Three On A Match
-- : Third on a match. Meaning: bad luck.

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Item: A Good Pair of Studious Glasses from an Engineering Major [/url]

He was desperate. And tired. And felt awkward. And wanted to be anywhere but on campus. He fit in with the students on campus. It wasn't his idea of spending his Monday afternoon. But he was desperate. And it wasn't his fault this time. No, this was the result of a young woman. A young woman no longer with them. Someone talented in magic that he could compare notes with. Someone who lasts had his old study book. Baby Mage's first book of Magic. A book that was back to basics for him. He didn't realize it was gone until he decided to improve himself.

And dead witch or not he was getting that book back. He called around his old stomping grounds and even those of House Hex. But Victoria was good at cleaning up her tracks. It was the reason why he liked working with her. She wasn't messy with magic. So, he pulled on the only string she had left.

“ ...okay, thank you so much,” Mac said winking at the lovestruck student. He lost 30 minutes of his life flirting and asking around for information. A school directory could only tell you so much, that didn't require hacking.

Mac made his way to the dormitory of one Markus Eldridge. But not before collecting. As payment for his time, he plucked a pair of glasses off the table. Kyle, John, Alex, whatever his name was would be fine without them he figured.

After 10 minutes of walking across campus, he arrived at the address. Standing there, he would have allowed nostalgia and thoughts of what could have been to cloud his mind. But, his objective was more important. And he had already made his choice. Instead, he marched in and continued towards the objective.

...okay, I'm just going to ask him about the book and only the book... He said hyping himself up. don't know how much he knows, so stick to the script. He knocked on the door several times.

“Hey there I'm looking for Markus Eldrige,...” he said politely “...I'm a friend of his sister.” Technically it wasn't a lie. But they were more like "work friends" than "besties".

“ I know this is awkward but I was looking for a book she borrowed...I'm Mike by the way. ”

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