he'd caught and stared then laughed when she cleaned, gutted and cooked them. He ate the heads of the fish raw, but left the rest for her. After fourteen days, he coaxed her into the water and they shared their first kiss. The following day he joined her in the cottage for the first time and they were intimate. The following morning, they had sex for the first time while the sun rose. Natalie and Ka'auri spent the next week in a blissful bubble where they stayed together all the time, with him returning to the sea only for a few hours a day. She sketched and painted, seascapes and her merman lover in both his forms. She took photos as well, so she would know her memory wasn't playing tricks. Whenever they felt like it, they made love. The morning after a huge storm, they walked the beach, looking at the debris washed ashore and some damaged trees. They found a body further along the sand: a merman with a spear through his chest. Both were shocked, angry and though neither of them had known the deceased, they both grieved for him. Ka'auri told Natalie he would have to return to the sea to find the dead man's people and try to learn who had killed him and why. Carrying the body of someone who could have been his kin, Ka'auri promised to return and walked into the sea. Natalie stayed at the cottage for three more months, but he did not return. By then, her pregnancy was moving into the second trimester. She returned to her home and let only a few know she was going to be a mother. Then she worked to finish her paintings and held a gallery showing a week before she went into labour. It featured the originals and prints of these new pieces, all forty-five of them. None of her paintings or drawings featuring Ka'auri were among them. The show was very successful. Ξ On February 3rd, 2002, Natalie gave birth to a boy who, fortunately, had been given the proper breathing tools to live in either world. He was born at her home on the North Island of New Zealand in a birthing pool with her mother, Naomi, a close, trusted friend who was also a midwife, Cheryl, and her brother, Nick, present. She named him Kai and he was registered under her surname, Mahuta. On the official documents, Kai's father was listed as 'Missing at sea'. Kai was raised by his mother, grandmother and uncle. Though they weren't rich financially, they were comfortable enough and Kai had a wealth of riches when it came to love and nurturing. Because of some minor physical differences when compared with human children, Natalie decided to home school him until he was old enough to learn about his unusual heritage and understand that sharing this information or demonstrating any of his abilities would be strongly inadvisable. Neither Kai nor his family wanted him to be taken by the government or some other group and/or held against his will so he could be studied by scientists. Natalie, and then Kai, had nightmares about the potential horrors that could happen. His grandmother and uncle tried not to worry, but it wasn't easy. So, how do you live a 'normal' life when you enter high school and can't even join the swim team, which would be a logical activity for Kai? You focus on academics instead of sports and swim in the ocean when you are at home. He made friends and did well enough in school, but his secret was sufficiently big that it meant he couldn't get very close with anyone. His mother had shown him the artwork and photos of his father by this point and Kai's resemblance to him was uncanny. At the age of seventeen, Kai decided to go in search of his father, assuming he was even still alive. His family were sad and nervous to see him go, but they understood. He travelled to the same shore where his mother had first encountered his father, stripped to his Speedos, added his clothes to his water-proof - Ha! Mostly water-proof - backpack and walked into the sea. Kai doesn't know if it was a miracle that he found a community of merfolk or if the presence of a young surface dweller, wearing swim trunks and a backpack, and breathing underwater just fine without any of the usual paraphernalia, was sufficiently unusual to gain the attention of the local guards. Perhaps it was both. Kai only knew the few words his mother had taught him, but news of his arrival reached his father, who was part of a different community, and he came to see the boy. Ka'auri was surprised he had a half-blood son and was pleased to meet him, but would not return to be with Natalie. He felt they had been apart too long and given the difference in their worlds and life expectancy, it was probably just as well. Kai chose not to remain angry with his father for abandoning his pregnant mother, though it took a few days of fruitless venting on his part to a patient and slightly perplexed Ka'auri who didn't understand why his son was upset due to A/ a language barrier and B/ dwelling on the past is not something merfolk are prone to do. They very much live in the present. Kai spent a few weeks with the people and assisted in some of the community activities. He wasn't able to remain under water for as long as the pure merfolk could, but other than that, he stayed with them. He spent some time escorting the community's children on excursions with their teachers, freeing merfolk and other creatures from nets set by humans and those who became entangled in 'sargassos' of plastic, thoughtlessly dumped into the ocean by humanity. Deciding to stay for a while, he surfaced long enough to call his mother to let her know he had been welcomed and felt comfortable with the merfolk, even as a half-blood. He would call every few weeks to update his family on his life 'in the wild'. For the next three years, Kai stayed with the merfolk. He couldn't do everthing they could, not having a tail and so on, but he participated in solo and group efforts to rescue a ship's crew from drowning. Saving the cargo was also attempted sometimes, depending on how many merfolk were on hand for the mission. When they found the dead, they returned them to shore so their families could find them and have some closure. The merfolk would want to know if one of their kin had perished. Unfortunately, while exploring the waters off Warrior Reef, in the Torres Strait Islands, Kai was caught by an illegal fishing trawler about thirty nautical miles south of the Papua New Guinea (PNG) mainland. The Australian Border Force (ABF) did not arrive in time to stop them from fleeing into international waters. All they were able to determine was that the vessel had its license in Indonesia. The boat may have been registered in Indonesia, but the crew was a mix of many nationalities, including American. Once they realized what they had caught, along with the fish they had wanted, the captain and first mate had a few of the crew overwhelm and secure him. Kai was beaten and clubbed unconscious, much to the dismay of the captain. Not that he cared about the young man, but he had contacted someone in New York who was always looking for interesting and unusual 'things' and didn't want to sell damaged goods. Whether it was a collector of rare creatures or a science department of some government agency or some other interested party was unknown, but the captain's contact said they would pay a great deal of money for a merman. A living specimen. They kept him alive with minimal food and little to no effort of comfort or consideration for his injuries. Though Kai was weak and injured, as the vessel was passing near the east coast of the United States, its destination being New York, he broke free from his cabin below deck, released most of their catch back into the sea and dove beneath the waves, swimming for the shore as the alert went off on the boat and searchlights attempted to find him. Kai surfaced in the harbour at Easthaven. So, on the run from the equivalent of poachers/supernatural traffickers with a whopping head injury, complete with egg-shaped lump on his right temple, covered in bruises and cuts in various states of development and weakened for malnutrition, Kai stumbled through the Easthaven area, looking for... help? He had no clear memory of who he was or what he was capable of doing and no idea who he could trust. Whoever finds him will likely determine his immediate fate and John Smith will be born.

Magic & The Metaphysical
Strike & Cinder
Water, Sound/Song
Brawler I

Spells & Powers
| Water | Sound/Song | Ξ Water Other than the obvious ability to swim and breathe underwater, Kai can redirect the flow of water, creating a current in the ocean that he can control for a limited time. For example, a drowning sailor can be sped to the surface by a current or an approaching predator can be deflected. How this works on land, if at all, is unknown. Ξ Sound/Song While underwater, Kai can make sounds that are recognizable signals to his people, be it greetings or warnings. He can also vocalize ranges of sound, singing without words. He also has a shriek which is has war cry. He can do the same when out of the water or he can add words. Some songs might even be recognizable to humans, though he might not remember them properly. Out of the water, his voice has elements of a siren song. People are drawn to him as it calls to something in them, different to each person. If he vocalizes his war cry when not in the water, it will likely terrify or at least discomfit, those who hear it.

Minor Magic Abilities
Ξ Boon - Camoflage | Kai can blend in with the colour of the water for a certain amount of time, to avoid predators or lie in wait for enemies. Ξ Cantrip | He can warm cold water up to a boil, within reason. It has to be contained is a mug, sink, tub, barrel or other similar items. A large swimming pool would be beyond him, though he could warm up a portion of it. He has to concentrate and distance is a factor. The closer, the better results. As an example, if your coffee gets cold, pass it to him and you will have a hot beverage in fairly short order.

Other Magic Notes
Ξ Sky Iron - Something to be avoided, as it weakens him, physically and mentally. Ξ Bloodrush - If he pushes himself too hard, Kai will suffer from a terrible headache and confusion about his current location and events. If he persists, he will eventually be rendered unconscious and be difficult to awaken for a duration related to how much damage he has done to himself: minutes, hours or days.


Player Information
Mature Content & Comfort Levels
Ξ Please see player profile for information.


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