Three On A Match
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Ekho Talvikki- Half Blood Pixie

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Pixie Half-Blood
Species: Half Blood Pixie

Rank: Touched

Magic Keywords: Fey(Illusion) and Eldrich (Minor shape-shifting)

Boon: Flight

admin note:
Keywords: Flight, Minor shape-shifting, Illusion
Boon: Summoning small or very small objects.
Maker's Mark: Eternal youth
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Hey there Katter!

She's looking good so far, but there are a few things I want to work out before accepting her.

So, I like what you have for her magical abilities, but I wanted to note that you may be going a little too harsh on the drawbacks? Of course, this is entirely up to you, you can have all sorts of drawbacks or benefits when you select a keyword that you want, but the Half-Bloods do have the Bloodrush weakness, which inevitably happens after they use their magic too much (more times in one thread than the number of die in their Cinder pool). I do get the feeling that you may be stacking the deck against her in this regard, but that is an optional suggestion.

As for the magical abilities themselves, the first thing is that you appear to have too many! I have a few suggestions for arranging them for the concept you have in mind, though.

Wings and flight: so the Maker's Mark is meant to be a very minor feature that marks them as strange. Now, I actually don't have a problem with her having a full set of wings because it leads to interesting questions about how she might hide them. However, the Maker's Mark cannot stand in for an actual keyword (flight). If you have this as her Maker's Mark, at best, I think she could jump, get some lift, and glide. If you have it as her Maker's Mark and her Boon, then I think you can go a little further, but she can't have full flight unless you take the flying keyword, even with the limitations listed. More on the Boon below, though.

Summoning: So, this isn't a keyword that we have in our system. That said, there's room for it in her Boon, but that's the only place for it if you decide to keep it, which means you'd have to shift flight out of there. Remember that it needs to be pretty minor if you keep it as her Boon.

Semi-Immortality: This runs into a few issues too. Is it Ekho's Maker's Mark or her Boon? Like I said before, there's room for it, but you'll need to start shifting things around. Likewise, I believe you'll want to change the wording to reflect something more like Eternal Youth. While I do think she could live a long time as a fae, immortality is for the vampires. I would put a half-blood's upper limit around 150-200 years since they are still human.

Her other magic abilities look great, but keep in mind the Bloodrush mechanic!

Here's what I would suggest for Ekho so she can start the way you appear to be aiming for:

Maker's Mark: Semi-Immortality/Eternal Youth. With her ethereal beauty and eternal youth, this would mark her as otherworldly.
Boon: Summoning, but it'll need to be a minor ability.
As for her wings, I suggest you drop one of her other keywords and save it for a later level to take flight instead. The WAY she achieves flight is up to you, so if she gets it, she can most certainly have the wings.

Anyway, so far so good. I hope all of that helps, and let me know if you have any other questions!
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Okay, so according to recent updates in game lore, she is GOOD TO GO. Lifespan has also been added to the main lore document for future reference.

Welcome to Easthaven, Ekho! I never wear shoes anyway, so nothing to steal here.

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