Three On A Match
-- : Third on a match. Meaning: bad luck.

We are like tea: we only discover our strength in hot water. -Wil's Plotter

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Wil is a very recent arrival from the UK, where he was a contract Hunter with an independent, family-run company. Having fallen into this occupation at the age of eighteen, he's been hunting and learning and lately, just going through the motions. is 'handler' and friend, Rosemary, suggested he might want a change of scenery, a challenge, and step out of his comfort zone. He decided that was a good idea upon America and plans to approach the Exchange and see if a larger organization would suit him. He is only half human, with abilities he doesn't recognize, and no knowledge of his Fae heritage.


There are not many people who could say that they know Wil very well. The ones who did are dead, but don't let that dissuade you.

He appears confident and can be very charming and witty, with a dry sense of humour, but he is usually good at being evasive about himself without be obvious about it. He has a moral compass when it comes to who is truly a danger and not just 'different'. He wouldn't let a friend or co-worker hang and though he'd probably speak up, he wouldn't go against a direct order. Mostly.

Will isn't all work and no play. He can party just as hard as he can Hunt, but emotionally, he is vulnerable, something he neither likes thinking nor talking about. When he gets overwhelmed, which can happen with his empathic ability or when he's had a bad Hunt, he frequently turns to alcohol to try to shut down the pain.

At the moment, he is a stranger in a strange land. He could use some friends, and he knows it. Letting himself care about someone is the difficult part.


'Enemy' is a very strong word, right up there with 'hate'. As far as he knows, he has no personal enemies, unless you count whoever it was who killed his parents. He usually gets along with everyone, even the arseholes and bitches of the world, but he doesn't tolerate fools or bullies. If you threaten someone or actively try to cause harm, be you human or Other, he will intervene.


Wil is not adverse to having sex, in fact he quite enjoys it, as long as his partner isn't going through a serious, personal trauma or suffering some sort of mental breakdown. He will be kind and thoughtful and will do his best to make it a pleasurable experience for all concerned.

Given the nature of his work and other complications, he has never had a long-term relationship. There is no girlfriend waiting for him back in London.

If you're interested in plotting with Wil, I can be found on Discord as Blois. If I'm slow to respond, it is probably because I'm at work and cannot access Discord directly. I can pop onto the forum periodically, though, so sending me a PM is also a good option. Smile

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