Three On A Match
-- : Third on a match. Meaning: bad luck.

Seven Rings for Seven of my Witches.

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I am looking to do a little player-run thing.

Seven Rings for Seven of my Witches. -Ariana Grande, I think?

The human ARCANISTs of Three are scattered throughout the city. They’re squishy mortals all trying to survive the confusing underworld they find themselves in. But what if they were able to get a leg up? What if they performed a ritual that made them less “squishy” and brought them closer together?

Hence project seven. A ritual connecting a witch to an elemental and ethereal spirit: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Metal, Light, and Void. In the guise of a socialite party, A certain “craftsman” has invited you to a private get-together to discuss this and the current state of things in the city.

Tldr: Arcanist party at Mac’s place.
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In the heart of Boston, amidst the bustling city streets, lies The Byte, a renowned tech company known not only for its innovative apps but also for its extravagant events. This year, The Byte invites you to witness an event unlike any other - a seemingly ordinary party celebrated at the enchanting Byte House, a luxurious summer home nestled on the outskirts of town.

But don't be fooled by the allure of the lavish venue and the promise of a night filled with vibrant music, a shimmering pool, and the company of influential figures from various domains. Deep beneath the surface, beyond the realm of ordinary mortals, lies a secret that only those connected to the world of magic are privy to.

While The Byte portrays their event as a mere gathering to showcase their latest creations, those who are well-versed in the mystical arts know better. Behind closed doors and hidden behind veils of secrecy, Byte House serves as a sacred haven for practitioners of magic.

As you enter the grounds of Byte House, guarded by vigilant sentinels, you'll immediately realize that this is a place where reality blends with the arcane. Vibrant orange hues adorn the clothing of guests, while symbols etched into the earth carry ancient power. Boundaries of silver and iron demarcate hidden rooms, creating a sanctuary for those who attend.

Amidst the breathtaking venue, you'll find curious esoteric markings and a mysterious coffin prominently displayed at the entrance—an eerie reminder that this gathering holds a deeper purpose. This is a sanctuary for spellcasters to unwind, forge new connections, dispel negative energies, and even engage in clandestine negotiations and alliances.

How you found yourself on the guest list is a secret only you know. Perhaps you have a connection with a witch, or maybe you are a practitioner of the arcane yourself. Regardless, one thing is certain - your name is registered, and you are about to embark on an extraordinary journey into a world where technology and magic intertwine.

Open to all who know about the Supernatural. Event Will be Tagged with Byte Bash

The Seven

You've been invited to a special event, bypassing the usual formalities of waiting at the front door. Instead, you're ushered in, immediately noticing that your invitation card differs significantly from others. While most bear a human skull symbol, yours has a sinister-looking ram skull.

As if this wasn't enough to set the evening's tone, you realize you aren't wearing the same orange attire as everyone else. In fact, you've been requested to don whatever clothing you desire. Your invitation card serves a different purpose too, unlocking all the doors in the house, adding to the mystery.

As you approach the entrance, eager to discover why you've been invited, a solemn voice commands that you leave all communication devices and filming equipment outside. This prompts you to wonder what could occur during the meeting that needs such strict security and secrecy measures. Your guests are also asked to follow the same rules.

However, there's one thing that's clear: you're promised power. As you enter, you realize that your invitation isn't merely limited to the interior of the house as you pick up on the energy of the elements. Before joining your Seven peers, you're asked to select an element.

What occurs after this peculiar set of instructions remains a mystery, but one thing's certain - this event will culminate in unleashing the power of the elements and will undoubtedly shake the Seven to their core. Will you be ready for the journey ahead?

Open to the Arcanist who wish to join the main event. The thread will be tagged with The Seven.


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