Three On A Match
-- : Third on a match. Meaning: bad luck.

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Simon St. Johns
67 years old
Relative Unknown
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Fear Spirit

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October 11th
Evil Spirit
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Street, Borough
67 years old
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Bill Skarsgård

Alexius' appearance can very wildly from one moment to the next, but at his core he is a tall young man in his early twenties. His skin is smooth and white, his hair swept back, and his eyes sporting an intense brooding stare. His clothes carry the same variable nature but he tends to wear darker clothes and more often than not show signs of being covered in blood or bleeding.

Its worth knowing that Alexius is not who he once was when he was alive. When he was alive he was a disturbed young man in a bad situation who in the end chose to take that situation out on others. In death, he has become something much worse. A malevolent spirit of fear that feeds off of the misery of others and attempts to drive them to terrible deeds.

For years this was all Alexius was, so far removed after his death that he even forgot his real name. Taking one of the few words he remembered as his moniker. However that changed when he got to Easthaven. Something about the town changed Alexius and since that moment he has been trying to learn more about himself. To become more than he was, though he has not puzzled out why just yet.

As a malevolent spirit, he enjoys seeing other people afraid and pushing them. It makes him feel powerful in a world where normally he seems to have very little control. He is also obsessive in nature, focusing on small details and people and tending to hyper fixate on a target instead of giving up for an easier meal.

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Other Information

Warning: History gets dark, reader discretion is advised.

Simon St John was a boy born into a poor family in the mid 1930's. His father was a drunk who only worked enough to get by and his mother was a classic victim of abuse, sure that everything would be fine if she just ignored it and didn't let the neighbors find out. Simon himself grew up terrified of his father's outbursts. Whenever he did anything to draw his father's attention he was as likely to walk away with a beating as anything. All this while his mother pretended not to notice, usually cooking him something for after to cheer him up.

His school life wasn't much easier, teased for being poor and always having bruises... He wasn't sure exactly when it happened but at some point Simon decided that he liked being the bully more than he liked being bullied. He started to threaten and scare other kids, act out, and try to feel some measure of control. It felt good to not always be afraid, even if that terror came surging back the moment his dad slammed the door open each night. When it came out that Simon was picking fights and tormenting other kids his father beat him so bad he ended up in the hospital. His mother said he fell out of a tree and must have hit several branches on the way down. His mother defended that monster.

This was his life. When he got out of school he went to work in the same factory his father worked at. He worked next to his father who continued to treat him as he always had. Simon had little self-esteem and grew meaner and meaner each year. His father got sick one year. They took him to the hospital. Simon hoped he was going to die.

On his death bed his father said that he did it all to make Simon tough. He did it for him. He died saying he did it all out of love. Simon's mother said she knew and kissed her husband, the man who hit them both, and cried because she didn't know what they were going to do without him.

In a kind of trance Simon knew exactly what he was going to do. He killed someone. He found some bloke in the street, pulled him aside, and tormented the man for a little under and hour before killing him. Afterwards he felt... empty. It wasn't the same feeling he got as a kid, it was just nothing. He killed a few more times after that trying to regain that feeling of superiority he once felt but it never came.

What did come where the cops. They were on his tail for the murders and he wasn't sure what to do. His mom caught him one evening washing blood off himself and in a panic he hit her, but stopped short of killing. He drove her to the hospital himself crying over his own actions.

In the hospital when she woke up he spoke with her. He told her what he had done and she said he needed to go to the police and turn himself in. He felt so empty inside... he agreed. Then she said this wouldn't have happened if only his father were still alive. There it was, the last straw. Something in him broke and he killed his mother. Then he went room to room killing other patients until finally a guard found him and gunned him down.

Simon St Johns died 1955, at Alexius Health, Devil's Lake Hospital North Dakota.

Simon was somewhere else next, the empty halls of a never ending hospital. Yet it wasn't empty, things were there with him. Not people but feelings and he could feel them all. He tasted joy at a loved one's recovery. Sadness at someone's loss. But the sweetest that he tasted was the fear that people felt when they heard they were going to die. Tasting that fear was familiar to him and gave him that thrill he used to feel when he was a kid. He started to stalk and follow these people around feeding on their emotions. When he was strong enough he found he could follow someone from the endless halls of the hospital to their home.

He never remembered his first kill, just that he stalked the woman during the day and in her sleep until finally she couldn't take it anymore. She acted out of fear and her final moments were the strongest surge of emotion he had ever felt. He drank it in... then he waited in that place until someone else came by, someone else afraid, and latched onto them. This was how he hunted and how he survived. At times people would try and ask who he was, through shouting or some psychic they'd hired. He didn't remember... but he recalled the words Alexius... Devil's Lake... He didn't stay in North Dakota long as his victims led him farther and farther from where he originally died.

Alexius was satisfied... but it was like a predator content because it was eating. It wasn't until one of his victims fled to Easthaven that this changed. The town, the energies within, who knows exactly... but it woke up something inside him. For the first time in a very long time he wasn't just repeating the same patterns. He was making new choices... he was aware of himself.

Now the world will see what kind of terror the Ghost of Devil's Lake can cause when its more than just an animal.

Magic & The Metaphysical
Strike & Cinder
1d6 4d6
10 2
Empathy Nightmares Divination

Spells & Powers

Empathy: The main way Alexius senses and stalks his prey. He latches on to them and feeds them his own negative emotions while also sensing for the changes in their own. Pushing and pulling at his victim until they are ripe and ready for one last push.

Nightmares: Once Alexius has chosen a victim they are marked by him. He slips into their dreams and begins to torture them with frequent nightmares. When things get to their worst these nightmares can even be made to afflict their waking but exhausted mind, though no one but the victim can see them.

Divination: After tasting his prey's fear, Alexius is able to track them with divination. Knowing where they are anywhere provided they have no magical protection from such abilities.

Minor Magic Abilities

Face of Fear:

a simple cantrip, when invoked anyone looking at Alexius will view him in a frightful manner, seeing traces or visages of what they fear in or on him. Alexius has no control over what they see, it is entirely up to the viewer.

Manifest: a spirit's key ability. It is the way by which they are able to access their magic and generally interact with the living, physical world. Without exerting themselves, they tend to remain incorporeal, maybe even invisible, although they can communicate through a variety of other means. Think writing on a foggy mirror, dropping things, tapping on objects, and other minor spiritual activity. Manifesting changes the strike dice from 1d6 to 4d6, but also changes the Defence from 10 to 5

Namesake: A spirit doesn't follow the rules of the physical world anymore. You can hear your true name being spoken from anywhere in the world and travel to that location to manifest.

Other Magic Notes


Merciless Sun: Direct sunlight does not destroy a spirit but weakens and banishes them if they linger for more than a few seconds. A limb in direct sunlight will disappear. They go back to their favored haunt, wherever that may be and remain dormant until the next sunset.

Salt of the Earth: Salt interferes with the ectoplasmic structure that forms a spirit's incorporeal body. A blast of salt can harm them or prevent them from manifesting and using their powers, while a line or circle creates a physical invisible wall that they cannot cross. They can be trapped within a circle of salt in all three dimensions.


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