Three On A Match
-- : Third on a match. Meaning: bad luck.

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28 years old
Relative Unknown
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Kirin Half-Blood
Cthonic Sanguine

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Kat713 #5770
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Chill pants on things
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The Basics
Preferred Name
Date of Birth:
December 8
Arcana Shop Owner
Work Location
Upper Fens
Street, Borough
28 years old
Eye Color
Chocolate with a gold ring around it
Hair Color
Jet black
Face Claim
Fan Bingbing

Standing at an almost proud 5'5 in height; taller when she's in heels, Sunako has a very elegant appearance. She carries an old world appearance to her and makes sure to take care of herself meticulously. She has jet black hair and tucked inside it is a single strand of red and gold streaks of hair in the middle of her thick hair.
~Calm, almost eerily at times ~Determined ~Stubborn ~When drunk she is laid back ~Likes rules; mostly her own rules that she will break if need be

Maker's Mark
Sunako comes from a long line of Kirins in general and what marks her as such is a faded grey Northstar marking on her forehead. It has faded diamond markings in between each point and the center is slightly darker than the rest of the greyscaled marking. When she uses certain aspects of her magic the mark will go from either darken to black before an actual reversed horn appears and her hair grows even longer. Her eyes will take on a golden look and draconic scales will even appear on her cheeks. Along her back and down her buttocks, she has what looks like a draconic 'scale-like pattern that only becomes raised up when she uses her abilities. Their own coloration was a mix of gold and red outlines.

Animal Appearance

Other Information
~Is spiritual in beliefs ~Can speak fluent Japanese and English. She can conversationally speak Cantonese, Latin, and Mongolian. ~Knows Arcana, even if it doesn't like her. ~Owns and runs the shop Arcana in the Upper Fens ~Knows the Nightmare path in Arcanists and several spells from it even at a great cost to herself when she even dares to use it. It's rare now but she will if needed

+Sunako has known since she was old enough to understand what she was given how proud her family was of it. +She grew up on Hanshu Island, Japan up until she was 22. Her family believed that the mountain was sacred and so being close was especially important. +Through living so close to the mountain, she learned of a certain magical art of arcana magic and even had a few friends who used it and showed it to her; even though it was unknown to them that Sunako should even dabble in it. +Right before she moved, Sunako tried her first circle and it ended up with a crater in the ground and her forehead bleeding but the rush she got from it was like no other. So to keep her family from knowing, she told them that she was traveling abroad to see about finding others like them. +It took a year for her to land in Easthaven and to settle into a place. Once she did, she decided to open her own bookshop that catered to anyone interested in arcana or mystical items. It also helped get her connected to finding more ingredients to keep attempting this skill set.

Magic & The Metaphysical
Strike & Cinder
Storm, Fire

Spells & Powers
Weather Manipulation: In a localized area, a block radius, Sunako can change the weather in that area to anything she likes; from calm and peaceful to stormy or just plain old fog. Doing so will make her reverse horn appear along with her draconic scales, which will last for hours later. When they finally do fade, it is a painful process of them regressing back into her body that can leave her sore and exhausted the next day. Fire Breathing: Sunako learned from a young age to pull warm air into her lungs and pass it out both her nose and mouth in a long breath of fire that will scorch and set fire to the area. The length of fire is only as long as she is tall and no wider than afoot. Adversely, after she breathes fire, she struggles to breathe normally for a few moments.

Minor Magic Abilities
Half-Blood Boon: Lighter Fingers; Sunako was graced with the blessing of fire from a young age, as a child, she found with some practice, she could light the tips of her fingers on fire like that of a small lighter or match stick. With the small flame she is able to light things or set bits of things on fire(non-human). It is useful if she needs a bit of heat right away or to melt something. It's generally harmless to others but it give offs a rainbow like glow around it and her hands tend to shimmer like scales from it until it's extinguished. Cantrip: Thunder Stomp When the blood is pumping and adrenaline is rushing, she is able to use her feet to create deafening thunderous sounds from the ground as if a storm was happening on the ground itself. The area around her(10 feet radius) will boom and thunder causing windows and buildings to tremble and wooble from the thunder and ears to ring depending on how close you are to it.

Other Magic Notes

Bladed Pinions - One golden feather from the Stooped Judge. The vanes are in perfect order, not a barb out of place. It is soft to the touch when you move your finger gently along the edge, but it is as sharp as a blade at speed. While holding or touching the feather, on a successful Cinder roll, you can feel your thoughts organize, information becoming easily accessible and ordered. You can see your next move clearly, allowing you to add the Assistance effect to your next roll. Each feather can only be used three times. After the magic is used, it retains its strange physical properties as a feather blade but becomes otherwise inert.(1/3) The Judge's Puzzlebox - A beautifully constructed puzzle box. A perfect black cube, with the lid's seam not thicker than a hairline. The tangram image is welded into the top. It is magically inert, although it is clear there was once a powerful enchantment on it. The Mercenary's Thorn This knife appears to be carved from calcified wood, honed to a deadly edge. When held, you are able to use the Plant keyword spontaneously, like a Half-Blood. It has three charges. When these charges are spent, it becomes inert. If used in a ritual, the Thorn can provide the Plant keyword. When used this way, it is destroyed.

Player Information
Kat713 #5770
Mature Content & Comfort Levels
Chill pants on things


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