Three On A Match
-- : Third on a match. Meaning: bad luck.

Ambition should be made of sterner stuff
Aston Public Library 

15th of March
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Cursed Human

“I'm certainly no expert on local urban legends,” Theo was saying, walking down one of the many large, empty hallways the Aston Public Library had to offer. His hands were clasped behind his back; his body language economical and formal, dressed in another expensive suit, even if the event was not exceedingly formal. The VIP section seemed to have universally agreed to dress up to some degree, but those who had gone for the base tickets were wearing a whole myriad of evening wear, leaning towards the more casual, the younger they were.

As the Inquisitor and his companion walked, their shoes tapped against patterned marble, the sound carrying under the high ceilings. It was a building plucked from history, melding Greek styles with American sensibilities when they began city building with a vengeance. The painted panels scattered around were finely made, protected enough that no stray hands would ruin hundreds of years old artefacts. Beyond each turn, there were more understated treasures to be found. However, Theo was sure the librarians considered the books the true treasure, even if they fiercely protected the building as well.

Theo thought they were heading the right way to where they wanted to go, one of those storytelling lounges that Nari had expressed interest in, but they seemed to be wandering into a deserted section of the APL as they wandered. Hadn't the attendant pointed them in this direction? Although a wrong turn or going too far was easy enough, the signage at the event was lacking in some respects, perhaps out of deference for the building itself, not wishing to distract from its wonders.
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Outfit, but no jacket

“I will take an inexpert tale,” the dragon replied maganimously. She was smiling, eyes bright from a lively conversation. Lively in a relative sense. Nari still held herself with calm poise as she walked alongside the Inquisitor, her hands elegantly folded around her clutch purse. She wore her silvery hair in a low ponytail, allowing a peek of the fine red mane that extended down her back, but the turtleneck of her dress kept her, in a phrase, mostly human looking.

Tonight, the information broker was pleasantly distracted from her plans. She'd arrived intending to mingle, being a fly on the wall, but had found Theo among the other VIP patrons. This was perfectly acceptable, though--she'd take the evening off, even suggesting they slip away to seek out one of the elusive storytelling sessions. Elusive because the winding halls of the library and lack of proper directions seemed to show some sly intent on the librarians' part to let people be swallowed up inside the grand old building. Perhaps a bit of engineering to send people into the less-used corridors where they could enjoy the historical exhibits.

But that, too, was pleasant. They were alone, but she could hear voices far away, so they weren't so lost as to be isolated, and she was sure the library would spit them out somewhere eventually. For now, she was happy to add on a little tease, “Of course, I will compare it to the storyteller we are to allegedly find this way, but I will take it.”
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Theo arched an eyebrow at Nari's words, not doubting that she'd measure him up against the local storytellers, even as he gave her a sideways look. The edge of his mouth curled just barely, amused at their little discussion but knowing he was fighting a losing battle on both fronts. Storyteller he was not, and he much preferred laying out the plain facts rather than embellishing them in a way that made it genuinely interesting to listen to, unless cursing was considered embellishments these days.

“I don't imagine I'll do better than the professionals,” Theo remarked, honest about his shortcomings within the realm of storytelling and narrative excitement. Still, he continued, dryly indulgent. “But I know a few stories the locals like telling, even if they don't believe a single word.”

Huffing out a ghost of a chuckle, Theo knew that urban legends and local stories could be codswallop and as true as anything else out in the wide world. He knew a few of the stories were false but could trace them to the inspiration, while others were true, but for a few details.

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