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Full Name
Aster Shepherd
34 years old
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Red Fox Inactive

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About Me
Mature Content & Comfort Levels
Pregnancy, Childbirth, SA, Animal Abuse are no-gos
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The Basics
Preferred Name
Date of Birth:
Work Location
Upper Fens
Street, Borough
, Upper Fens
34 years old
Eye Color
Hair Color
Chestnut red
Face Claim

Sleek, curvy, and always on the move, Aster is a flurry of activity, often heralded by some form of chaos. Even when forced to be still, Aster needs to fidget, be it tapping her smooth, short nails on a counter, shredding a piece of paper, or bouncing her leg. Standing still is utterly alien to her, and something to be avoided at all costs. Her clothing seems to always have something that drapes, flows, or billows, as if to enhance her constant motion, and bring attention to it. Flower patterns and colours are a favourite, and you can call it granny-core or whatever, but Aster likes it. Clothes are supposed to be pretty, and she likes the patterns and colours. Aster has chestnut-red hair that falls to her lower back in curling waves, and it isn't uncommon to see parts of her hair braided and ornamented with beads or flowers. She is also a huge fan of headscarves, and is more often than not seen wearing one, though seeing Aster wear the same one twice is much less common. She also loves jewellery, and has multiple piercings in each of her ears - five a piece - as well as a stud on the left side of her nose. Bracelets, woven, chain, or bead, are numerous. Her jewellery changes on a whim bar one piece - a pendant, in the shape of an acorn, hung about her neck on a silver chain. Green eyes promise teasing or mischief, and set above a mouth that always has a smile lurking about it, Aster's face is a very friendly one. She likes people, and she likes playing with them - only so much as the other wants to play, of course. It is rare to see Aster angry or upset - some think she doesn't feel anything but a giddy glee, but she's just good at hiding negative feelings. The way she moves with an almost barely contained bounce only adds to this.
+ Friendly + Confident - fake it till you make it + Cheerful + Witty + Accepting of folks _ Masks her own emotions _ Gossipy _ Impulsive _ Too eager to please _ Lonely

Maker's Mark

Animal Appearance
Aster can shift into a red fox. The same size and configuration of a mundane red fox, Aster is sleek and agile, with a pointed face, orange eyes, and large, triangular ears atop her head. She follows the usual colouring, having red fur, black booted paws, with the same black on the backs of her ears, and the thick, brush tipped in white for a tail. As mentioned, she is the same size as a mundane fox, and is thus smaller than most dogs, standing at only 30cm at the shoulder. Rather than allow this discrepancy get in her way, Aster moves with a bounce in her step and a gleam in her eye, full of confidence and enthusiasm. After all, she's fast enough to get out of any trouble she can find, possessed as she is of the fox's natural agility. Also, she has some damn sharp teeth if push comes to shove, so there's that.

Other Information
0 Aster enjoys baking, and often uses flowers as decor on her cakes. Sometimes they're even edible. 0 She was in a band during college - she sang, and still enjoys doing so today 0 Voted most likely to produce a bouquet specifically to say 'F you' in flower language 0 Makes soaps and teas with herbs and flowers

0 Born to a family of fox-shifters, Aster has known who and what she is since she was old enough to talk. 0 The family moved very often, with a kind of paranoia that someone, somewhere, would figure out what they were. As such, Aster didn't have the chance to make many long-term friends. 0 Aster was very close to her grandma, who taught her all she knows about plants, herbalism, and flower arranging. Grandma was pretty much the only one who could keep the ball of energy that is Aster in hand. 0 Aster fell for a boy at around age sixteen. Sadly, he was a fully mundane boy, and didn't much appreciate having a cute girl turn into a fox. The rejection - and the subsequent move - hit Aster hard. From there, a pit of loneliness and distrust formed, and Aster finds it hard, to this day, to be open with people. 0 It got worse when grandma died, the one person who seemed to understand and encourage Aster. She became more withdrawn, questioning her lot in life where she had to lie to everyone about what she was. 0 At age thirty, Aster had already been living apart from the rest of her family for years, having simply fallen out of contact with them for the most part. She moves to Easthaven, and takes up work in a florist's shop.

Magic & The Metaphysical
Strike & Cinder

Spells & Powers



Pheromone Charm




Minor Magic Abilities

Aspect of the Beast

- Aster can use pheromone charm to soothe ruffled tempers, and ingrain herself into the good graces of someone nearby. It is, of course, not guaranteed to work, and can backfire if someone realises it's happening and doesn't much approve.

Other Magic Notes

Item Name
Acorn Necklace

Player Information
Mature Content & Comfort Levels
Pregnancy, Childbirth, SA, Animal Abuse are no-gos


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