Three On A Match
-- : Third on a match. Meaning: bad luck.

July Update | 2023

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July Updates

July's here and so's another update! Notable updates is a moderately large change for Spirits, but this shouldn't impact our existing Spirit path characters until they rank-up, an important note for Exchange characters, and a total change to the Reputation system.

A reminder as well to everyone, make sure to archive your threads when they are finished. This is done by selecting the Moderation Options drop down and selecting Archive Thread. If a thread is abandoned, you can select Discontinue Thread.

  • Spirits now only have their native Path Keywords, with no access to the general Magic Keywords.
  • The Spellbook quick-cast power for Arcanists only functions for non-enchantment spells, so it cannot make items.
  • A flavour update to the Exchange: all agents, on joining, have signed a contract that marks them with black hands if they break it. More details on the Exchange guidebook page.
  • Reputation system has been overhauled. Point gaining is now linked to events and there is a single rank ladder, not two. At 31 points, players can choose their character's vanity title.
  • We’ve refurbished the map Guidebook page. It is now larger on the page and the location names are replaced with icons you can hover over for further information.
  • A quick reference cheat-sheet for advancement threads has been added to the Advancement page.
  • Hotspots will now remain static until visited by PCs.

  • The rank table for advancement is in the process of being updated as well. Be patient as we work over the code!
  • The Master-Legendary Keywords are in the process of being updated. The main categories of Space, Time, and Reality will be broken into three keywords each. More to come.
  • Advancement Prompts for Apprentice and up.
  • Further details about the Spellbook ability for Arcanists and the components needed will be codified.

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