Three On A Match
-- : Third on a match. Meaning: bad luck.

Dead Eyes See No Future

Serafina Duarte Offline
Arcanist Human

Conjuror > Thaumaturge

Magic Ability Instances
Participate in 2 Player-Run or Site Events [COMPLETE]
Roll Cinder or Strike 30x: 17
Use a cantrip, boon, charm, or level ability 10x: 10 [COMPLETE]
Utilize Each Keyword 3x
Participate in Encounter Thread 2x One (1) thread involving tests of skill relevant to your Path with another PC

Fundamental Thread Prompts
Perform a ritual with a Keyword outside of your chosen portfolio
Perform a ritual with 5 Collected components

Weakness Thread Prompts
  • Perform a ritual with non-human or tainted blood
  • Perform a ritual under pressure (rushed casting, less than 3 posts)

Mundane Skills
Ballistic: Untrained > Rank I
  • Ballistic Magics | Thread training the desired skill
  • | Thread utilizing keyword
  • | Thread utilizing keyword in Encounter
  • | 10x rolling Strike utilizing desired skill

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