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⁂ Third on a match. Meaning: bad luck.

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Full Name
Angus Cameron Iain MacKinlay
36 years old
Relative Unknown
Played By
Arcanist Human
Elemental Circlebreaker

Player Information
About Me
Mature Content & Comfort Levels
֍ Please see my Player Profile for details.
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The Basics
Preferred Name
Cam, Mac
Date of Birth:
April 12
֍ Landscaper ֍ Seneschal
Work Location
Old Town
Street, Borough
Harbour Towers, 14 Acorn Crescent, Apt. # 1631, Easthaven, MA., Old Town
36 years old
Eye Color
Hair Color
Face Claim
Sam Heughan

֍ Cam stands at six-foot-two and weighs approximately 15 st or 210 lbs. His build is athletic and muscular and he has been referred to in the past as a 'brick wall'. His eyes are a beautiful blue-green and lean more to one shade than the other depending on mood and health. For example, dark green means he is very, very angry and pale blue means he is suffering from the repercussions of a spell and/or exhausted. His smile can be radiant or deadly, depending on the activity. He has 'impossible cheekbones', as one of his sisters would say, though he isn't sure what that is supposed to mean. He has a long, straight nose, a strong jaw with a cleft chin, big hands with long fingers and under the clothing a chiseled body he has worked very hard to achieve and maintain. In his line of work, if you can't keep up, you're out. His hair is usually worn short and he is often a day or two or three behind on a shave. Sometimes his hair gets a a bit too long and it curls boyishly across his forehead and at the nape of his neck. He tends to wear clothing that he's had for a long time and won't purchase anything new unless absolutely necessary. The wardrobe is somewhat limited: a black leather jacket he's had forever, blue jeans, shorts, Tee-shirts, a few flannel shirts with long sleeves, some heavy sweaters - he lives in Scotland, after all - a few tank tops for exercising, hiking boots and runners. Though he may appear a bit scruffy sometimes, he usually makes an effort to look his best, and if he is covered in mud from a fight, he at least gets the hair out of his eyes so he can bloody see. He has a suit, black, and a dress shirt, white, for funerals and weddings, though the latter doesn't happen as often as the former. Cam does, of course, have a kilt and all the accoutrements that come with it. He wouldn't be a Scot if he didn't have a kilt. His is blue, for the MacKinlays, a sept of the Buchanan Clan. When wearing it, even without the sword and so on and ignoring the likely black, leather jacket he tends to wear on colder days, he looks like a Highlander, and has endured some of the stereotypical questions regarding same. He isn't even from the Highlands, but raised in Edinburgh. Americans... "Don't they go naked on top with just a sash or something?" "Yer thinkin' of a book cover, lassie." "Are you really naked under your sporran?" "I cannae answer that, as we're on public transport." "Do you know the way to Brigadoon?" "Nae, its a secret." "Can there be only One?" "I hate that bloody movie..." He has a pronounced Scottish accent that is difficult for him to tone down sometimes, especially when he's angry and/or yelling. This doesn't help much to dispel the whole 'Highlander' thing, but what can be done? ֍ Cam has a few tattoos. - One is on his back, done in only black ink at the moment, running down to the right of his spine: a scabbard in which he can sheath Agatha without inhibiting his movements or looking like anything but an interesting tattoo. A talented Glaswegian artist in ink and magic is working on it. Perhaps colour will be added someday. - He has the MacKinlay motto 'Ne quid nimis' - 'Not Too Much' - written on the inside of his left forearm in a small, elegant font in blue ink, running parallel to his arm. - There is a Celtic knot tattoo circling his right bicep in blue ink. - There are more, but you'd have to know him very well in order to see those ones.
Energetic | Passionate | Charming | Bold | Risk-taker | Confident | Determined | Direct | Brave | Loyal | Practical | Intelligent | Competitive | Impulsive | Impatient | Fiery Temper | Epic Arguments and Verbal Fights | Knows He is Right | My Way or the Highway ֍ Cam has always been confident and courteous, even as a child, though that didn't mean he wasn't a mischievous little 'loon'. He loves his sisters, even though they can be annoying, and is fiercely protective of them, his parents and most of his relatives and good friends. Cam is smart as a whip and has the grades to prove it, though there are some areas of study which could have used improvement at the time. He chose not to apply himself to things that didn't really interest him, until he needed the marks for higher education. He usually doesn't stand down from a serious challenge even when he possibly should sometimes. Prone to losing his temper when people don't listen to him, especially when he knows he is right (even if it turns out later he actually was not as 'right' as he thought). Cam doesn't like admitting defeat. This can lead to self-harm when using his magic as he continues to progress in his studies and he must be more careful. Being reckless with Wild magic is never a good idea, but he tends to push the envelope in order to expand his understanding. He needs to learn when to stop. He could benefit from the adage: 'Think before you speak, look before you leap.' At thirty-six, you think he would have by now, but being new to the role of seneschal and possibly taking risks before his sword and ring have been activated has made him vulnerable. If he loves you, be you family, lover, best friend, or you are in his care, he will die for you - thought he hopes it will not come to that. He will not go quietly into that dark night, that much is sure. He has a lot to live for. Do not piss him off. If you get into an argument, it may escalate quickly and often unintentionally so. It gets away from him, as he might tell it. If you're family, friend, lover, apologies may follow. Maybe. Let him cool down for a bit. When not being too serious or dangerous, Cam can be boyish enthusiasm mixed with the fully-developed body of an adult male. He might playfully tackle you and forget his own strength. Profuse apologies will follow. He takes his exercise very seriously, training in several areas to be well-rounded physically. He can currently bench press 352 lbs. He loves the outdoors, including such activities as running, hiking, camping and rock climbing. He tries to eat healthy, but slips intentionally from time to time to enjoy a treat, such as whisky. Cam has had girlfriends, but nothing particularly serious. He knew well-enough the difficulty being a partner to someone whose ancestral line is destined to become 'champion' against the Darkness. Though his grandmother and mother loved their husbands, when they became the seneschal, the risk of loosing their partner sooner rather than later increased, as did the potential danger to their children. This path isn't easy, for anyone. His goal is to remove as much Darkness as possible during his time as seneschal, especially those magic users who are a danger to the natural order, and advance in his understanding of his Elemental magic.

Maker's Mark

Animal Appearance

Other Information
֍ His Gaelic isn't the best, but he can get by well enough. ֍ His alcohol of choice is always the whisky of Scotland. Currently fond of The Balvenie single malt. ֍ He has knowledge of identifying and using the natural elements from the landscape, such as herbs and roots, for making teas, poultices, soups etc. to make you feel better. No magic, just some natural remedies. ֍ More information regarding 'Agatha' -As a seneschal - "hereditary steward" - of a sword inherited from his father, known as a claidheamh soluis - "glaive of light" - Cam is one of those people fated to fight the evil in the world. The sword, which was created by the Fae magic of the Seelie Court - 'the guid folk' - and given to a number of human clan families generations ago. The Fae claimed it was an attempt on their part to assist humanity with the growing wave of magic-users, who were being seduced by the Unseelie Court, and creatures spawned from the Darkness. ֍ Only the first-born son of the family's current generation can wield the sword properly or access the magic therein. In fact, they must join the battle against the Darkness or their family will be cursed. The Seelie Court did not give them a choice. If a generation abdicates their responsibility to engage the enemy, the sword will not lie dormant in the hope that the male heir of the next generation will take up the fight. It is unclear what the curse entails. ֍ There is an entry in the First Books of the Chief of each Clan. It is an identical sentence for all who were gifted with a Fae sword. It reads: "Let it be noted here that the 'guid folk' mean us no harm and that we have been blessed with their gift of the Fear-glèidhidh creidimh to deal a blow against Evil in the Dark Places of the World and defend those who strive to live in Harmony with the Light." In the past, it was considered strongly advisable not to cross the Fae. That probably still holds true to this day. It will also be mentioned here, though very quietly, that not all twenty-four or so families gifted a sword still exist. Their line died out, but whether that was due to the lack of a male heir to wield their sword or due to punishment upon abdication is unknown. No one is available to answer any questions and it is presumed those swords have returned to their Makers. ֍ If any family members other than the Heir tries to use the sword, it will behave like a normal bladed weapon, though the Heir must be alive and have claimed the stewardship. Otherwise, the sword cannot be lifted. When a seneschal dies, the sword will appear somewhere the next eligible wielder will find it. ֍ Should anyone who is not of the family try to take the sword or use it against the family, they will soon discover they have been cut and are bleeding. The wounds will continue to appear if they do not surrender the sword. This has led to death in the past. ֍ A member of the Seelie Court can use the sword as a normal bladed weapon and channel their abilities through it to a certain extent, or so it is understood. A member of the Unseelie Court must warp the weapon - it is unknown if this is with a spell or a spelled item - before they can even touch the sword. ֍ For Cam's father, Angus, the sword could provide light to the wielder and his companions. Also, the light could be directed to increase in intensity in order to harm a creature of the Darkness if they closed to a certain radius. These creatures are said not to be able to tolerate the Fae Moon the way a vampire cannot (usually) survive be exposed to sunlight. It is unknown exactly what magics will be the result of bonding with Cam, as it is slightly different interpretation of the Fae power for each wielder. Apparently, the Sword should be able to shine with a light from the Fae Moon. ֍ More information regarding the Rosewood Sgian Dubh - Cam's knife is made from Damascus steel, granting it both a beautiful water-ripple pattern as well as a high degree of durability. Its spear-point blade is double-edged, with one side featuring jimping. The hilt of this knife is made from dark brown rosewood and its circular shape makes gripping easy. Though meant to be tucked into a sock, he wears his on his belt. ֍ The Clan motto is 'Ne quid nimis' which translates to “Not Too Much”, and the crest features a dexter (right-side) hand and arm in armour embowed (bent), the hand holding a wreath of heather, all proper. Not the most inspiring of mottos, but as they go, it could be worse. It is generally thought to apply to the the explosive temperament and over-commitment typical of a MacKinlay, with the motto being a warning too not go that far or suffer the consequences.

Mage | Elemental Magic | Earth | Sword Mage | Ancestral Bloodline | Seneschal. ֍ Cam was born on April 12, 1985 in Edinburgh, Scotland, during a thunderstorm that knocked out the power, at The Simpson Centre for Reproductive Health at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. It is the regional centre for complex pregnancy and childbirth and has a neonatal intensive care unit on site. Cam was a breech birth and premature at 3lbs 7oz. He entered the world the sound of thunder and the noise of a generator for the portable lights the medical staff needed to see by. Portents, much? The number one song on the charts this day was 'We Are The World' by USA For Africa, a hopeful tune that matched well with the philosophies of his family and the others who bear a Fae sword: make the world a better place. The MacKinlay family had no real choice in the matter, as they were one of about two dozen or so families who were given a sword generations ago by the Fae, 'the guid folk', to fight the Darkness that was coming to the world. It could be said that these families were blessed, though some regarded it as a curse. To-may-to, to-mah-to. His mother, Heather, was a kind and loving woman and a doctor, focusing on women's health and childbirth. She herself birthed four healthy children, three girls and one boy, who also happened to be the youngest. His father, Angus, was a gentle man with a dry sense of humour and a landscaper with his own company, MacKinlay Landscapes (oddly enough), before becoming the seneschal and wielder of the Fear-glèidhidh creidimh or 'Faithkeeper'. He continued to work with his son and daughter, but they took on more of the jobs as the Sword commanded more of his time. The sword passed to him upon the death of his father, Iain, patrilineal nonsense that it is. Grandad Iain lasted until he was eighty-five, a very good age for such an occupation as seneschal. More on this shortly. Cam has three older sisters - Isla, Bonnie and Fiona - so as the youngest and the only boy, he was both spoiled and picked on in equal measure. He was a very energetic boy, loved sports and the outdoors. He was equally happy playing in the dirt as he was, once old enough, playing basketball and football ('soccer' in North America). The children would sometimes accompany their father to landscaping jobs and two of them, Cam and his sister, Fiona, worked with him as they grew, both possessing a 'green thumb' and a hearty interest in the land. They took on jobs between school and the occasional summer employment with local businesses, signing up with their father officially once they graduated from university. Cam did very well in school, academically, athletically and, mostly socially. Some things he couldn't share with anyone not family. He took Environmental Studies and Sustainable Garden Design and the like, fully intending to join his father's company. He studied his Msc in Sustainability & Environmental Studies at The University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. Fiona took Architecture, but worked at landscaping when she didn't have a project to focus upon. Cam's affinity with the plants and ground led to him reading about Elemental magic in his twenties, especially those associated with the Earth. Considering his family's curse, what was more magic in the mix? It might come in handy. He also pursued healing potions and spells that could be generated using herbs and flowers and such. He continued to study when he had the time, but didn't give it serious focus until his early thirties. He does not have a mentor. Angus, fit at any age, taught Cam how to fight with a sword the way his father had taught him and so on back in time. Determined and competitive, the younger MacKinlay practiced hard and became very adept at using a sword and other bladed weapons. Eventually, he was able to best his father in some of their later matches. Unfortunately, it seems that Cam's father, Angus, did not have his father's skill. or connection with the sword. Something didn't quite click, making using the sword a challenge when it shouldn't have been. Before any attempt at securing an appointment with the Fae could be resolved - making an appointment with them these days it like trying to make an appointment with the Dali llama - he was killed by a member of the Unseelie Court who, among other things, objected to a human having an item made by the Fae, even though it was given to the MacKinlay ancestors by the Seelie Court. (The day the Seelie and Unseelie agree on anything will be one for the history books, for those who write about that sort of thing.) Angus was sixty-five when he died. The family knows who the killer was since he brought Angus's body back to their flat, rather dramatically in the middle of the night, and told a terrified Heather his name (though not his True Name) and the reason for taking her husband's life. He was unable to take the Faithkeeper for himself, as it made itself scarce once Angus breathed his last breath. It appeared to Cam, the next MacKinlay male in line, at his flat, stabbed into the soil of dracaena marginata. He promptly called his father's mobile and, as suspected, there was no answer. Cam called his mother next and after a brief, broken conversation, he made his way to their flat, sword in hand. There was information to be conveyed to him from Heather, while it was fresh in her memory, which he made quick hand-written notes of using pen and paper for telephone messages because it was handy. It was difficult to do such things with his father's body sprawled on his back in the living room, rigor mortis having already settled in the muscles of his face. His mother, ever practical, was able to tell him that meant approximately two hours must have passed, at least, since Angus had died. Somehow, they managed to get through this nightmare. There would be time for proper grieving later. Cam called his sisters next, letting them know of their father's passing and how it happened. They and their families, in the case of the two older ones, prepared to come to the apartment. The eldest, Isla, a caster of sorts, would then place a protective spell on the flat in case the Unseelie tried to take out the rest of the family. Before they arrived, Cam, also practical, removed his father's ring, took photos of the scene with his phone and called an ambulance. The grandchildren, of which there were three, didn't need to see their Poppa like this. They should remember him vital and laughing and Cam wouldn't steal that memory from them. His mum would tell the police a version of what happened, leaving out knowing the killer and what was told to her. Officially, she came home to find her husband lying there with no further knowledge of what happened. Thus, at the age of thirty-six, Cam became the seneschal for the sword, which he named 'Agatha' for ease. According to Scottish legend, death is never a surprise. Whether or not his father knew it was coming, his family will never know. The family held a wake for two days at the flat, without the deceased, who rested at a funeral home. Angus Iain Roger MacKinlay was buried before the week was out. Those in attendance included members of the other seneschal families who could make it to Edinburgh and friends of the family who were horrified by the murder but otherwise unaware of the true nature of what occurred. Before the funeral, he visited a well-known tattoo artist in Glasgow named Siobhan who could apply ink with magic and she worked several days in a row on the tattoo on his back: a scabbard to sheath Agatha. All most people would see is the tattoo and his movements would not be compromised when the sword was sheathed. It would be concealed and also easy to reach. Cam knew he needed to have a mage other than himself to attune the sword and the ring, which acted as a shield when cast, to him, as he had to be part of the spells. However, he didn't want to waste any more time in pursuing his father's killer. After the wake, he said goodbye to his family and guests, only the family knowing what he going to attempt. Taking Agatha and the ring, his wallet, keys and passport, along with some smaller knives and a lock of his father's hair, he donned his kilt, a cable knit sweater and hiking boots and met with Kevin, a tracker of the supernatural he had contacted after his father's murder and together, they began the search for the Fae responsible. ֍ Yesterday In fairly short order, considering, the trail led them to Fas na Cloiche and the Fairy Bridge at Glen Creran. It had been two days since the funeral. It was early evening, the car park was empty. The mixed woodland of Coille Mheadonach, with pine and oak, was beautiful, but didn't really register with Cam. He and Kevin took the small road up the glen. They passed a picnic table and took a gentle hill beside a stream. Another bridge, a waterfall, the oaks were left behind to a more open area of birch. They continued to climb and weave their way, Kevin in the lead. More muddy paths and woods, then through a gap in the fence, the Fairy Bridge came into view. It was a lovely, small stone bridge above a waterfall, though it was not running in the summer and more of a muddy patch leading under the bridge. The two men paused in the bluebells and wild garlic of an early summer evening and considered their options. "So, the trail ends heer?" "Aye," Kevin replied. Cam sighed. "Looks haremliss." "Aye," Kevin replied. "Though Ah dinny ken weer i' goes." "Fit ye on aboot?" "I' goes soomweer, but Ah dinny ken weer i' goes." "Shite." "Aye," Kevin replied. Cam had given his friend the side-eye, but left it alone. If the path under the bridge went somewhere other than where it appeared to go, which was out the other side, then that is what it did. Kevin would know better than most. "Weel, Ah guiss thas weer Ah go, then." They shook hands. "Weesh me luk." "Aul t' luk in t' whorld, Cam." So, Angus Cameron Iain MacKinlay walked cautiously under the Fairy Bridge at Glen Creran, sword at the ready. It was a longer journey than he was expecting, with the passage becoming tunnel walls shifting from natural stone to something more akin to concrete. When he emerged from this tunnel, not sure how much time had passed, Cam found himself in a wooded area. It was much darker out than it had been when he'd entered. He turned in a slow circle and faced a bridge, but it wasn't the Fairy Bridge. It was a stone bridge, but made with a different type of stone which had been reinforced under the arch with concrete. There were small lights along the sides at intervals so no one would trip in the dark. The trees were different. The air smelled different. Of Kevin, there was no sign. Using the pocket flashlight attached to his keys, Cam did find a few signs, though, just of a different kind. The bridge was named 'Eden Arch', according to the plaque he located nearby. There were other signs: 'To the Office' with an arrow pointing to the right, and 'To the Lake' and beneath it 'Eden Cemetery' with arrows pointing to the left. He turned left at random and eventually found what appeared to be an entrance, or exit, to the area, and a parking lot. Lamp posts harkening to an earlier time, perhaps the turn of the Twentieth Century, were set at even intervals around the empty parking lot. A few old flood lights illuminated the entrance, making humming and popping noises, where moths battered themselves against the clear covering trying to reach their perceived Nirvana. He continued on a path to Eden Cemetery. The sign here stated this was one of the oldest cemeteries on the East Coast. He raised Agatha and sheathed her behind him, sliding into the tattoo, just as it should, and disappearing. He stared: The East Coast. A few feet along was a map, indicating the mausoleums with family names beside them. Doubtless, the movers and shakers of the area given the obvious care to maintain the park-like environment. Apparently, there was an art installation nearby. Another sign with an arrow indicated a path to the lake. Cam could see several large statues further in, watching over the dead. He imagined their heads turning to look his way. He smiled a little at the thought and encountered yet another sign. 'Please be respectful while you peruse Eden Cemetery. No radios, loud conversation or disturbance will be tolerated. Do not litter. Fine $1,000.' And finally, there was the kicker: 'This park and the structures and gardens within are the property of the City of Easthaven, Massachusetts. Any person or persons who cause damage to the property or the breaking of any established laws therein will be pursued to the full extent of the law.' "Fock," he said tightly, tucked his keys away in his leather jacket and pulled out his mobile. After a few rings, Kevin answered. 'Yer damn rate i' went soomweer," Cam all but shouted, without preamble. "Ah'm in fockin' Massachusetts!"

Magic & The Metaphysical
Strike & Cinder
Melee I

Spells & Powers
֍ Earth - Elemental Magic ֍ Collector - Rank - Circlebreaker ֍ Cam usually draws his ritual circles in the ground using the landscaper's tool of a sturdy, straight stick, a length of twine and whatever he has on hand for the other end - a pencil, another stick, his finger. If drawing on a floor, cement or tarmac etc., he uses chalk or a pencil, pen etc. and the same stick and twine, though he will need someone to hold the stick in the centre while he makes a circle with the twine taut. He tries to have some twine and a pencil handy. ֍ His favourite sources of power are natural: wood fires, such as the kind found in a fireplace or a campfire, and thunderstorms. If he has to use a metal container, such as a bucket or barrel, in which to light a fire, he will. Not his first choice, though. ֍ If Cam does not succeed or have a partial failure with his intended spell, he will acquire a headache at first. Should he fail again, nosebleeds will result, and further failures could cause his skin to start to shed, but instead of flesh it would be like sand. If there is a critical failure, he will experience tremours and muscle spasms then if he does not stop or if he fails again, a seizure will follow. If he demands more of himself than he can control could lead to a coma state or his death.

Minor Magic Abilities
֍ Charm - Cam can make the ground under someone's feet loosen and be more difficult to traverse.

Other Magic Notes
Fear-Glèidhidh Creidimh aka Faithkeeper or Agatha Creation Thread Quote: Keyword(s): Metal, Light Power Source: Campfire Component Quality: TASTE - His father's favourite whisky - Excellent quality component! Extraordinary Success, Good Quality SIGHT - Family photograph - Average quality component. SMELL - Dried heather - Average quality component. TOUCH - MacKinlay Tartan - Good quality component. Complete success, Average Quality SOUND - Cameron singing - Very good quality component. Complete success, Average Quality Description: FEAR-GLÈIDHIDH CREIDIMH OR 'FAITHKEEPER' - OR 'AGATHA' - This sword has the authentic details of a Celtic sword of Auld. It has a leaf-shaped blade forged from high quality iron and steel. The hilt is crafted from the rich, polished wood from an unknown tree in the Fae Kingdom, with solid brass accents on the guard and pommel. Each sword given by the Fae to a member of a Clan is a little different and is attuned to that particular family. The MacKinlay sword is decorated with Fae white gold on the hilt in the shape of a crescent moon and white gold thread running along the length of the studded, leather scabbard as shafts of light. Measurements: Total Length: 54.5 Inches; Blade Length: 46.5 Inches; Hilt Length: 10.75 Inches. APPROVED EFFECTS This ritual will bond Cameron to the sword, which he calls ‘Agatha’. As Seneschal – ‘Hereditary Steward’ – of the sword, known as Claidheamh Soluis – “Glaive of Light” – Cameron is the only person who can use the sword properly when it comes to accessing the magic. Others can use it as a regular sword. All things being equal, the sword is in much better tune with him than it was with his father. It will not fight him when he tries to use it or delay activating its abilities when requested. The sword will provide light to the wielder and his companions upon the Seneschal’s request. The light can be directed to increase in intensity in order for him to see. For Cameron, this can be as much as fifteen to twenty feet away of regular illumination. MECHANICS Fear-Glèidhidh Creidimh is enchanted with the Light keyword. With a successful CINDER roll by Cam to activate its abilities, it can produce illumination in varying intensities, including True Sunlight. The True Sunlight is effective within 10 feet, while he can cast regular illumination out 15 to 20 feet in order to see. In order to deal 2 LUCK damage with True Sunlight, Cam must succeed on a STRIKE roll vs the target's DC while True Sunlight is active. True Sunlight in the Guidebook: Quote: The second most pertinent effect of the sun is its effect on the Undying. In direct or indirect sunlight, they become sickly and weak as their eldritch magic struggles to keep them animated. Prolonged exposure will quickly destroy the bonds and thus destroy the Undying completely. After spending time in the sun, Undying must immediately ground themselves to refresh their magic. Spirits are weakened by sunlight, often causing them to become transparent, near to fading, if they do not retreat back to their main haunts or into the safety of a vessel until nightfall. Those with the ability to manipulate light have the potential to produce true sunlight in order to dispel magic or weaken undead, but only after a great deal of study and practice. - Daylight always reduces an Undying's Strike pool to 4d6, regardless of the Undying having the Daywalker keyword. - When an Undying is exposed to True Sunlight, wielded by a magic user, their Strike pool is reduced to 4d6. - When an Undying is physically hit with True Sunlight, it removes 2 Luck. - If the Undying has the Daywalker keyword, they can resist True Sunlight with a contested roll. A contested roll must be matched with equal or more passes than the attack roll (i.e. a contested roll versus 7 passes must be 7 passes or more). Note: The sword does not yet have the Metal mechanics listed, nor the prohibition on others using it as a regular sword. Cam can do another ritual to achieve these effects if he so desires.

Item Name
Dice/Luck -
This sword has the authentic details of a Celtic sword of Old. It has a leaf shaped blade forged from high quality iron and steel. The hilt is crafted from the rich, polished wood from an unknown tree in the Fae Kingdom, with solid brass accents on the guard and pommel. Each sword given by the Fae to a member of a Clan is a little different and is attuned to that particular family. The MacKinlay sword is decorated with Fae white gold on the hilt in the shape of a crescent moon and white gold thread running along the length of the studded, leather scabbard as shafts of light. Measurements: Total Length: 46.5 Inches; Blade Length: 35.75 Inches; Hilt Length: 10.75 Inches. ֍ Note: Cam cannot currently use the sword as anything but a regular bladed weapon. He will need to have it attuned to him by an appropriate mage in order to utilize the inherent magic of the sword.
֍ Rosewood Sgian Dubh
Dice/Luck -
In Scottish tradition, a small knife was tucked into the sock for the cutting of food at dinner time, but it also served well as a weapon of defense. Cam has a wooden scabbard with a leather belt loop for it, so it can be worn within reach. This is where Cam keeps his blade. This knife is not ancestral, nor is it a gift of the Seelie Court. Measurements: Length: 9.125 Inches; Blade Length: 4.375 Inches; Handle Length: 4.75 Inches.
֍ Ring of Cairngorm Quartz
Dice/Luck -
The faceted piece of Scottish Quartz is centred on a Celtic Knot Band of White Gold. Shielding - Eldritch Magic. ֍ Note: Cam cannot currently use the ring as anything but decorative jewelry. He will need to have it attuned to him by an appropriate mage.

Player Information
Mature Content & Comfort Levels
֍ Please see my Player Profile for details.


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