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-- : Third on a match. Meaning: bad luck.

Atlantis Uncovered [jcink premium]

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A Modern/Historical Supernatural site. Mini Profile Application.

2000 Years Ago the expansion of monotheism overtook the world. Before many religions practiced Polytheist systems and beliefs - such as the Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. The Ancient Greek Gods, losing their power due to lack of belief and worship made one final act for their precious creations - the humans. They gathered the remainder of their failed creations, the creatures who existed before humans Vampires, Dragons, Skinwalkers, Demi-Gods and locked them away inside a prison city before sinking it to the bottom of the ocean.

Entrusting the task of guarding the entrances to a race capable of seclusion and evading the eyes of humans, Siren's have kept watch since the City of Atlantis was sank.

The quiet nation of Artemis Island, named after the strange Temple to the Goddess Artemis located in the center of the island. For the last forty years the population of the island has slowly grown and a city primed for tourists ready for spring break is the hottest new destination. Only the people of Artemis Island have no way of knowing just what these strange new storms will bring.. or take away. Join us as Atlantis is Uncovered.

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