Three On A Match
-- : Third on a match. Meaning: bad luck.

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Julia and Gerard Saaranen had always given to charity. Especially if they supported the arts, schools, and learning in general. They always gave to charity and they always went to the functions. Until Gerard passed away. Julia found it much harder to go see the people without her husband there, though she made sure to keep giving. This year she had been excited to go with her grandson. With Evan.

He had been less excited for a number of reasons but it meant a lot to his Grams so of course he would go. When she fell a week before and broke her foot- she still insisted Evan go. He told her he was worried about shifting at a party and she said she had total faith in him. And that... that meant a lot to him.

Evan rode his new motorcycle to the library. It was super practical and he liked it. He could take it most anywhere in town, it looked cool, he could put spare clothes in the saddlebag, it looked cool, if he wrecked it he'd be healed in hours, it looked cool, and between his own scent and the air fresheners he hung on it he could track it by nose. Also, it looked pretty cool.

Evan walked into the library and immediately felt out of his depths. He wished his Grams could have come. Or maybe Ravi, though the thought of her rubbing elbows with people socially clashed pretty hard with the girl running around the woods naked that he knew. He picked up a drink someone offered to him, took a sip, then put it back with a grimace.

Whatever that drink was didn't taste great and since it couldn't get him drunk either he wasn't going to suffer through drinking it.

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