Three On A Match
-- : Third on a match. Meaning: bad luck.

Sundry Adoptables

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Wolf Shifter
Below is a list of some characters on offer! All have connections to Max, but how well they know each other/like each other can be discussed!

Will the Firefighter
A male firefighter with a long career in the Easthaven Fire Department. He's generally charming and easygoing, and often the man is tapped in for recruitment drives at the UMass campus to promote the Associate's and Bachelor's degrees in fire science. Although he's run into Max on campus, he first met Max as a paramedic with the EMS service and tried to convince Max to shift careers to firefighting.

Will is a mundane human, and he may or may not know about the supernatural, although he is unaware Max is a werewolf. 30s to 40s. Suggested FC: Ryan Gosling.

Olivia (Olly) ex-soldier
A female soldier who went through basic training with Max. She’s level-headed and sensible, often overly serious, but foiled well with Max trying to brighten her up. They served together until Max went on to special forces training, and kept in touch after. She has recently been discharged from the military due to injuries that are relatively debilitating and cannot be fully healed through magic. Now she is seeking out Max because she knows becoming a shifter would heal/regrow her limbs.

At start, she’s a mundane human, late 20s or early 30s. She has either always been aware of the supernatural or has learnt about it later on, but she managed to put together some pieces and strongly suspects Max was infected during his accident with NATO. Suggested FC: Brie Larson

This list will be updated as more pop up! Also check out my more open general connections Wanted Ad: Max's exes and past lovers!

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