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Full Name
Kaleb Armel
27 years old
Relative Unknown
Played By
Wolverine Inactive

Player Information
About Me
Eraser Rabbit
Mature Content & Comfort Levels
Triggers: Animal harm, sickness, or death (outside of situations like hunting for survival or when shifters are involved). Mature content is okay, but please ask before any sexual content happens.
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The Basics
Preferred Name
Date of Birth:
December 8th
Veterinary Med Student
Work Location
Old Town
Street, Borough
, Old Town
27 years old
Eye Color
Hair Color
Face Claim
Joseph Quinn

Kaleb is a relatively tall man, standing at six feet in height. He has brown eyes, with long, curly brown hair to match (his Wolverine Shifter nature only adds to the volume and thickness of his hair). He is quite muscular, although there is a very good chance he would not be if he was not a shifter. Working out and exercise is not a specific passion of his, but being that wolverines are stockier animals, he has found that he has taken on more bulk since his turning. He is, all in all, what one could call, scruffy looking, but he does his best to make it work for him. Along with a general... rebellious look (in a lack of better terms), Kaleb is adorned with a fair amount of piercings (which he makes sure are never studded with silver jewelry). Both of his ears have multiple piercings, as well as his navel and right side of his nose being pierced. He does not dress like one who comes from a wealthy family and in his opinion, the less people who know his father is wealthy, the better. In fact, he rarely wears clothing that doesn't completely cover his legs and arms, as well as his lower neck, if he can manage it. There is still the fear of something or someone attacking him, even though he is much stronger now. Besides, he hates to have to explain why his legs are covered in scars or the tale behind the deep bite mark at the crook of his neck.
Kaleb is remarkably independent for someone who did not receive the steadiest foundation of life skills and dedicated parenting. He is a kind and caring person, often to a fault, but he has an equally vicious temperamental streak that he works hard to suppress. Like many shifters, he finds his beastly nature tends to rev up his emotional engines and he has had numerous close calls where he has nearly sunk his teeth or nails into another person. Despite this, he is a generally pacifistic person and not one who looks for a fight. On the other hand, if you are looking for one, he will happily oblige. Although some might all it cliché, Kaleb finds that he enjoys his time alone, especially in nature, more than time spent with others. He is not part of any greater group or shifter pack, nor does he feel the desire to be. He does not dislike other shifters, but finds no reason to buddy up and start a club with them either. Kaleb, despite being a shifter for around seven years now, still finds a lot of discomfort and self-consciousness connected to his shifter identity. If asked if he is related to Joshua Armel (his father), Kaleb will typically lie and state that their matching last names are simply a coincidence. He has a bit of fear around ruining his father's reputation due to his tendency to turn into a big furry beast during the full moon. More so, he fears the fall out that may take place within his family if his secret was found out. If he does admit to his connection to his father, it is usually to prove a point or due to him truly trusting the other person. He hold a fair amount of resentment for his father and is... conflicted about his mother.

Maker's Mark

Animal Appearance
Kaleb takes the form of a hybrid Wolverine where he remains the same height (although he slouches a bit, which makes him look shorter) but becomes covered in thick, dark brown fur, gains claws, sharp teeth, bestial facial features, and a long bushy tail. Like a typical wolverine, he also has a lighter, tan band of fur that arcs across his sides and meets at the base of his tail.

Other Information

Things were never meant to end up this way for Kaleb. Born to two human parents, life was supposed to be simple and smooth, at least as far as human standards went. His family was well off, but not extra ordinarily wealthy, and his parents (supposedly) loved each other. The outlook for Kaleb's life and future was originally bordering on Disney-esque with how perfect and happily mundane it was meant to be. But... we all know fairytales aren't real. Even after one factors in that vampires and werewolves and the children of bloody dragons were apparently walking among humans. Perhaps that, in of itself, was the true nature of the problem. Life is hard to plot out perfectly when magic and monsters are added to the mix. Life started for Kaleb in London, England. His father, Joshua was a West End stage actor and his mother, Amy was a professional pianist. As one would assume, the two met in the theater when his mother was hired to play piano in a show his father was starring in and the rest was history. Despite both being quite busy with their careers, they did their best to spend time with their son and when they could not, Kaleb's grandparents happily stepped in. Kaleb attended nothing but the best schools and lived a childhood that was, all in all, pretty perfect. This is until he reached the age of about ten. Around this time, Kaleb's father, Joshua was rising in fame and had caught the attention of a talent scout in search of new clients to make the transition from the stage to the big screen. This talent scout, a half-blood siren named Melanie, saw two great things in Joshua. One, that he was metaphorically overflowing with talent, and two, he was an unbelievably easy mark. He was bound to be a star and a wealthy one at that. Once he was, all Melanie needed to do was swoop in and have him put a ring on her finger. There was unfortunately just the sticky matter of his wife and kid. Joshua happily agreed to the prospect of taking Melanie on as his manager and Melanie worked tirelessly to ensure that her new client was kept as busy as possible. Meanwhile, more and more of Amy's time was growing devoted to caring for their child due to the amount Joshua was away. While she loved her son, Amy could not deny that she longed for the life she once had with her husband and a job she loved and could attend. Accommodations for the family on Amy's part slowly turned into resentment, especially the more she saw her husband getting cozy with other women on the news and talk shows once his career in movies finally took hold. She delivered her husband an ultimatum. It was fame or the family. Unfortunately, Joshua chose fame. With Joshua finally single, Melanie moved in to take her place and did so alarmingly quickly and Amy, unable to bear the loss of her family grew distant towards her son. It appeared to him as time went on, he went from two parents, to one, and finally... none as he was all but dropped off at the front doorstep of his grandparents' home. Amy was off to America to bury herself in her work on the other side of the globe from the man who broke her heart. Kaleb would see his father from time to time between movies and on his arm was always Melanie. A woman the young man barely knew, but somehow was at the heart of every event that added a splinter to his already fractured life. Although Joshua was not the most present father, he did care for Kaleb and due to this, it was a hard sell for Melanie to shoo him away. She was not a woman without her share of resources and a few hundred pounds later, stuffed in the grubby hands of a shady underworld criminal ruffian and Kaleb was scheduled for an "unfortunate accident". This came in the form of an attack on his way home from a friend's by a seemingly wild wolverine. The fact there was a wild wolverine at all in England was suspect enough, but he had not had time to dwell on this as the creature managed to wrestle him to the dirt and clamped onto the crook of his neck. Kaleb was sure this was the end. It was such a depressing, pathetic end at that. A life of being tossed between households without one ever truly sticking. One with no true hope or view for the future. Kaleb supposed he should have felt scared... maybe even upset, but as he futilely fought for his life, what he truly felt was a profound... despondence. Perhaps it was better to just... go. He could feel himself bleeding out and his body growing cold from the amount of blood he was losing. The last thing he remembered was the sound of yelling and rushed footfalls... and then everything went black. There was a span of time, although the length of which Kaleb could not say, where the world before him (and perhaps his life as a whole) came to him in choppy flashes of lucidity or bursts of noise or smells. He could remember the sounds of sirens and the flash of lights. Someone speaking to him, telling him to hold on. Then nothing. The voices of doctors and nurses shouting over him, the sterile smell of a hospital, and the taste of blood. Then senseless darkness. Each time Kaleb felt as though he had breached the surface of consciousness he felt as though he was only there for a breath, maybe a couple moments, and then the world faded to black once more. Each time he could feel his body brimming with pain, his ears ringing, and stinging crescents of fresh wounds on his neck and legs treated with antiseptics and routinely changing gauze. One time, for glorious whole minute he managed to gasp onto consciousness. He felt too weak to open his eyes, but he heard a voice. Melanie's voice. "I'm with him now. You didn't finish the job. You're not getting the other half of your payment unless his hospital bed is replaced with a body bag." What did she mean? Was he... dying? Days later, Kaleb awoke in the hospital. His grandparents, and to his surprise, his mother, were at his side, watching and waiting for him to awake. He was stable, but had lost a great deal of blood. The doctors equated his survival to a person passing by who witnessed the attack and managed to scare off the animal, as well as phone him an ambulance. Kaleb was informed the animal's species was, at this time, unknown. The best guess of the doctors and the stranger that found him was either a wild dog or badger. Said wild animal had left him pretty bitten up and bruised, leaving teeth marks in the form of a scar where his neck joined with his right shoulder, as well as claw marks on his upper shoulders, biceps, chest, and calves. His recovery took a few weeks time, but soon, he was back home at his grandparents and in talks with his mother to possibly consider university in the states to be closer to her. Even so, he found himself plagued by a fear of the park he had cut through when attacked, as well as a fear of being outside at night. Things seemed as though they were turning out for the best, except for the attack. At least he had not died, or so he thought. When the following Full Moon arrived, his future was sealed without him even being aware of it. Like any new shifter, he was lost, confused, and terrified. Especially after stumbling home after finally shifting back to a human form, covered in blood other signs of... questionable activities and finding Melanie there to greet him. She promised to keep his bestial secret... on the condition that he kept away from his father. After all, it wouldn't be good for his father's image if the public and his fans were to find out that he was some monster, right? He took her up on her offer, not knowing the fact he was in this predicament at all had been planned down to the very last detail by Melanie herself. The final check mark on her to-do list had been placed as soon as Kaleb boarded a flight to Easthaven with the promise of his college career and living expenses (to an extent) being paid for by his wealthy father. That brings us to now, where Kaleb lives in Old Town and attends Braxendale College. It was a drastic change, but one he welcomed. For one, it got him out of England. There was simply too much there that hurt, between the animal attack and his family discord. Heading to America could be a new start miles away from anyone and everyone who knew him, save for his mother who he still was attempting to reform a relationship with. Despite his new found ability to heal rather quickly, he was sure that while a shifter could possibly benefit from the care of a human doctor or veterinarian, being a physician who intimately knew the life of a shifter would be nothing short of a boon for other shifters. Kaleb carried a heavy load in his undergraduate studies, attempting to balance his academics with trying to get a grip on a few set of senses, emotions, impulses, and of course, the ever present effects of the moon on his being. He, against his better judgement, shared his affliction with his mother. After all, someone had to help him handle himself when the moon was full. It was never easy and even now he is still unsure if he is happy he let his mother in on his secret. It was, unfortunately, necessary, but luckily, his dependence on his mother for managing his beastly needs has waned greatly since arriving in America.

Magic & The Metaphysical
Strike & Cinder
4 5
Psychometry, Empathy, Speak, Fortify

Spells & Powers
Empathy: Kaleb is able to sense how another creature is feeling on an emotional level. For the most part, he is able to keep this magic from activating when he does not will it, but at times of emotional stress/exertion, it does activate on its own. At times if he is not careful with this magic, other people's emotions will begin to effect his emotions and he will begin to experience and present these emotions himself. Psychometry: Kaleb is able to discover facts about an object by making physical contact with it. The longer he has contact, the clearer the information will be. At this time, he is only able to discover information from about three days prior to the contact. He has to focus to be able to gather information in this way and cannot, for example, get a run down of the past three days off of just accidentally brushing against an item on the street. Speak: Kaleb is able to communicate with other animals across his shifter forms. When he does this, his words remain in his form's tongue, but the other animal is able to discern their meaning. The same goes for communication from other animals, to Kaleb. Combination Key Words: Fortify: Despite all that Kaleb has gone through, he has managed to become quite resilient and in that resilience, has blossomed a strong desire and drive to support others. He aims to be, in lack of a better term, the supporting character to someone else's protagonist so he can stay out of the general lime light while bolstering others who want to be there. He is the first person to offer back-up or help when another person needs it and does his best to be someone others can rely on, both physically and emotionally. HEALING FACTOR Shifters heal rapidly. A small cut may disappear instantly, gone beyond the initial sting of pain. For an afflicted shifter, the first full moon offers a complete body regeneration - missing limbs, organs, other injuries regrow or become completely healed. All shifters possess the ability to slowly regrow severed limbs, although the process is naturally painful and difficult to hide. INHUMAN STRENGTH & SPEED Afflicted shifters find their strength developing further as they hone their skills as a shifter, the curse twisting the natural boon of shifters. Their strength increases, enabling them to lift a standard SUV over head and run at the speed of a cheetah, but with human endurance.

Minor Magic Abilities
ASPECT OF THE BEAST Friend of the Frost: Like a wolverine, Kaleb finds that it takes him much longer and much colder temperatures than a mundane human for him to be negatively impacted by frost, ice, snow, or cold weather. On the other hand, this also causes him to run (like most shifters) pretty warm, making him less comfortable in hot environments.

Other Magic Notes


Player Information
Eraser Rabbit
Mature Content & Comfort Levels
Triggers: Animal harm, sickness, or death (outside of situations like hunting for survival or when shifters are involved). Mature content is okay, but please ask before any sexual content happens.


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