Three On A Match
-- : Third on a match. Meaning: bad luck.

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Briar Grimshaw
25 years old
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Arcanist Human
Fey Conjurer

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About Me
Kat713 #5770
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Yes just ask if unsure
Player Information
Kat713 #5770
Mature Content & Comfort Levels
Yes just ask if unsure
The Basics
Preferred Name
B, Grim,
Date of Birth:
December 21
Lie Detector for the Exchange
Work Location
Street, Borough
Avian Ave., Newton
25 years old
5 ft
Eye Color
Pale Blue
Hair Color
Fiery Red
Face Claim
Julia Adamenko

Strike & Cinder

Quiet most of the time Kind to others until they are not. Then she kills them with kindness Persistently stubborn. She refuses to give up, even when things are stacked against her. Curious as hell. Bit of a downfall honestly Will give you the benefit of the doubt until you show you are unworthy of it

5 ft 1. She's short, she knows it, she will burn your toes. Red Head; yes it's natural Blind. Her eyes are now a pale steel blue Pale, freckles, slender toned body
Maker's Mark
Animal Appearance

Other Information
Part of the exchange as a known arcanist with a talent for finding the truth Her familiar is often her eyes and helping her along the way Other senses are stronger now to compensate for her lack of sight, so tread carefully with whispers Loves pottery or other hands on crafts that she can feel All her notes are written in brail with a special pocket tool

Briar was born into an arcanist family, they lived and breathed magic of all sorts. Some of her family even dealt with being possessed but thankfully she never was touched by that. She started her rune practicing when she was young, first just drawing practice when she was 5 but it grew to more complex runes when she was 8. At this time mind you, she could see, had full use of her eyes and all of her senses but her first try at a ritual backfired painfully. She was being supervised by her father who stayed silent the entire time but as she was finishing, the source being a fire nearby, a cousin doused the flame and the ritual stole power from her in the form of her sight. Blinded by her magic, she had to relearn how to do everything, even her magic now but her cousin was cast out. Disgraced by the family all because he was jealous of others rising in power. Briar, for a time, slipped into sadness at being unable to see anything anymore. She knew what things were now but was not able to see them anymore but from it, a new talent of hers slowly emerged and that was her ability to tap into others' emotions and feel them herself. To be able to tell when they are lying to her. It was incredible and gave her a new sense of things and she was able to refocus and work even harder; even though her family was not wholly convinced she'd make much of a arcanist given her lack of sight. The young woman would go to prove them all wrong, she grew in skill and strength- even to the point where her first familiar appeared, and she was granted a new set of eyes. Her familiar was her eyes now and her new light into this world as she became one of the most skilled in her family in terms of keeping them in the know When she was barely 18 she was recruited into the Exchange located in Boston for her talents, her family always been involved so they were proud of her and what she accomplished. Briar would go on to travel with those of merit to be able to help them decern the intentions of those around them. That is where resides, working hard for them while also being able to practice her craft. Briar wants to learn more magic, knowing what she has now isn't enough. Even when magic stole something from her, she is able to use it to its full advantage and is ready to prove herself even more

Magic & The Metaphysical

Magic Keywords

Empathy, Pandora, Mimic

Mundane Keywords

Spells & Powers
Empathy: Briar uses a mix of runes on her own palms to be able to get a read on emotions. To be able to manipulate emotions, she has to be able to cast a rune that 'sticks' to the other person in some way shape or form. To make sure she has all the runes for it, she wears a bangle with the ones needed to help her link to another or get the feel of what is going on. Pandora: Briar can make chaos, entropy, disassembling etc with ease, even learning how to amplify it with runes. She tends to draw runes linked to various bits of Pandora and connect them with a firm wire to make a casting circle that she can carry. The bite back is it drains her the most. She is more exhausted, even anemic from it. She pushes her Pandora magic too hard she will need a blood transfusion to perk her body back up. Mimic: Using special runes for each natural element found in nature, she has the ability to mimic and manipulate them(no further) than in a block radius from the casting circle. She has to have some of that element to be able to perform the runic ritual properly or the element as well as make sure the appropriate ones are placed at the north/south/east/west points of the circle. The backlash from failing to properly perform this comes at a physical or mental strain on her well-being or sanity.
Minor Magic Abilities
Familiar: Her familiars generally take the form of birds or snakes. Currently its a pigmy owl she calls Gump Charms: 1)A collapsable military cup(with a pandora rune carved into it): When filled with water, and poured on something no bigger than a laptop, unmake's it. Only non-living items. 2)Bone ring with an empty groove: Wearing this allows for her Empathy to become more focused and direct once she cuts and smears the run with her own blood to make it work and help enhance her ability until the blood is sucked into the bone.
Other Magic Notes

Components Found/Gathered/Obtained; Good Item: Small decorate Bee Box Superb item found; Lost ancient jewelry Superb Item found; Meteorite Chunk Found Average tiny shark teeth in the jawbone Exceptional Success Item: Good whalebone


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